Monday, November 30, 2009

Death Penalty For Psychics?

Wow this is spooky.
"When the popular 46-year-old Lebanese psychic Ali Sibat went on-air and made his predictions about the future, the phone lines of the satellite television station Sheherazade used to be flooded with calls.

But what the star psychic probably did not predict was that his claims to supernatural prowess would land him a death sentence.

"He was the most popular psychic on the channel," the Lebanese news agency Naharnet quoted Sibat’s lawyer May Khansa as saying. "The number of callers, including from all over the gulf, spiked in number when he appeared."

But while on pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia last year, Sibat was spotted by religious police in the holy city of Medina. Their job it is to battle vice and uphold virtue in the ultraconservative kingdom. So they arrested Sibat in his room at the Medina Hotel on charges of sorcery.

On Nov. 9, Sibat was given a death sentence by a Mecca court for allegedly practicing witchcraft.

Sibat’s fate is common in Saudi Arabia.

Scores of alleged witch doctors, fortunetellers, and black magicians each year are dragged through the Saudi courts, including Fawza Falih, who’s been on death row since 2006 for witchcraft.
Her accusers include a man who claims the 51-year-old, illiterate Falih is the reason for his impotence.

The witch hunt in the kingdom and a recent rise in witchcraft and sorcery cases are causing concern among human rights groups. News reports say at least two other people have been snatched for witchcraft only in the last month.

New York-based Human Rights Watch called on the Saudi government Tuesday to overturn Sibat’s death sentence and all other witchcraft convictions for crimes the group says are loosely defined and used in an arbitrary way...."
Full article :

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ghost busting Is Real. Ask Dad

The family home still is a seat of many Ghostly happenings.He came by it naturally as his father shows.
By Craig Wilson, USA TODAY
SYDENHAM, Ontario — Seems Dan Aykroyd was destined to a life haunted by ghosts.

Aykroyd is famous for starring in the 1984 blockbuster movie Ghostbusters, which he co-wrote. But before the comedy about three eccentric parapsychologists-turned-ghost-exterminators came to be, it was what he overheard here in his family's 19th-century farmhouse parlor that led him down the paranormal path.
His father, Peter Aykroyd, has now collected those once-whispered stories in A History of Ghosts: The True Story of Séances, Mediums, Ghosts and Ghostbusters (Rodale, $25.99), and Dan has written the foreword.

The elder Aykroyd is even an original source. He stood in the parlor's cellar doorway some 80 years ago, spying on a séance hosted by his grandfather, Dr. Samuel A. Aykroyd. The book is based on 83 handwritten journals left by Samuel.

"I knew something important was going on. I just didn't know what," the elder Aykroyd says.

Floating trumpets. Tipping tables. Words mysteriously written on tablets.
His father, Peter Aykroyd, has now collected those once-whispered stories in A History of Ghosts: The True Story of Séances, Mediums, Ghosts and Ghostbusters (Rodale, $25.99), and Dan has written the foreword.

Dan, no surprise, is happy that ghosts once again are getting their due.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mysterious Amelia Earhart

As are so many, I have been fascinated for years by Amelia Earhart.All the questions about her disappearance,,Was she a spy for family friend FDR? Did she crash and where?Was she captured by the Japanese? Did she really return and live in secret in the USA? There is of course the question was she abducted by Aliens? A;though I believe in Aliens and Abductions, i have never considered that a likely option nor her returning alive.

Recently, though, I found some interesting information which I had not previously known.She had psychic abilities.Apparently she experienced clairvoant dreams and did some table tipping for communication with spirits.Apparently her famous husband also shared some of these interests or knew of her ability.For the full article check here.It also discusses a coming attempt to find more evidence related to her demise.

Drew Pearson reports in the Washington Merry Go Round in 1937
"“Officials at first were inclined to laugh at Miss Earhart’s psychic messages. But her accuracy now has them mystified. When a United Airlines plane was lost just outside of Burbank, Calif. Dec. 27, Miss Earhart called the United Airlines office and told them to look on a hill near Saugus, a little town north of Burbank.

“There the wreckage was found.

“Again when the Western Air Express plane carrying Mr. and Mrs. Martin Johnson crashed Jan. 12, Miss Earhart reported the plane to be near Newhall, 15 miles north of Burbank, where it was found.

