Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Brief Nicharl Jackson Tribute

It is so sad that we have lost the talent of Michael Jackson.Sadder and more tragic was his difficult life.Such a tortured soul deserves some peace.
Several things have been said about his encounters with the paranormal This will include only a few points.From an article by Srtephen Wagner on About Paranormal.

"On at least one occasion, Jackson indicated that he had psychic experiences. In an interview with Barbara Walters on September 12, 1997, she asked him how he heard of Princess Diana's death. "I woke up, and my doctor gave me the news," he said, "and I fell back down in grief, and started to cry.... I said there's another one real soon, I feel it coming, there's another one, and I pray it's not me. Please, don't let it be me. And Mother Teresa came."
Walters then asked if he was saying he was psychic. "I don't want to say that," he replied, "but I've done it before."

Jackson was close friends with controversial psychic Uri Geller. In fact, in March, 2001 when Geller and his wife retook their wedding vows in a well-publicized ceremony, Jackson stood in as best man.

Apparently, Jackson first learned about Geller when he was a small boy through some books about the psychic, and was particularly fascinated by his spoon-bending and telepathic abilities. Many years later, they were formally introduced by Mohammed Al Fayed (the father of Dodi Fayed, who was killed in the car crash that also took the life of Princess Diana). Jackson urged Geller to come to New York to meet him, which he did. Jackson rented a movie theater for Geller, Jackson and Jackson's son Prince for a private screening of The Matrix, which features a scene of psychic spoon bending, probably inspired by Geller's trademark feat.

Geller was even invited to attend one of Jackson's recording sessions in 2000 or 2001. Reportedly, Geller meditated over the recording tapes to "energize" them."

Full Article http://paranormal.about.com/od/humanenigmas/a/aa020705.htm
Michael Jackson, Ghosts and the Paranormal
The King of Pop's connections to psychics and spirits

Monday, June 29, 2009

Twin Sisters Get the Same Exam Scores: Telepathy or Not?

You have likely heard of the "bond" between twins.See what you make of this recent debate in China
The pendant in the illustration is by CreativeRampage at Etsy,
The Shining twins charm pendant necklace

" BEIJING, June 26 -- Do twins have telepathy? When twin sisters got the same scores on this year's national college entrance examination, villagers in Shaoxing, east China's Zhejiang Province started to wonder if the girls read one another's minds, according to a story on Zjol.com.

The twin sisters, Zang Jiahuan and Zang Jiale, took the annual college entrance exams at the beginning of this June. When they received the results showing they both scored 644 points, they were shocked.

"We never expected it," the girls said in unison, telling a reporter who asked if anything like this had ever happened before, "this is the only case."

The reporter became even more curious when he found the pair repeatedly finished one another's sentences.

Wondering if the twins could have telepathy, the reporter conducted an experiment on them. When asked questions about their lives, the sisters always answered in one voice, which stunned the onlookers and made the reporter conclude that telepathy did exist between the sisters.

However, Xu Yi, a doctor in Zhejiang No. 1 Hospital denied the conjecture. He said it was not unusual for twins to get the same or similar scores on tests because identical twins are born with the same genes, which decide their personality, intelligence and ways of thinking.

Xu added that the twins also have the same family and education background; therefore, they would find the same solutions to solve problems in the exams."


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Boy 's Life As A Fighter Pilot?

A few nights ago on Coast To Coast AM there was an interesting interview about reincarnation.Whether or not you believe in it, some interesting points were made,
Bruce & Andrea Leininger shared the story of their young son James "who remembered vivid details of a previous life as a World War II pilot, and who many claim is a living example of one of the most compelling cases so far for reincarnation.

After consulting with past lives expert Carol Bowman, Bruce & Andrea began to piece together many of the clues James offered, such as mentiong he flew a Corsair plane, the location of Iwo Jima as where his plane was shot down, and his friend named Jack Larson. They were eventually led to the conclusion that their son was the reincarnation of a fighter pilot named Lt. James Huston who went down over Iwo Jima in 1945.

Bruce tracked down some of Huston's surviving crew mates on the carrier Natoma Bay who were meeting for a reunion in 2002, and brought James together with Huston's sister Annie, now in her 90's. Andrea described how James had three G.I. Joe dolls which he named Walter, Leon, and Billie-- he said they had met him in heaven. According to records, there were three servicemen with those first names, who died while serving on the Natoma."


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Paranormal On Etsy

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Do you believe in the Paranormal?

Interesting results show many do.

One survey of the beliefs of the general United States population regarding paranormal topics was conducted by the Gallup Organization in 2005.[17] The survey found that 73 percent of those polled believed in at least one of the ten paranormal items presented in the survey. The ten items included in the survey were:
Extrasensory perception (41% held this belief),
haunted houses (37%), ghosts (32%),
telepathy (31%), clairvoyance (26%),
astrology (25%),
communication with the dead (21%),
witches (21%),
reincarnation (20%),
and channeling spiritual entities (9%)
. These items were selected as they "require the belief that humans have more than the 'normal' five senses." Only one percent of respondents believed in all ten items.

