Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Unexpected Sighting

Two brothers in Orange Walk Town, Belize, South America, reported watching a "solid object the size of a basketball with a very bright, glowing light the size of a golf ball" moving about 10 feet over a nearby street post lamp, according to testimony in Case 64587 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The two brothers were sitting outside of their home facing north on the edge of their yard and leaning up against a wooden shed. The younger brother, age 18, pointed to the east-southeast where he saw "a bright green glowing light that seemed to be directly over the street and not far from where they were seated - about 150 feet away and about 10 feet higher than the street post lamp.

"It moved slowly as patiently waiting for something," stated the reporting older brother. "The entire event lasted about 15-20 minutes as it traveled in the sky from the east toward the north in a curved manner and then hovered for 4-5 minutes and then moved toward the west."

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Shadow People

 You looked up quickly this time and saw the fleeting but distinctly human shape of the shadow pass quickly over the far wall... and disappear.

What was that? Some natural shadow? Your heightened imagination? A ghost? Or was it something that seems to be a spreading phenomenon - apparitions that are coming to be known as "shadow people" or "shadow beings." Perhaps this is an old phenomenon with a new name that is now being discussed more openly, in part thanks to the Internet. Or maybe it's a phenomenon that, for some reason, is manifesting with greater frequency and intensity now.

Those who are experiencing and studying the shadow people phenomenon say that these entities almost always used to be seen out of the corner of the eye and very briefly. But more and more, people are beginning to see them straight on and for longer periods of time. Some experiencers testify that they have even seen eyes, usually red, on these shadow beings.

The mysterious sightings have become a hot topic of conversion in paranormal chat rooms, message boards and websites, and it is given widespread attention on paranormal talk radio.

What are shadow people and where do they come from? Several theories have been offered.


The explanation we get from skeptics and mainstream science - and who are usually people who have never experienced the shadow people phenomenon - is that it is nothing more than the active human imagination. It's our minds playing tricks on us... our eyes seeing things in a fraction of a second that aren't really there - illusions... real shadows caused by passing auto headlights, or some similar explanation. And without a doubt, these explanations probably can account for some if not many experiences. The human eye and mind are easily fooled. But can they account for all cases?


To call these entities ghosts demands first a definition of what we mean by ghosts. (See the article: Ghosts: What Are They?) But by almost any definition, shadow people are somewhat different than ghost phenomena. Whereas ghost apparitions are almost always a misty white, vaporish or have a decidedly human form and appearance (very often with discernable "clothing"), shadow beings are much darker and more shadow-like. In general, although the shadow people often do have a human outline or shape, because they are dark, the details of their appearance is lacking. This is in contrast to many ghost sightings in which the witness can describe the ghost's facial features, style of clothing and other details. The one detail most often noted in some shadow being sightings are their glowing red eyes.


The dark countenance and malevolent feelings that are often reported in association with these creatures has led some researchers to speculate that they may be demonic in nature. If they are demons, we have to wonder what their purpose or intent is in letting themselves be seen in this manner. Is it merely to frighten?


Friday, May 8, 2015

Paranormal Investigators

The most notable paranormal beliefs include those that pertain to ghosts, extraterrestrial life, unidentified flying objects, psychic abilities or extrasensory perception and cryptids.[6]
A paranormal investigator (PI) is a person who investigates claims regarding the presence of ghosts, demons, spirits, aliens, lake monsters, the chupacabra, and other "strange and bizarre" things. (The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP) lists 45 subjects for investigation. The Skeptic's Dictionary Paranormal Topics page lists over 50 subjects.) The paranormal investigator should be distinguished from the parapsychologist or laboratory researcher of psi, although some paranormal investigators also do lab work.(

There are those who do not go into the field to investigate, nor do they study the reports of those who do, yet they accept or reject the conclusions of a PI. Such people are sometimes characterized as either "true believers" or "debunkers." It is probably fair to designate someone who accepts a claim that a ghost or lake monster has been verified, even though he or she hasn't done any investigation or studied any reports, as a "true believer." I don't think it is accurate to refer to everyone who rejects a claim that a ghost has been verified, even though he or she hasn't done any field investigations or studied a specific report, as a "debunker." To debunk is to expose something as false or as not what it is claimed to be. You can't expose something by simply denying its existence. A better term for such people would be "paranormal denier," rather than debunker or skeptic. Debunking is often what a PI does after investigating a place that others have claimed to know is haunted or inhabited by a monster, etc. Debunking is also something that a house PI might do after studying the reports of field PIs.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Alien at UCLA Medical Center?