“In the earlier crash of the Western Air Express in Utah, Miss Earhart had a vision to the effect that the bodies of the dead had been robbed by a trapper. Two days later, a trapper near Salt Lake City reported finding the wreckage, but then suddenly disappeared without giving the location of the plan"

After her disapperance, hundreds of Psychics called and sent leads.Some were used in the investigation.The article includes her husband's response to one woman who was upset by receiving several messages from Amelia Earhart on the ouija board:

"George Putman responds:
“I gather that you regard such manifestations much as I do. That is, with open mindedness and tempered curiosity. Long ago I became convinced, as did Miss Earhart, that there is much on the borderland of things psychic about’ which we understand little or nothing. We were both always ‘ready to be shown’ I have had an extraordinary amount of this kind of communication for many months, coming from sincere people with no axe to grind, no favors to ask. I have told them what I am telling you: I honestly do not know how to explain these things….”

Author Susan Weiss in her book The Thrill Of It discusses the psychic powers of AErheart

Interesting.I was happy to discover this.
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

"When ET Phones The Pope"

ROME -- A little more than a half-mile from the Vatican, in a square called Campo de' Fiori, stands a large statue of a brooding monk. Few of the shoppers and tourists wandering through the fruit-and-vegetable market below may know his story; he is Giordano Bruno, a Renaissance philosopher, writer and free-thinker who was burned at the stake by the Inquisition in 1600. Among his many heresies was his belief in a "plurality of worlds" -- in extraterrestrial life, in aliens.

Though it's a bit late for Bruno, he might take satisfaction in knowing that this(Last) week the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Sciences is holding its first major conference on astrobiology, the new science that seeks to find life elsewhere in the cosmos and to understand how it began on Earth. Convened on private Vatican grounds in the elegant Casina Pio IV, formerly the pope's villa, the unlikely gathering of prominent scientists and religious leaders shows that some of the most tradition-bound faiths are seriously contemplating the possibility that life exists in myriad forms beyond this planet. Astrobiology has arrived, and religious and social institutions -- even the Vatican -- is taking notice...."

Thursday, November 19, 2009

George Has A New Book

If you are a Coast To Coast AM follower, then you know the host George Noory has a new coauthored book.Here is an exerpt from the newsletter:
"Journey to the Light:

On Wednesday's show, best selling author, William J. Birnes spoke with George Noory about their new book Journey to the Light, which presents evidence that human psychic potential is real. After the response to their first book, Worker in the Light, Birnes got the idea to solicit stories of intuition, spirit, and premonition from Coast to Coast listeners, and there was such a wealth of material that he had to cut the manuscript in half. A number of the contributors to the new book joined the show to tell their story. Diane Gallagin talked about her Near-Death-Experience in which she encountered the archangel Michael. Subsequent to this episode, she gained the ability to see and hear spirits.

Joyce Barnette told a touching account of how she and her husband had agreed to communicate with each other from beyond the grave, after one of them passed. At key moments in her life, she saw her husband's name on a truck and a store sign. Robert Ingram described his life-changing experiences that occurred at a meditation retreat. "My consciousness seemed to be everywhere," and I saw the mechanics of the universe, he shared. Donna Hartley discussed surviving a fiery plane crash, cancer, and surgery, and then becoming a motivational speaker. Also featured in the book are Col. John Alexander, and Paul Smith, and they appeared briefly during the evening to discuss the government's Remote Viewing program as depicted in the new film The Men Who Stare at Goats.

Birnes said he was struck by the intensity of the stories that people shared for the book, the degree that people are communicating with the departed, and how dreams have the potential to take you into your future. He is currently at work on a new book with George Noory-- Talktown USA, which chronicles George's career as a radio host, and his efforts to bring civil discourse to the airwaves."

Quite a carrer and a most interesting program...I enjoy the newsletter also...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jenna Discusses White House Ghosts

Did you see Jenna Bush on The Jay Leno Show? I missed it but hear they had a discussion of some of the ghost tales at the White house.She and her sister often heard things and were frightened but never saw as I understand it, anyone there. she shared some of my favorites including Winston Churchill's naked encounter with Lincoln...(

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pets That See Ghosts?

Does your pet see ghosts?
Do you believe in the paranormal? Maybe your pet does. The Animal Planet network is launching a new show called 'Haunted Animals' and they're filming in Wilder Friday afternoon. The show explores how animals interact with ghosts and the paranormal. The show's producers want to see if your pet reacts to some of the reported paranormal activity at Bobby Mackey's Music World in Wilder...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Celebrate "Nessie's" Discovery Day

Maybe far from her Birthday but
On November 12, 1933, Hugh Gray was walking along the shore of Loch Ness when he saw an "object of considerable dimensions, making a big splash with spray on the surface of the Loch." He had his camera with him, and captured what some believe to be the first photographic evidence of the Loch Ness Monster. Others have dismissed the image as a distortion of a dog swimming through the water.

I believe,"Happy Discovery Day."Nessie"

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Astrology And Business Trends?