Another survey conducted in 2006 by researchers from Australia's Monash University[18] sought to determine what types of phenomena people claim to have experienced and the effects these experiences have had on their lives.
The study was conducted as an online survey with over 2,000 respondents from around the world participating. The results revealed that around 70% of the respondents believe to have had an unexplained paranormal event that changed their life, mostly in a positive way.
About 70% also claimed to have seen, heard, or been touched by an animal or person that they knew was not there;
80% have reported having a premonition, and almost 50% stated they recalled a previous life.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Neurosurgeon Addresses The Supernatural

Science & The Supernatural:
On Coast To Coast recently, "Ian Punnett welcomed Harvard educated brain surgeon Dr. Allan Hamilton for a discussion about his experiences with spirituality and the supernatural, and how they manifested themselves in the lives of medical patients. Reflecting on the many anomalous events he has observed over the course of his career, Hamilton said, "it's pervasive throughout medicine and yet we've sort of held the lid on it."
Hamilton talked about sometimes having the unsettling ability to know that a patient is dangerously close to death because they will take on a "yellow, waxy color." He first noticed this while working as an assistant to a vetrinarian and would see it appear on dying animals' faces. Later in his career as a surgeon, he recognized the hue again on the faces of his patients who either went on to die or came precipitously close to death. While he dismissed the notion that this was an absolute means of determining a patient's viability, he did say that "more than once" he has ordered tests on a patient after observing the troubling color.

He also shared an amazing story of a seemingly separate form of consciousness which he said was "about as close as I'll get to the holy grail of the soul in this life." A recovering brain surgery patient remembered the doctors' operating room conversation and described it with remarkable detail. However, due to the nature of the surgery, her brain had no electrical activity at the time and the creation of memories should have been impossible. Hamilton mused, "there's no way this brain can make memories ... and yet, those memories were made somewhere."


"When a health crisis strikes, we confront great dangers and dark fears.
Yet illness can offer opportunities to tap into unseen powers beyond the physical world. When we reach out, the world of the spirit becomes ours."
-- Allan Hamilton, MD

Friday, June 19, 2009

More About Abe Lincoln Sightings

Many of you know I have been an avid fan of Abraham Lincoln since childhood.I have blogged twice here about him.A tweet led to the Wikipedia about sightings.So will share with you.

Thanks to nontrendy at Etsy for the illustration"I Got YouAbe" shirt from the shop

Relevant information on the Lincoln White House

Lincoln actually used the second floor room that is now the Presidential Library as his main office. The Oval Office was his private library and study. His guard, William Cooke, who guarded President Ulysses S. Grant frequently reported the former General sensed Lincoln's presence around the Executive Mansion. Senator Joe McCarthy once reportedly stepped into Lincoln's old office, and a bust of the 16th President flew across the room, and nearly whacked McCarthy in the head. President John F. Kennedy frequently said he believed in life after death, and he also claimed to regularly ask Lincoln's advice on matters of utmost importance.

Other locations

The ghost has reportedly been seen elsewhere. Witnesses have seen Lincoln on the balcony of Ford's Theatre with the ghost of the man who shot him, John Wilkes Booth. It has been said that they are trying to solve their differences. The ghost has also been seen wandering around his grave site in Springfield, Illinois. Lincoln reportedly has also been seen at Fortress Monroe overlooking the Hampton Roads where the Monitor and the Virginia squared off in 1862.


President Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover and Harry Truman have all claimed to have heard unexplained knockings on their bedroom doors. What made them think it was Lincoln is unknown.

Calvin Coolidge's wife reported seeing on several occasions the ghost of Lincoln standing with his hands clasped behind his back, at a window in the Oval Office, staring out in deep contemplation toward the bloody battlefields across the Potomac. Carl Sandburg, Lincoln's biographer, said he did not see the ghost but "strongly felt his presence" when he stood at this same window during a tour of the White House.

Lincoln's ghost made many apparitions during the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration. Roosevelt was (coincidentally like Lincoln) president during war time.
Eleanor Roosevelt never claimed to have seen Lincoln's spirit, but sometimes spoke of the sense of someone watching her as she worked in the former Lincoln bedroom, which she used as a study. One of her maids claimed to have seen the ghost sitting on a bed and pulling off his shoes. While Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands spent a night in the White House she was awakened by a knock on the bedroom door. When she answered it, she saw Lincoln's ghost staring at her from the hallway. The queen recalled that she fainted upon seeing the ghost. When she woke up lying on the floor of her room, the ghost had gone.

