Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Watch For Falling Stars.Or Junk!

On this day in 1954, Elizabeth Hodges of Sylacauga, Ala. was injured when an eight and a half pound meteorite crashed through the roof of her rented house, bounced off a console radio, and struck her left hip and hand.

She later became embroiled in a court battle with her landlord over ownership of the rock, which was eventually donated to a university, after being used as a doorstop.

Full story with more details.The picture is od the Doctor who treated her, reading the Life Magazine article about it:

Monday, November 29, 2010

UFO Drink

This is not actually not Paranormal, but I had never heard of it before.Thought it worthy to pass along to those who might not have known it either.Have a drink on me!

UFO Cocktail
1/4 ounce Kahlua
3/4 ounce Armetto
3 ounces half and half
ground cinammon

Place 1/2 cup crushed ice in the blender
All all except the cinnamon
Blend until smooth.Pour and sprinkle with cinammon
Makes 1 serving

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Hospital Happening

The author would like to know if anyone else experienced this.

"This is my own experience in room 214, second floor of St. Luke's Hospital in Quezon City, Philippines. I was 11 years old when my mother was sent to the hospital. My older brother and I escorted our mother, since our father was at work. We were to stay in room 214. The room that was given to us was a class A room; however, before we got in, my brother told me that we had company. I just ignored it.

At first, it was all fine, until I noticed that every time I woke up the air conditioner was on and the light in the bathroom is off. On our second night, my brother joined me to watch our mom and while we were watching TV, he told me that a lady is in the bathroom, but still I didn't believe him.

I just ignored it until it turned off the light again and then it flushed the toilet. After that night, my brother left at 6:30 a.m. This is the day that the horrible event took place.

It was already midnight when this eerie feeling came over my nerves. I was watching TV and my mom was sleeping when this light earthquake occurred. My mom asked me if there is an earthquake. To make to make her calm I said there wasn't.

Before I was able to ask her to go back to sleep, the room shook very violently. My mom got off the bed and ran to the door. After we got out of the room, we were shocked. The whole second floor was so calm and quiet. We went to the nurse's station and asked them if they felt the earthquake, but all of them got mad at me and told me not to scare my mom and to get back to the room.

But before we got back to the room, one of the janitors told us it was "the lady" and advised us to leave the room. If somebody has also experienced this in room 214, please share it on this site as well."

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stop Bothering The Super Hero

Wired reports a judge declares cease and desist..

" You’d think Wolverine, Batman, Superman, Catwoman and Iron Man would collectively hold enough superpower to keep the cops at bay.

But with the Hall of Justice unavailable, a group of street performers nicknamed the Hollywood Characters aired their beef against the Los Angeles Police Department in federal court. And on Wednesday, a judge ordered the LAPD to stop harassing and arresting them as they perform on Hollywood Boulevard for pocket change.

The four street performers who sued had argued they were wrongly arrested and intimidated by the LAPD. U.S. District Judge Dean Pregerson ruled that the characters had a First Amendment and Fourth Amendment right to remain on the public sidewalk free from police persecution as long as they were not blocking the walkway or overzealously demanding change.

“The court is further sensitive that although costumed performance may not be a traditional form of speech, it is without doubt a protected one,” (.pdf) Pregerson ruled.

The suing street performers -– Matthias Balke, Melissa Beithan, Paul Harrell and Terrell Tomey — impersonate the comic-book characters’ voices, mannerisms and dialog.

They each alleged they were wrongly arrested (.pdf) at least once for “obstructing” a sidewalk. According to their lawsuit, they had stopped performing out of fear of arrest or police harassment."

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Demons In School?

Granted,Teens are difficult to live with and to teach,but this report from the Trinad Guardian is beyond the norm.

"Panic after ‘Devil attack’ at school

Panic broke out at the Moruga Composite School yesterday as 17 female students fell mysteriously ill and began rolling on the ground, hissing and blabbering in a strange tongue, after suffering bouts of nausea and headaches. Two of the students reportedly tried to throw themselves off a railing and had to be physically restrained, triggering fears of a possible demon attack. The drama started during the lunch hour in the Form One block and quickly spread to other areas. Form Five student Kern Mollineau, who attends the Lighthouse Tabernacle Church, said he got worried when the girls’ eyes began rolling up in their heads and they began beating up on the ground.