Lakewood, CA - 11/1963: My husband worked swing shift, he came in the house all excited there was a helicopter and all kinds of lights on the under construction freeway about 5 houses away and a sound fence. Next day he bought the afternoon Long Beach Ledger just to see if there was any news on what happened on the freeway the night before. On the first page of the local section he found the answer there was a strange man picked up walking on the freeway, He spoke no none language, and they noticed his blood was off color. The report went on to say that they took him to the UCLA medical center, they reported that the man had some different organs than humans and some of his organs were the same but in different places.

A few days later he told his friend about it so he offered to bring the paper over but unfortunately I accidentally used it to line the garbage can and they had picked it up all ready so we went to the library to get a copy of the report and the column had been blanked out.
Lakewood, CA - 11/1963: My husband worked swing shift, he came in the house all excited there was a helicopter and all kinds of lights on the under construction freeway about 5 houses away and a sound fence. Next day he bought the afternoon Long Beach Ledger just to see if there was any news on what happened on the freeway the night before. On the first page of the local section he found the answer there was a strange man picked up walking on the freeway, He spoke no none language, and they noticed his blood was off color. The report went on to say that they took him to the UCLA medical center, they reported that the man had some different organs than humans and some of his organs were the same but in different places.

A few days later he told his friend about it so he offered to bring the paper over but unfortunately I accidentally used it to line the garbage can and they had picked it up all ready so we went to the library to get a copy of the report and the column had been blanked out.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Obama's Former Pilot Tells Of A UFO Sighting

One of President Barack Obama’s former pilots not only says he believes in UFOs and tells in great detail about the time he saw one while flying over Iowa.

Andrew Danziger, a 28-year airline veteran who was one of Obama’s pilots during his 2008 presidential campaign, told his story to the New York Daily News.

Danziger says his close encounter happened in 1989" while flying from Kansas City to Waterloo, Iowa. He describes it as a beautiful evening, with clear skies. He says both he, and Bruce, the captain, had noticed a white disc in the sky. For 30 minutes, that disc remained in the sky.

“We got busy with our flying duties and for a short while, maybe for a minute, both of us had looked away from the disc, but when I looked up at it again I saw something that has been burned into my memory,” Danziger writes. It has turned in to a red ball...


As the plane slowly descended to the ground, and was at 13,000 feet, the ball began a descent as well.

In about 30 seconds, like a setting sun but not nearly as bright, it vanished behind the clouds. The instant it fully disappeared, hundreds of lights began flashing from within the clouds.

As I looked on in disbelief, the flashing lights were brighter than ever and I could see that the section of the cloud that the glowing red ball had descended behind was starting to stretch apart like a piece of “Silly Putty,” two halves being pulled slowly apart with the middle getting thinner and thinner. This continued until the halves grew so thin that it tore apart and, pop! Everything was gone. The dimly lit disc, the flashing lights, the thin wispy clouds that we had with us for the last 40 minutes; all of it, gone. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Only the full moon remained off to our left.
Above the clouds, where the white disc had been, was a now giant red ball. It was big and bright and just sat there above the clouds. It wasn’t intense enough to illuminate us with a red glow but it was still plenty bright. We sat there in stunned silence. We obviously didn’t want to hit it but quickly saw that it was flying parallel to our course. We weren’t on a collision course and we also weren’t gaining on it. Time became a blur as we continued our descent, this giant, red ball holding its course.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Reported Sighting Of Aliens