Marketing and research consultant Steven Mark Weiss discussed how he uses astrology to understand demographic and societal changes, as well as cultural phenomena like food trends. "In his work he uses the planet Jupiter, which spends a year in each astrological sign, to look for cycles or trends that return every 12 years. For instance, he noted how that the electronic toy Tamagotchi (a 'virutal pet' that required near constant monitoring) was very popular in 1997, and now products like the iPhone are frequently in a person's hand.

Weiss shared his research into which types of food have an inherent appeal to specific astrological signs:

* Gemini-- like doing things fast and quick, so they may frequent fast food places.
* Aries-- are drawn to temperature extremes, such as grilled meats and ice-cold drinks. They also like to be the first to try new places.
* Taurus-- appreciate the cow, whether beef or dairy. They take their time and savor high quality.
* Cancer-- like comfort foods, and place importance on taste.
* Leo-- enjoy food at parties and celebrations, like champagne and birthday cake.
* Libra-- like food combinations such as burger & fries or soup & sandwich, as they have an affinity for balancing different elements.
* Virgo-- are healthy eaters, and focus on nutritional content.
* Scorpio-- enjoy red foods like strawberries and chili peppers, and like to make sure their money is well spent.
* Sagittarius-- are adventure-minded and like to try different things.
* Capricorn-- eat with practicality in mind, and treasure Mom's cooking.
* Aquarius-- can become excited about particular foods, and learn all they can about them. They also like food at public places such as the ballpark.
* Pisces-- can retain deep and personal associations about different food items.

Weiss recently served as a consultant for Dominos, helping them create a sandwich suggestion list based on these preferences.
Noting the importance of Neptune moving into Pisces (the sign that it rules) in 2012, he suggested this could set the stage for a new cycle filled with unpredictable or mysterious events. He also spoke about "the Transformers," the generation born between 1984 - 1995. Many of these kids are now in college, and are actively creating trends, and doing things to acquire cultural power, he said."

Well who knew?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Old Woman Haunting

From the scarey hauntings at

"Some teenagers think it's fun or cool to go traipsing around disrespectfully in cemeteries on Halloween. If you've considered such an outing, consider too that you might be disturbing those who rest there... and something might even follow you home.

A 17-year-old British girl made that mistake. It wasn't Halloween, but the Spring of 1978 when a girl, identified only as Miss A by the Society of Psychical Research, and several of her friends decided to make their way through a local graveyard, trampling graves as they laughed and joked. Only Miss A and her family was to pay the price for that prank, however. Several nights later, Miss A awoke to see the apparition of an old woman sitting in a chair near her bed. The spirit was not transparent, and Miss A did not sense any harm from it. In the morning, she wrote off the experience as a weird dream.

But it wasn't. For several weeks following, Miss A repeatedly saw the ghost of the old woman - sometimes in broad daylight. It would follow Miss A from room to room, hovering less than a foot above the floor. At times it watched Miss A's every move, following her, and would freeze in place whenever she turned to confront it. And soon the encounters became more threatening.

While making tea one day, she felt an unseen force grab the tea kettle - filled with boiling water - and twist it in her hands. Miss A felt that the entity was trying to scald her. Finally, Miss A told her mother of these bizarre experiences. Mrs. A was skeptical at first - until she too saw the old woman drift across the downstairs hall and disappear into a room. The entity continued to make its presence felt. On one occasion it wrenched the vacuum cleaner from Mrs. A's hands. It would sometimes push or pull against doors that family members were trying to open or close. Miss A's father - the most diehard skeptic of the group - was even forced to believe when loud rapping noises awakened the entire household, and later when he could not explain water incessantly dripping from the kitchen ceiling. A plumber could find no leak.

The poltergeist activity escalated. Loud banging, unexplained snoring sounds, objects moved about. Then, it seemed, the entity attempted to make its identity known. Miss A was sitting with her father one day when she suddenly fell into a trance. She began to speak of another life - as the daughter of a French doctor in the 1800s. After this incident, Miss A's behavior changed noticeably and she appeared to be endowed with unexplained psychic powers: she could bend the tines of a fork just by brushing them with her fingers. Doctors and other investigators could find no rational explanation for what was happening to the A family. But they could endure no more. Miss A and her family moved out of their home of 11 years.

But the ghost was to give Miss A one last life-threatening scare. Out of a nagging curiosity, Miss A returned to the empty house one day. She found the back door broken and open. She went in. She picked up the telephone to see if it was working. Suddenly, something grabbed her by the throat. Icy, unseen fingers had grabbed Miss A by the neck and were choking her. Terrified, she managed to pull herself away and ran out the front door. Needless to say, she never returned."