With the assistance of several other students and teachers, the pupils were taken to the multipurpose room...-as blabbering as if in a strange language. I could not understand what she was saying. “It was sounding like ‘shebbaberbebeb shhhhee.’ The girls were unusually strong. We had to hold them down so that they will not hurt themselves. “The teachers were right there. I get a kick in my face when one of the girls started beating up on the floor. Many of them had bruises.” Mollineau claimed he actually communicated with the “devil which had possessed the girl. “I asked the Devil what he wanted with the girls and the voice said he wanted a life. He kept saying to send the girls in the toilet and to leave them alone,” Mollineau claimed.

Roman Catholic priests, as well as pastors from nearby churches, including Josephine Charles, Deborah Charles and Pastor Gordon, visited the school and began showering the children with holy water and prayers.
Two more students, Kriston Mollineau and Kishon Bethel, said they too were called by teachers to assist the ill girls. Kriston said the girls complained of headaches and some of them wanted to go to the toilet. Six ambulances arrived at the school accompanied by police teams from the Moruga and St Mary’s Police Post. A party of fire officers from the Princes Town Fire Station, led by acting Assistant Divisional Fire Officer Ramdeo Boodoo visited the school and began conducting several tests on the surroundings to determine the cause of the problem.
No environmental causes were found..."
Article; http://guardian.co.tt/news/general/2010/11/11/panic-after-devil-attack-school

Picture from Dreamtime

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Demonic Infiltration:

Have you noticed that several of the Paranoemal Investigations on TV seem to have more of a focus on Demons? Some doubt the validity of such depictions others of the programs themselves.This was an interesting program focus on Demons recently on Coast To Coast AM...

" Paranormal investigator and demonologist Keith Johnson discussed his work helping people cope with demonic infiltration. Johnson said his interest in other worldly realms began when as a young boy he experienced a series of harmless but bizarre incidents at his house. The activity took a turn for the worse after his brother and sister started using a Ouija board, which opened a spiritual portal to evil spirits, he explained. The demonic entities that came through used the board to spell out vulgarities and threats, and attacked members of his family, Johnson added.

"They are pure evil; there is no goodness in them," he continued. Demons often pretend to be human spirits in order to infiltrate a person's life and plant a spiritual virus, Johnson said, noting how hard they are to get rid of once someone has let them in. Their ultimate goal seems to be to hurt God by destroying his creation, he revealed. Johnson reported on cases where he was called upon to expel demons from individuals as well as residences. According to Johnson, when a demonic entity is cast out they usually go back to into oblivion -- a state of unrest and torment.

Johnson shared details from a demonic haunt case involving a Rhode Island woman and her family. The client complained about a presence watching her and was physically assaulted with a clothes hanger. The family told Johnson about a door in their home that would not remain closed no matter what they did to keep it propped open. The energy in the house could be felt immediately upon entering, he said, noting that the woman was actually on the verge of demonic possession. After instructing the children to call upon Jesus' name, Johnson claims that a window slammed shut, one of the girls was struck in the head, and the atmosphere of the house changed completely. Johnson also mentioned his consulting work on Syfy channel's Ghost Hunters and A&E's Paranormal State"
His site:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Updates On Starchild Project

Lloyd Pye shared some updates regarding the Star Child Project.

"I met with our geneticist again to discuss the details of his next step forward to recover more of the Starchild's nuclear DNA. So far he's used only a form of shotgun recovery which, he explained, could recover the genome, all 3 billion base pairs, in about 15 years. Much easier to secure the use of a 454 machine that sequences several million base pairs in one run of many hours duration. Using it, the Starchild's entire genome could be recovered within 3-4 months.

Unfortunately, 454 machines are expensive to use and maintain, so another machine, much less powerful, will be used to recover vastly more base pairs than we have now. Nowhere near the full genome we need, of course, but a number large enough for skeptics to respect, if not readily accept.

This will be an all-out effort by our geneticist. He realizes my hands are tied until I can present a more convincing case to mainstream scientists and their sycophants in the mainstream media. Both groups do have to accept certain realities, which we intend to produce in large numbers and in great detail. We expect to have it all squared away before Christmas."

Lloyd Pye


THe image is from his EBook.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Restless Ghost Buried Alive in the Civil War

This is one of the most horrific events to hear about.
Should you visit a lovely old house at Grttysburg near the field of the long ago battle you will see a cross in a circle drawn on the basement inside door..It is still there and seaerves a special bow or prayer for what it represents.Once an old barn with a stone floor was in that spot.As the battle began. the Confederate General Robert E Lee was going to use the previous battle area as his stand.The Soldiers were ordered by their leader to clear the bodies in preparation and they did.There was not time to bury the dead considering the plight of the living, so they stacked the bodies one up on the other in the barn which for the July heat with the stone floor was the coolest area around and might slow the deconpsing.

