Sunday, August 12, 2007

Appearance at her death

My Grandfather went to the spring to get the drinking water.He lived on a farm and the spring was in a glen through the woods about a mile from the house.As he bent to dip the bucket, he saw a bright light and his mother who lived about 800 miles away was standing there in a long white dress.She smiled and disappeared.He told my grandmother when he got home and later that day they received a telegram that his mother had died just at the time she appeared to him.It meant a great deal to him throughout his life although he rarely talked about it.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Roberta's wittnessed precignitive experience

While walking to cross the street from the library to the School of Nursing Building in Chapel Hill NC,Roberta took my arm and said"Wait."I saw no car as she seemed to watch one pass and said "Look,Betty got a new blue car."I said "What?I did not see any car." Oh,she said well I did She has been thinking about getting a car.It is a nice new Ford."
The next morning Betty came to class breathlessly saying,"You will never guess what I got yesterday afternoon."But we could guess.Betty got a new blue ford Mustang.Purchased about the time Roberta saw her drive by.
This was not the only of Roberta's gifts.I will tell you more about her and her testing at the Parapsychology lab at Duke later.Have a good weekend and share any experiencies you care to about this or related phenomena.