Winston Churchill also claimed to have seen the ghost while spending a night in the White House during World War II. After taking a bath he walked naked into the adjoining bedroom. There he saw Lincoln standing by the fireplace in the room. Churchill remarked wittingly: "Good evening, Mr. President. You seem to have me at a disadvantage." Lincoln smiled softly and disappeared...

Lyndon B. Johnson is supposed to have spoken with the ghost of Mr. Lincoln. Johnson, standing in the second floor room that had been Lincoln's office (Lincoln had used the Oval Office as a library), asked "You had a war, you had a Civil Rights movement, you had protesters and critics, what can I do?" And the story goes, the response was "Don't go to the theater." [2]...

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lincoln%27s_Ghost

Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Spooky Than Ghosts

The reality shows in spite of their wide following are not among my favorites on TV.The extent to which people will go for money however is interesting.In reading an article the other day one part struck as more scarey than the Paranormal.

Ir seems that Ripley's Believe It Or Not with their long time popularity have opened several new Museums.Dividing out the collection of "Oddiities" among them has dwindled their supply.In the article was:
"...Consider shrunken heads. Every Ripley's museum must have one, and private collectors still covet them, but so far as experts can tell, no one is still making them. Mr. Meyer says that when he started working in acquisitions at Ripley's 31 years ago, the preserved human heads slightly larger than a fist could be bought for between $500 and $5,000.

"Today, you probably can't buy a fake one for $5,000," he says. A high-quality shrunken head -- one used for authentic tribal purposes, with long hair and decorative elements -- now costs about $50,000.

Outlawed for more than half a century now, ceremonial head shrinking was believed by its practitioners to trap the avenging spirit of a murdered adversary. After killing a foe, the Shuar tribe in a remote area of Ecuador took heads, skinned them, boiled the skin, sewed the skin back up, closed the mouth with wooden pegs, heated the head with rocks and sand, and then smoked it until it was cured. In the early 1900s, heads became currency to buy guns from Western visitors, increasing the practice. A case of head shrinking hasn't been documented for decades.

The heads are popular among a small group of avid collectors who are often willing to pay more than Ripley's.
"You could count the number of players on both hands in this country," says Jay Conrad, a retired roofing contractor in Lakeland, Tenn. He says he bought his first shrunken head in 1983 for $500 and has owned dozens over the years. "I'm interested in the dark side of human behavior," he says."

Wikipedia (source of the picture of a head on display)says
"To block the last spirit from using its powers, they decided to sever their enemies' heads and shrink them. The process also served as a way of warning those enemies. Even with these uses, the owner of the trophy did not keep it for long. Many heads were later used in religious ceremonies and feasts that celebrated the victories of the tribe. Accounts vary as to whether the heads would be discarded or stored. In the late 1800s and early 1900s whites traded shotguns for tsantsas,thus promoting an escalation in inter-tribal warfare.
Since the 1940s, it has been illegal to import shrunken heads into the United States. In 1999, the National Museum of the American Indian repatriated the authentic shrunken heads in its collection to Ecuador.[5] Most other countries have also banned the trade. Currently, replica shrunken heads are manufactured as curios for the tourist trade. These are made from leather and animal hides formed to resemble the originals. Replica shrunken heads, due to their provocative nature, are also popular in the hot rod culture, where they are often seen hanging from rearview mirrors as ornaments.[citation needed]"

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Michael Crichton And The Paranormal

Along with many others, I was a fan of Michawl Crichton.Wikipedia says

John Michael Crichton , (October 23, 1942 – November 4, 2008[2][3]) was an American author, producer, director, screenwriter, and physician, best known for his work in the science fiction, medical fiction, and thriller genres. His books have sold over 150 million copies worldwide, and many have been adapted into films. In 1994 he became the only creative artist to ever have works simultaneously charting at #1 in television, as creator of ER; in film, with the adaptation of Jurassic Park; and in book sales, with Discosure."

Robert Rich is a senior journalism major at the University of Texas at Austin. He recently wrote an article with a focus on the author and the paranormal.

:... I recently finished “Travels,” an essay collection by late author Michael Crichton, of Jurassic Park fame. Like the title implies, many of the chapters are about the author’s visits to exotic locales around the world, from living with indigenous tribes in New Guinea to climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. But, for all the chapters about external trips Crichton took, there are just as many about what you could call internal travels, the journey inside oneself to take a look around and perhaps discover some kind of epiphanistic truth.

There’s talk of mediums communicating with long-lost souls, disembodied spirits still roaming the earth and just looking to relay a message. There are stories about week-long spiritual retreats, full of fasting and meditation, and at one point for Crichton, talking to a cactus. They are stories that, at first glance, seem so outlandish, so ridiculous, that you can’t believe that they’re included in a book labeled nonfiction. But then, you start thinking about the context of what you’re reading. You start thinking about the author.