On this particular night the moon was full and so bright that we commented on how it was practically daylight. We hadn't gotten far from the house, when I noticed something standing on the left-hand side of the road, no more than thirty feet ahead. I knew my friend saw it too because we both froze. I could see it clearly thanks to the moonlight and how close it was, but I struggle to describe it. It was four, maybe 4 1/2 feet tall, and had a somewhat humanoid shape, with a distinct head, torso, arms and legs, but it was narrower than a person, and the legs were disproportionately short while the rest of the body parts were freakishly elongated, even the head. It seemed to be matte gray all over and had no features whatsoever. No face, no hair, nothing. But the most alarming thing was, it was so thin that it looked like a suit of clothes on a hanger; it had a shape from the front, but from the side it was practically paper thin. I got a look at it from the side because moments after we caught sight of it, it turned and crossed the road in front of us. I can't think of an accurate way to describe how it moved. The legs moved a little, but it didn't seem to take steps, there was no up and down motion; it glided almost fluidly across the road and over the edge of the mesa. I was so shocked that I can't remember if it made any noise as it headed down the hillside with all its bushes and loose rocks. A few seconds later, my friend and I looked at each other and said "Did you see that?" almost simultaneously. Then we just turned and ran  like hell back to her house." (From Phantoms And Monsters Pulse Of The Paranormal)
Unusal greys?


Friday, April 3, 2015

Elvis And Aliens

lvis Presley reportedly had a lifelong belief in extraterrestrials and witnessed a number of UFOs during his life.

The 'King of Rock and Roll' is said to have had several sightings of UFOs during his life, with his interest sparked by an unusual sighting made by his father, Vernon, on the day he was born, January 8, 1935.

The singer's hairstylist and friend, Larry Geller, explained:"His father told us he'd gone out to have a cigarette at 2am during the delivery and when he looked up into the skies above their little shack, he saw the strangest blue light. He knew right then and there that something special was happening."Renowned Elvis historian Cory Cooper, who's been researching the life and times of the rock 'n' roll icon for nearly 30 years, also verified the legend of the blue UFOs in Tupelo that night. He said he's personally heard that same story told multiple times by Geller and other insiders who were close to Elvis.

NOTE: Many people don't know that Elvis Presley was an identical twin. His twin brother was delivered 35 minutes before Elvis, stillborn. Although Elvis is considered an only child, he kept his deceased twin in his mind, mentioning him occasionally.

The loss of his brother may be one of the factors which kept Elvis interested in the paranormal. Over the course of his life, Presley amassed a sizeable collection of 350 books on the paranormal, occult, spiritualism, and UFOs. The collection bothered Presley's manager Colonel Tom, who at one point suggested that they burn all the books in a bonfire. (Elvis refused.)

 once again thanks goes to Phantoms and Monsters for their article and picture. Hope you visit them and try the Newsletter and contribute if you can!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

NASA Veteran Claims Slender Alien Hitches A Ride On The Space Shuttle

A former NASA employee claims he spotted an alien, standing approximately 9 feet tall, hitched a ride on the space shuttle. He further saw the strange creature having a quiet chat with astronauts.

Many believe that this is a conclusive evidence of the extensive, global conspiracy where nations’ leaders are in contact with aliens.

Others, however, are less sure.

In a video released on a news site, Clark C. McClelland makes the claim about the tall alien. McClelland says that he has worked for 35 years at NASA and become part of the Apollo missions. As of this writing, no one has ever disputed his claim.

A picture of him on the Space Shuttle also circulated online, which is conclusive enough to some people.

McClelland says that he unexpectedly saw an alien that he describes as gangly and slender. He explains that he was monitoring a Space Shuttle mission during that time. To his surprise, he saw something different with two astronauts in the payload bay of the Space Shuttle.

Interestingly, he claims to have seen an alien ship parked nearby. Many people have ridiculed McClelland, saying he is nuts. Others, including UFO fans, believe that those who poke fun at him only want to spread disinformation like the work of the Men in Black.

McClelland says he knows ET and alien aircraft and can identify any of the two when he see them. He believes that aliens have been on Earth and walking among humans. He suspects that these aliens may have been implanted into different governments on Earth. -

This was found in the newsletter of Phantoms And Monstors one of my favorites! Feel free to check it out and ontributr if inclined.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Authors Looking For Near Death Experiences Of Combat Vets

Two former U.S. Army Medical Command civilian employees are looking for troops and veterans to share something they may be reluctant to discuss: near-death experiences.

Not "near-dying" events like when a service member was nearly killed and saved by advancements in combat medicine.

Rather, they're looking for the kind of episode in which a service member was badly injured and died, or came very close to it, before being revived — and in the interim had some sort of experience, like hovering over their own broken body, seeing a bright light or meeting a dead relative or even Jesus Christ.