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Old Folsom Prision Considered Haunted

Historic Folsom Prison
Prison guards stand watch over the dining hall at Folsom Prison in this 1892 photograph published in "Images of American: Folsom Prison" penned by Jim Brown. The guards used metal-tipped canes to help keep inmates in line, according to the book. Ghosts may haunt catwalks and corridors of Folsom State Prison. At least according to James Brown, operations manager for the prison’s museum. Brown is also a retired corrections officer, having worked many years at the prison, and author of “Images of America: Folsom Prison.” While he’s never seen a ghost while working at the prison, Brown says that he believes in them..

Tuesday, November 3, 2009



Among those listed in edited by S.Wagner was this trus story.

"If a previous owner has died in the house in which you now reside, you might want to think twice before you redecorate.

After Mrs. Meg Lyons died suddenly in her Bakersfield, California house, it had remained untouched when Mrs. Frances Freeborn moved in during the month of November, 1981. Every piece of Mrs. Lyons' furniture was just as she left it. Her clothes still filled the closets and dressers. Eager to make the house her own, Mrs. Freeborn set about cleaning out the house and refurbishing it to her liking. And that's when the trouble started.

The first unsettling mystery was a loud thumping noise coming from the kitchen area, which Freeborn at first dismissed as noisy plumbing. But then there was other strangeness. Freeborn habitually closed all doors and cabinets before retiring to bed, only to find them wide open in the morning. Lights would be switched on by unseen hands while Freeborn was out of the house. She tried to take these curious occurrences in stride, but was convinced a paranormal force was at play when she tried to hang a particular picture - a triptych (three photos in one frame) of pre-Civil War women.

The morning after hanging it, Freeborn was puzzled to find it on the floor, but neatly propped against the wall. Figuring it had merely fallen (and luckily not broken), she re-hung it. In fact, five times she tried to hang the picture, and each time it was taken down and set against the wall. A week or so later, following an impulse, she hung the picture in a spare bedroom much lower on the wall and too close to the light switch than she actually preferred. But this time the picture stayed put. Why? When Luke Cowley, the dead Mrs. Lyon's son-in-law, visited the house, he remarked that Mrs. Lyon had hung a very similar picture in that very spot.

In 1982, as Mrs. Freeborn was preparing to redecorate the master bedroom, the poltergeist activity increased. Throughout the day that she shopped for paint and wallpaper, she was unnerved by the sensation of being watched. That night, crashing noises and loud banging in remote areas of the house kept Freeborn from sleeping. She arose from her bed at about 2 a.m. and walked to the bathroom. She ran some water at the sink to wash her hands. Suddenly, the bathroom window flew open. She closed it, returned to her bed and sat, frightened. Again the bathroom window opened and in the same instant the bedroom window crashed shut. The folding doors of one closet tore open as another closet door slammed closed. Her dog barked frantically at the terrifying spectacle.

Scared out of her wits, Freeborn's solitary thought was to get out of that house. She picked up her dog and fled the bedroom into the hallway and ran smack into some unseen force. "There was a zone of pressure," she later related, "a mass out in the hall, as if something ominous and ugly was concentrated there. I realized I had to get out of the house or I would die."

Three distinct forces were in that hallway, she insisted - one to each side of her and one blocking her way out. Gathering all her courage, she shouted, "Get out of my way!" and forced her way past the dark presences. Somehow she sensed that the two entities at her sides her "surprised" that she was able to do this, and she felt that the entity in front of her was knocked back. She ran out the back door and sped away in her car... still wearing her nightgown."

Can not blame her!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Have you dreamed of this man?

At least 2,000 people around the world claim to have seen this man in their dreams, though they don't know who he is, according to the website It began, they write, in January 2006, when a psychiatrist's patient first made the sketch and said she'd been having recurring dreams with "This Man," as he later became known
Interesting, I hear this week the number is up to 8.000.Noy me about you?

Saw this the other day:

"According to several polls and surveys conducted around the world, belief in the paranormal and supernatural is at an all time high and shows no evidence of decline. In the U.S. alone, a recent Gallop poll showed that 75% of Americans have some sort of paranormal belief; a Harris poll showed that half of Americans believe in ghosts; a CBS poll showed that one in five Americans have seen or physically encountered a ghost; and still another survey taken from more than 400 college students with the highest GPAs found seniors and grad students more likely to believe in the paranormal then their “uneducated” freshman counterparts. Paranormal beliefs include such phenomena as extraterrestrial and UFO close encounters, all types of psychic phenomena, miracles and demonic possession, ghosts and poltergeists, witchcraft and metaphysics, and encounters with extraordinary life forms, including Bigfoot and the notorious chupacabra."