Michael Crichton, although a prolific storyteller, was a licensed doctor. The first half of Travels recounts stories from his time in medical school and about the various rotations he
Michael Crichton, although a prolific storyteller, was a licensed doctor. The first half of Travels recounts stories from his time in medical school and about the various rotations he did in all branches of medicine. He also was a scientist. Despite being fiction, almost all of his novels are based around some type of fringe science, some technique or method not proven, but not altogether impossible. He did painstakingly large amounts of research for everything he wrote, and it’s because of that research that the idea of bringing dinosaurs back to life actually started getting serious attention when Jurassic Park was released. Prey is equally as powerful, detailing a frightening tale of the science of nanotechnology gone awry.
What I’m trying to get at here is to simply ask you to think for a minute. Michael Crichton was a well-known scientist and physician, and yet in his book, he still speaks of these paranormal activities. There were never any questions about his mental stability, never anybody crying for his incarceration — aside, maybe, from enraged ex-girlfriends, of which he had many. And then, to make his case even stronger, the icing on the cake, Crichton doesn’t just speak of these experiences and allow you to laugh. He presents evidence and theories for their existence.

What, asks Crichton, makes something deemed “paranormal” actually paranormal? The term literally means “above normal,” but who is to say that that’s the truth? Crichton boldly asserts that maybe something like seeing auras or communicating with lost souls is in fact normal, but a skill that we as humans lost long ago, or simply forgot how to do. What if all these things we consider outrageous or outside of reality are actually normal facets of the world that we simply haven’t studied long enough? We’re all aware that children can do some strange things, often seeming to be staring at things we can’t see or communicating with “imaginary friends.” What if this is more than play and in fact them performing some sort of extrasensory task, something they’re able to do because 1) they are children and more sensitive to it; or 2) they are children and we haven’t quite beaten the belief in paranormal activity out of them.

Many of the medical procedures and equipment we have today were deemed impossible or outrageous only a few years ago. Before we had the concrete proof, these things seemed paranormal as well, and yet we now have them. What if hypnotism is the same thing?
With statements and claims like this, there of course is talk of fraud. But tell me this, what field or profession doesn’t have frauds? Jayson Blair was ousted from The New York Times for plagiarism, fraudulent journalism. Doctors are constantly having their licenses revoked for medical malpractice, practicing fraudulent medicinal practices. It only follows that if you go to a psychic, chances are you could get a fraud. But just because it’s easier to spot fakers in situations involving the paranormal doesn’t mean they’re all liars..."

The full article is here:


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Are UFO's And JFK's Assassination Related?

Granted, like many others,I have paid attention to various conspiracy theories about the JFK assassination.This one just discovered through a "Tweet: from ParanormalPsych really blows me away.You may want to check it out.

President Kennedy’s UFO involvement led to assassination order
June 15, 7:02 AM ·

I actually had planned something else for today but had to put this up instead.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Ghosts In The News

I love to find such accounts making the news.this was in May

Collapsed Cracker Factory Has Long Haunted History

Kim DeVer, manager of the old cracker factory building, had a lot on her mind after the third floor of the building collapsed - and paranormal activity wasn't far from her thoughts.

On two occasions in the past year, Brian Lavigne of Alton and the Paranormal Researchers of Southern Illinois team conducted paranormal investigations in the old factory.

The determination that DeVer observed and the preliminary conclusion by the research group is that the building displays strong paranormal activity.

The Kendall Cracker Factory was built in 1864 with deep arched vault-like recesses, once used as ovens. The factory was built on the site of Alton's First Baptist Church in 1836 and utilized at least part of the basement foundation of the early church, which burned in 1860.
or the most part, Julie believes that the ghosts that are in the building are harmless and are notorious pranksters. The changing signs and turning thermostats have been just a couple of their tricks. In addition, they have been known to turn lights on and off, hide things and to change the station on the radios that have been placed around the store. “We have three radios,” Julie explained,” but we keep them all turned to the same jazz station. On some mornings when I have come in, I will find the radios have all been set to some strange station that we would never listen to. I don’t know how this happens but it’s really bizarre.”

Around the time of this writing, Julie bought an old pie safe at an auction and had it displayed in the store. In the bottom racks, she placed three antique pie tins that she was also offering for sale. Inexplicably, when Julie comes into the store in the morning, she will often find the tins to be moved around, switched in position, turned upside-down or outside of the pie safe. There is no explanation for how they could have gotten this way and I have tried to fiddle with the rack myself (trying to get the pie tins to move) but I had no luck with it. Is this an example of Julie’s prankster ghosts at work – or a specter attached to the pie safe itself?