The battle resumed and continued for three days.During this time, one young soldier awoke.He had been unsonscious when carried from the field.He was covered with bodies with the process of decay .He could not move whether from a praylisis from his wounding or si,p;y the hunderds of poungs holding him in the horror which trapped him.His screams for hr;p could not be heard.

In 5 days the Union Soldiers as victors were cleaning up the horrific scene.They found the barn and as they worked found the young man.Hallucinating and screaming he was hospitalozed but died two days later.

Only a few soldiers could be given a decent butial because of the number and materials/time it would require.This soldier was selected as one of those who would, while mass graves were used for most of the others.He was treated with great respect bu the gathering for his service.

This however must not have calmed his experience of horror.Within a few days the old barn mysteriously burned down.

Later on the spot where the barn had been.Perhaps using the stone floor that remained? A lovely white farmhouse was built.Of the five families who had lived there,all had to deal with a very angry ghost particularly in the basement.

The most recent couple of hearty stock,no doubt, decided to confront the ghost to reclaim their own home.Such explosive activity in the basement helped them to decide they needed help so they called in a priest.The priest confirmed as the door almost came apart that a ghost was there and conducted a long and exhausting exorcism.

As the session was concluded they all knelt in prayer and the Priest drew a cross enclosed in a circle on the basement door.It is said that the crossin the circle is still there today.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Paranormal in America

Paranormal Beliefs:

Sociology professors at Baylor University, Christopher D. Bader and Carson Mencken(http://www.paranormalamericabook.com/) discussed details of their survey about paranormal beliefs among various groups and ethnicities in the United States. Their work was meant to be a study of people who believe or research the paranormal, not an investigation of the phenomena itself. Interestingly, in their survey of typical Americans, they found that 68% of the respondents believed in at least one type or aspect of the paranormal. Accordingly, belief in the paranormal could now be considered normal, Mencken commented.

They found that belief in the paranormal tended to break down into two different types-- those that have a desire for adventure or discovery, such as Bigfoot or ghost hunters, and those who seek enlightenment or self-improvement such as people interested in psychic powers and astrology. Belief in UFOs was higher in men, while most of the other paranormal categories had a higher interest by women, Bader reported.

A lot of the paranormal topics are caught between religion and science, and accepted by neither. They noted that some Christian groups warn against involvement in the paranormal, and believe a lot of the phenomena is "the devil in disguise." Bader & Mencken recounted some of their field research which included a Bigfoot hunt, and a trip to a house said to be haunted by 150 demons. The Bigfoot expedition (documented in the episode "Swamp Stalker" of the TV show MonsterQuest) used "call blasting," audio of a screeching primate to try and attract the creature. The next morning, possible Bigfoot tracks were uncovered.

A C2C Insta-Poll, posed the question: Which paranormal beings or experiences do you believe in?

The picture is of their new book cover/Take the poll if interested..

Monday, November 1, 2010

"Ghost To Ghost" from C2C

From today;s coast To Coast AM Newsletter.

Weekend Edition November 1, 2010 coasttocoastam.com Coast Insider Audio

Ghost to Ghost 2010:

Art Bell hosted Ghost to Ghost AM in which he opened the lines to listeners to share their tales of ghostly encounters. A number of callers reported interactions with strange entities -- Brian of California saw a being that grew in size, and had a face like a Punch doll, while a caller to the Wild Card line said he witnessed the ghost of a rain-coated girl, who was later seen moving in slow motion. Another listener described a childhood memory of seeing a man in a Santa suit fall down a well in Vallejo, CA. Later he saw a vision of the man floating over his bed telling him to go downstairs to get his Christmas presents. According to the caller's father, it was unknown where several gifts came from, including an old wooden handmade train.

Greg from Chicago talked about his recent project of photographing the locations where people were murdered, and said at one of the spots "a really weird ghostly...image stain" appeared on his film. Maggie from Arkansas shared an intriguing account of how her deceased best friend made warnings from beyond the grave about her new boyfriend-- she literally heard him making remarks about him in her ear. Subsequently, she found out his warnings were true, and dropped the boyfriend.

Delbert, a trucker driving through Amarillo, told of how his wife's sister died in a car accident. Later, he and his wife were taking care of the sister's three year-old son at their home in Nebraska, when the door of the room suddenly closed and the temperature "dropped so cold you could see your breath." The boy said 'Hi Mommy,' and seemed to be listening to her. He then said 'OK Mommy,' and then 'Bye Mommy.' After that, the door swung back open, and the room warmed up "like nothing ever happened."