You know, that kind of near-death experience.

San Antonio residents Genny Krackau and Jan Justice have launched "Light Stories: Beyond the Explosion" to solicit anecdotes from combat veterans who underwent a near-death experience, or NDE.

The two believe that by providing a platform for these troops to share their unique stories and aggregating them, they can help them feel less isolated, and consequently promote mental healing.
Krackau said the opportunity could help troops understand what they went through and how they can learn from it.

"Once they feel comfortable talking about their NDE and read other similar stories, they will realize they are not alone. Often, they don't want people to know what they went through because they may think they are weird or mentally messed up. That's unfair," said Krakau, a retired researcher and health systems specialist. Read more at Military Times

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Roswell Rock And Crop Circles

I do not know about you. but hearing about the Roswell Rock on History Channel was my introduction to it.

" August 15, 2014 - "In Search of Aliens" aired a segment called "The Roswell Rock" on H2 (History Channel). Giorgio Tsoukalos researched the alleged "Roswell Rock", found in 2004, to determine if it was indeed an alien artifact. Scientific testing lead one to believe it could be authentic.
The deep wine-red colored rock, measuring less than two inches across, and weighing about 40 grams, was unearthed in September 2004 by Roswell businessman Robert Ridge, 50 , who said he found it while deer hunting in Cedar Hill, 17 miles "as the crow flies" from the 1947 purported UFO crash site.

"I saw some fresh tracks and followed them," he said. "That's when I noticed the partially exposed rock on the side of a sand pit. But I didn't pick it up at first because I thought there were deer up ahead, and didn't want to break off the pursuit."

When he realized the tracks were just goat tracks, he headed back the way he came, picked up the rock, and put it in his pocket, he said.

After showing the rock to family and friends, he decided to keep it in a safe deposit box until last year, when curiosity to discover the truth about it got the better of him.motors? That would be too trivial. 
The owner of the rock, Robert L. Ridge, believes he found something from the crash that was overlooked in 1947 because it was beyond the search zone. "


this shows from the program the comparison with a sand blasted copy made which showed differences.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Unusual Sighting From NC

Have been away for extended cancer treatment. Just found this yesterday right down the road
"   Chapel Hill, NC - 3/4/2015: My experience has happened numerous times over several years. Latest events have happened every night for the past week or so and have been the most interesting sequence of events.

    Started with aliens watching me and my husband in darkness. They were primate-like and non threatening at all. One was leaning over and watching my husband very closely. The other was leaning over me. I spoke to it, and could not hear the reply only saw it's mouth moving. Many sightings of brightly colored glowing webs with creatures and different things. This night was the first time I saw a creature. Then for the next few nights I saw various bright-colored creatures. I saw a huge grid on the wall behind the TV. It had about 6 inch letters and pictures - but I couldn't figure it out before it disappeared. Same night, again a grid but this time I heard in my husbands voice him calling me to look though he was asleep. I again saw a grid over his entire chest with letters and amazing drawings of various animals. Again, I could not figure it out before it disappeared. One more time that same night - a grid on the sheets - I tried to straighten it out to see, but again it disappeared. These events have happened on and off the past week or more. Last night - again there was a huge grid on wall. This time there were English words and phrases - but one block on the grid was a clock with the hands moving forward quickly. The clock was the only character on the grid that was both RED and FLASHING.

    The times there were webs with various things on them - it was huge and across the ceiling. A number of times I could feel the various creatures in the web with my hand. A few times there were creatures on the covers of the bed. I could FEEL the movement on the covers. Two nights ago three insects kept flying around the room. They landed on the bed and all disappeared at the same time.. When the grid appeared on the wall - I got a flashlight, and they disappeared immediately. Same with turning on the light.

    I have never been scared (except when the web had spiders and I'm afraid of them). I truly feel they are trying to send a message of some sort. I just can't decipher it. When I wake my husband to look - he sees nothing.. I have been awake when these experiences happen, so that convinced me I was not dreaming. One time a web and etc happened when I was out of the country. I could feel them in my hand and feel them walking on the bed - etc. But, when I turn on the light, they disappear. I have tried to take pictures - but have not seen anything on them when I have. I have tried to look carefully on the grid on the wall with the light of the television, but don't have much time to do so before they disappear. - MUFON CMS "