Julie and Sam Thames have not been the only people to experience odd happenings in the basement. Many customers who have come in, including attendees on the History & Hauntings Tours, have claimed weird encounters inside of the old bricks ovens that line one side of the store. These encounters range widely between the smell of something burning (which then vanishes), cold chills, eerie sensations and even feeling as though they have been touched or their clothing pulled on. I never tell anyone what to expect when they go into the building, but rather allow them to look around the place for themselves.

Ross DeVer, a 16-year-old Marquette Catholic student, spent the night in the building with friends. He was walking around filming when a friend heard a creak and a towel was yanked off the rack near them.

"We also walked by doors that were open and five minutes later they would be closed," he said. "We went to bed about 4 in the morning and woke up at 8 in the morning. I had a hard time getting to sleep. I was afraid I would miss something. I definitely think there are spirits inside the building. On the PRoSI visit, all the walkie-talkies started making noise and we went into the room and they were all still off. That was weird. I went on both hunts."...

Lavigne works with a partner, Rob Simmons, in PRoSI. He said his team believes Broadway in Alton is unusually active in the paranormal realm because of the area's limestone and springs.

"These materials can act as a recording device for the events, whether traumatic or festive," he said. "These types of hauntings are residual and appear when the conditions are just right."

The paranormal chaser said even if the old Kendall Cracker Factory is torn down, the spirits could still be there because of a theory called grounding....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Secret Life Of Plants

I found this interesting article about plant behavior.

No brainer behavior
Messages, memory, maybe even intelligence — botanists wrangle over how far plants can go
By Susan Milius
June 20th, 2009; Vol.175 #13 (p. 16)

NO BRAINER BEHAVIOR Plants move. Time-lapse photography reveals the circular sweep of a Lonicera japonica vine during two hours of growth. But an evolving definition of plant behavior doesn't even require motion. Plants can behave while staying still. Ash Kaushesh and Katherine Larson.
In a somewhat different world, Consuelo M. De Moraes would be revolutionizing vampire fiction.

Her lab at Penn State University studies predators that entangle prey in a tight embrace, pierce victims’ tissue and suck out nourishment. In the last few years, De Moraes and her colleagues have found that the predators even hunt down prey by scent.

Creepy as her predator, Cuscuta pentagona,(pictured) is, it is also, frankly, a plant. Better known as five-angled dodder, its orange tentacles bypass the porcelain throats of young women in favor of the slim stems of young tomato plants. De Moraes and other researchers are showing that plants behave and misbehave as dramatically as animals. But there’s still not much hope for a feature-length dodder movie.

And as plant scientists relish pointing out, some plants do move in animal time, especially those that hunt animals for food. When it lands inside the open jaws of a Venus flytrap, a fly may jog trigger hairs. An electrical signal zaps through the plant tissue and the two sides of the trap can close like a book in less than a second. And a water flea that bumbles into a little cup of a bladderwort likewise confronts the peril of touch-sensitive triggers. A trapdoor opens within 30 milliseconds, and the flea whooshes down into a digestive chamber.

No insects are harmed when white mulberry trees bloom, but the Morus alba flowers open with a quick puff of yellow pollen. In a lab setup, a team of aerosol specialists at Caltech found the mulberry flower’s parts moving at speeds exceeding Mach 0.5. Pollen flinging could thus be the fastest biological movement yet observed, the team reported in 2006, and team member James House says he’s not aware of any challenges since...."
Motion is not necessary in behavioe “Behavior,” they proposed, applies to “what a plant or animal does, in the course of an individual’s lifetime, in response to some event or change in its environment.” This concept does not include intent, the team wrote, and Karban concurs. “Even in people, determining intent is very difficult,” he says.

This motion-free, intent-free definition allows the concept of behavior to embrace an activity in which plants excel: releasing chemical bursts, says plant community ecologist Kerry Metlen of the University of Montana in Missoula. Plants secrete secondary metabolites, chemicals that go beyond the basics of metabolism. These substances can prospect for food, wage war and call for reinforcements, all the while gossiping in chemical detail. “Plants are prodigious chemists,” Metlen says....

"...Even plants less vampirish than Cuscuta vines forage strategically for their food, and there’s evidence that plants fight each other over resources. In a broad sense of the word, plants communicate — some essentially scream for help. Also, a plant can respond to stimuli depending on its history of previous experiences, a tendency Karban is willing to call a sign of memory...."

The discussion continues to indicate that the leaking of sap alerts the specific predator that the specific insect is attacking.it is also thought the surrounding plants may also contribute to attempts to answer the call for help.

There is also a discussion of warfare among certain types of plants....Who knew?...
Full article here:

Friday, June 12, 2009

Atlantis Discovered On Etsy

Atlantis On Etsy

Atlantis is a favorite mystery of Lost Continents.I did a forum question several months ago to see what the Etsy Artists/Sellers thought about it.A variety of handmade creations are listed there .Some are in the video.Many others ar found in the Search;
The tally of the results of "Do you believe The Lost Continent of Atlantis was real?":
35 responded
19 answered yes..1 answered yes but in another galaxy
2 believed it was a lost City or Island but not a continent
2 were unsure but thought it possible
2 thought maybe
2 replied No
1 gave no answer but posted references
3 gave joking type responses.
2 who answered yes specified it was in South America,

One team had an exhibition:
The FAE team has. Venture to our Visions of Atlantis Exhibition, featuring a myriad of sea-inspired creations. http://fantasyartofetsy.webng.com/exhibition.html

So it seems that Atlantis is thriving on Etsy.Thank you to those allowing their creations to be included.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nessie's Grandma?

I have long been a fan of "Nessie" The Loch Ness Monster.Saw this recently:

" The remains of a Loch Ness-style creature that lived in the English Channel 200 million years ago have been found on a beach.

The remains were discovered by Tracey Marler under rocks on Monmouth Beach near Lyme Regis, Dorset.

She first found a single bone in limestone. She and partner Chris Moore, an expert in fossils, returned to the scene and they found four more bones....

Archaeologists have spent months piecing together dozens of old bones found encased in limestone on Britain’s Jurassic Coast by a fossil hunter.

After nearly completing the jigsaw-like puzzle they have disclosed that the skeleton, which is 70 per cent complete, is that of a 12ft long plesiosaur.

The marine reptile resembled the Loch Ness monster with its long thin neck and tail, four large flippers and razor-sharp teeth.

Plesiosaurs existed during the Jurassic period 150 to 200 million years ago when what is now the Channel was a shallow, tropical sea.

Detailed examination of the bones revealed teeth marks from where a predatory dinosaur would have feasted on the carcass of the “lake monster”.

“Some of the back bones were completely in place where they should be and the neck bone was there as well. You could see some of the bones had actually been chewed up a bit.

“There are teeth marks and you can see how the skeleton had been torn apart by some other nasty marine reptile.

“Plesiosaurs lived in shallow, warm tropical seas. They had long necks and sharp teeth and would have chased after and eaten fish.

“Their predator would have been the ichthyosaur which was carnivorous.”

Source: sanfranciscocronical Fill article:


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Cosmic Hand

The hubbub over the Hand
Posted: Wednesday, April 15, 2009 6:12 PM by Alan Boyle
"An X-ray probe's picture of a celestial "Hand," 17,000 light-years from Earth, has stirred up spiritual responses on a par with the Hubble Space Telescope's famous Pillars of Creation and the Eye of God - plus a couple of lighthearted laughs.

The scientific story behind the Chandra X-ray Observatory's image of PSR B1509-58 (or B1509 for short) is powerful enough: The image shows a pulsar - that is, a rapidly spinning neutron star - in the southern constellation Circinus. The pulsar has a magnetic field at its surface that's estimated to be 15 trillion times as strong as Earth's, and that makes B1509 one of the most powerful electromagnetic generators in the galaxy.

All that energy drives streams of electrons and ions through the nebula surrounding the star, and in the picture above, those streams are shown in blue. When the magnetically charged torrents hit knots of material in a neighboring cloud of gas known as RCW 89, the energy is released in X-ray emissions that are shown here in red.

It just so happens that the blue streams of energy look like gigantic cosmic fingers, reaching out over scores of light-years of outer space to the gas cloud. And that's how this picture, released on April 3, came to be called "the Hand of God."
This week the online polls sprouted: Was this truly a divine revelation, or merely a natural phenomenon? As of today, 19 percent of the click-voters at the Weekly World News backed the idea that the image was "God showing us his presence," as opposed to 35 percent who said it was nothing more than an astronomical event and 46 percent who said it was "an explainable apparition but still illustrates the beauty of what God created."
At one point, 40 percent of the votes in the New York Daily News' poll supported the idea the picture captured the hand of God, with 60 percent going with the view that it was a natural stellar formation. We all know that these polls are pretty unscientific to begin with, but over on the Pharyngula blog, "godless" evolutionary biologist P.Z. Myers crowned the Daily News' effort as "the dumbest poll yet."

"My respect for humanity can only be restored if that 40 percent is reduced," Myers wrote.

Sure enough, the tally has now shifted to 96 percent for the natural stellar formation, and just 4 percent for the literal hand of God.

Or is that the hand of an alien Apollo reaching for a UFO?"

My bote is for God.What about you?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wow Another Crop Circle In England

The very large Yin Yang Crop Circle mentioned previously was impressive.But have a look at this one that appeared a few days ago.
" A 150ft long crop circle depicting a dragonfly has appeared in a barley field in the village of Yatesbury, Wiltshire. Photo: STEVE ALEXANDER

The intricate pattern comes after the discovery of a 600ft jellyfish crop circle in Oxfordshire.

"I imagine this will not be the last one we will see this summer and it has already been a busy summer for spotting them as they are well ahead of schedule."

In past years the crop circle season has typically run from July to August but already four have been found in barley fields..."

I can not help but believe there are messages intended.



Monday, June 8, 2009

Where Is William Penn?

William Penn is famous for founding Philadelphia "The City Of Brotherly Love."There is a large statue of him towering over the city atop a building there.The picture shown depicts it.

A lesser statue but known to many is on the grounds in front of Pennsylvania Hospital.

It is said that at midnight of the full moon, the statue descends from the pedestal and roams about.
Residents,tourists and employees of the hospital claim to have seen it.Some say they find themselves looking up when passing it to see that it is still there.

The same is said of a statue of Benjamin Franklin in front of Independence Hall.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Blog Award

Many words have been used to describe this blog.Some were not very user friendly.
However it now has been honored by receiving the "One Lovely Blog"award.Thank you studiomdecor for considering this a lovely blog.
Studiomdecor has a store on Etsy featuring beautiful handmade textile trunks and boxes.One is pictured.She has been blogging for a short time but you will likely be fascinated to see her blog and store.Thank you studiomdecor
Store http://studioMdecor.etsy.com
Blog http://studiomdecor-freshonthescene.blogspot.com

.I am to pass it along to 15 other worthy blogs.My selection for the award that I have the pleasure of passing the award are:






Friday, June 5, 2009

Has Elvis Left The Building?

One of the game networks lists the 10 Most Famous Ghost Stories In the World..
From that visiting the Hauntjngs of Marilyn Monroe in Hollywood was #1.
This of Elvis was on the list.

"6. Elvis Presley

Has Elvis really left the building? In 1954, he began his singing career with the legendary Sun Records label in Memphis and by 1956, he was an international sensation.

He starred in 33 successful films and sold over one billion records, more than any other artist. His American sales have earned him gold, platinum, and multi-platinum awards for 150 different albums and singles. Elvis received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award at age 36 and was named One of the 10 Outstanding Young Men of the Nation in 1970 by the United States Jaycees.

He died on August 16, 1977 in his Memphis home, Graceland, but his cause of death is still under speculation. Many since have claimed to experience "Elvis sightings," even his widow Priscilla. She claims to have seen the King return from beyond the grave several years ago when she heard noises coming from the stable. When Priscilla went out to check, she saw Elvis’s favorite horse upset by a "shimmering form hovering" nearby. Long live the King!"


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crop Circles Handmade At Etsy

Crop Circles-Some Considerations

The video shows a selection from a review of items tagged Crop Circles from a search at Etsy.com.Thanks to the Artists that allowed their items to be used.

Some interesting points by those who study Crop Circles are highlighted.there are many more.These reflect the belief that 20% or more are NOT man made.

What Creates Them?

The theories on what creates crop circles, if they are not manmade, are many . But some of the most common theories include whirlwind vortexes, plasma vortexes (the balls of light?), Earth energies, extraterrestrials, underground archaeology, sound vibrations, heavenly or demonic forces, and military experiments including microwaves.

If the anomalies listed above are real, a thorough, rigorously scientific examination of crop circles and their effects is called for to help unravel this mystery.

Sacred Geometry

. "The Sacred Geometry of Crop Circles" says that so-called sacred geometry is evident in crop formations and reflect "the universe, its pure forms and dynamic equilibriums shared a higher purpose: the attainment of spiritual wholeness through self-reflection, thereby giving structural insight into the workings of the inner self. When analyzing crop circle forms through the precise and unalterable practice of sacred geometry one cannot help but appreciate that a mind of scholarly intelligence is involved. That these symbols are occurring primarily in wheat, the very symbol of the Earth Mother, is significant in itself. Perhaps they are here to draw us as a race together by this interaction with our symbol of life?"

Effects on equipment.

Researchers claim that their electronic equipment is often affected when they are examining crop circles. "There have been numerous reports of electronic equipment failing in crop circles and compasses spinning out of control in and over the crop circles (when flying over in aircraft)," according to "Peculiarities of Crop Circles". "This range of equipment includes watches, mobile phones, batteries, cameras. No explanations for these occurrences, other than the indication of a strong EM field distortions.

Physical Symptoms

Extremes of physical effects on people who enter crop circles have been reported. While some feel elation, others feel ill effects, including "nausea, headaches, dizziness, tingling sensations, pains and giddiness." Some claim their menstrual cycles have been affected while others say they have literally been knocked off their feet(
Examples of severe effects on a dog and a cat are also given)

The ongoing debate among many crop circle investigators and skeptics has been: Are they manmade or not? While many designs are clearly and admittedly made by people (even veteran crop circle researcher Colin Andrew estimates that up to 80 percent of them are probably manmade), some researchers insist that many formations are not - in fact, cannot be - made by humans.(Several other distinctions leading to this decision are in the article,)
More at Crop Circles Best Evidencehttp://paranormal.about.com/library/weekly/aa021802a.htm

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yin and Yang Crop Circle Found Last Week

What on earth? Graceful patterns sculpted into crops continue to fascinate those who seek them out

At around 350ft in length, it is hard to explain its creation - indeed, the mystery of how crop circles are made has never been solved.

Cynics have claimed the patterns are the work of computer scientists using teams of volunteers - but crop circle enthusiasts argue there are not enough hours of darkness in summer to allow them to be completed by humans.

Wiltshire is a hot spot for these field-based phenomenons - its green and golden fields have spawned an array of patterns in the past that have fascinated those who seek them out


Some interesting points about Crop Circles is at About.com.More about that later.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Strange Report Of UFO Crash

A recent report:
"2 UFOs crash land in Kazakhstan

14 May, 01:47 PM

Two luminous balls have fallen from the sky into a field near a village in Kazakhstan. The Local Emergency Ministry is studying the objects, believed to be UFOs.

Residents of Razdolnoye village in Western Kazakhstan saw the UFOs at night.

“This was around three o’clock in the morning,” eyewitness Vladimir Bychkov told Interfax news agency Thursday.

“I was near my tractor, and heard guys shouting: ‘look, there are flying balls!’ They were big balls, and they had sparks falling off them – yellow, red, and green,” Bychkov said.

The balls were reported to have fallen on agricultural lands.

“We were afraid to approach them at first, but after they fell and cooled down, we came up to them and tried kicking them,” another eyewitness, Viktor Dyakov, said.

He said the balls were made from a "weird" material.

“We tried beating them with a chisel, but they didn’t give in, didn’t crease, only gave off sparks.”

According to Dyakov, the balls are silvery in color and around 60 cm in diameter. They also have a small hole on one side.

Emergency Ministry experts did not immediately give any comments."


Picture from Dreamtime.com

Can not help but wonder why the man was on his tractor at 3AM...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Do Invisible Agents Control The World?

This interesting article is in Scientific American

"Why People Believe Invisible Agents Control the World
A Skeptic's take on souls, spirits, ghosts, gods, demons, angels, aliens and other invisible powers that be

By Michael Shermer
Souls, spirits, ghosts, gods, demons, angels, aliens, intelligent designers, government conspirators, and all manner of invisible agents with power and intention are believed to haunt our world and control our lives. Why?

The answer has two parts, starting with the concept of “patternicity,” which I defined in my December 2008 column as the human tendency to find meaningful patterns in meaningless noise. Consider the face on Mars, the Virgin Mary on a grilled cheese sandwich, satanic messages in rock music. Of course, some patterns are real. Finding predictive patterns
in changing weather, fruiting trees, migrating prey animals and hungry predators was central to the survival of Paleolithic hominids.

The problem is that we did not evolve a baloney-detection device in our brains to discriminate between true and false patterns. So we make two types of errors: a type I error, or false positive, is believing a pattern is real when it is not; a type II error, or false negative, is not believing a pattern is real when it is. If you believe that the rustle in the grass is a dangerous predator when it is just the wind (a type I error), you are more likely to survive than if you believe that the rustle in the grass is just the wind when it is a dangerous predator (a type II error). Because the cost of making a type I error is less than the cost of making a type II error and because there is no time for careful deliberation between patternicities in the split-second world of predator-prey interactions, natural selection would have favored those animals most likely to assume that all patterns are real....

There is now substantial evidence from cognitive neuroscience that humans readily find patterns and impart agency to them, well documented in the new book SuperSense (HarperOne, 2009) by University of Bristol psychologist Bruce Hood. Examples: children believe that the sun can think and follows them around; because of such beliefs, they often add smiley faces on sketched suns. Adults typically refuse to wear a mass murderer’s sweater, believing that “evil” is a supernatural force that imparts its negative agency to the wearer (and, alternatively, that donning Mr. Rogers’s cardigan will make you a better person). A third of transplant patients believe that the donor’s personality is transplanted with the organ. Genital-shaped foods (bananas, oysters) are often believed to enhance sexual potency. Subjects watching geometric shapes with eye spots interacting on a computer screen conclude that they represent agents with moral intentions.

Many highly educated and intelligent individuals experience a powerful sense that there are patterns, forces, energies and entities operating in the world,” Hood explains. “More important, such experiences are not substantiated by a body of reliable evidence, which is why they are supernatural and unscientific. The inclination or sense that they may be real is our supersense.”

We are natural-born supernaturalists."

Picture from Dreamtime

My baloney detector a "Gift?" went off just now. Interesting though.