Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spooked By a Newborn

Mavis is an experienced Labor and Delivery nurse,Last year she assisted in a very difficult delivery.The next morning she was working postpartum so followed up.The mother was distraught. she felt the baby would not relate to her.She also said he never cried nor accept a bottle from her,

When Mavis checked she felt very uncomfortable."The baby was very straight faced.He moved his arms as if he were reaching up for me to take him.I gave him to his mother and he tensed up and moved away from her.
He was looking at me as if he could see and seemed to hold eye contact.He turned away from the bottle.When I took him back he cuddled up and still looking me in the eye drank the bottle fast.

It really spooked me.I worried about the mother and asked the soocial worker to meet with her.I know they were worried and I would like to know what happened when they got home.I have never felt that way about a newborn before.
You know Sylvia Browne says that bad people go directly back to the womb to be reborn and I wondered about him after I read that."

What do you think?Was the mother upset about the delivery or was it something else?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Halloweenn Blog Give Away

Send Your Story For The Contest

Halloween Blog Give Away

Have a good story thought or known to be true,about spirits, ghosts, precognitive or out of body experiences? How about UFO's, Bigfoot, Angles? An especially unusual Tarot or Astrological Reading that left you breathless with accuracy?An experience with witchcraft that needs to be told?

Share it with my blog readers for publication.A panel of three judges will select the winner each week on Friday.
On Monday, the last week of October. The Etsy or Blog readers may then vote to select the Grand Prize winner.On Tuesday before Halloween the prize will be sent to the winner in time for Halloween.

All entries must have a username.No sexually explicit or obscene language please as this will be a family friendly presentation.(If a winner has an online store, it will be featured with the story on the blog with three or more pictures of the products and a link to the store.)
The entries will be taken at face value as submitted.If someone attributes a story to you which is not from you, you may request a retraction and that will be posted.Any entry submitted may be used later in the blog .

You may submit your story in the comments on the blog,in the thread on the Etsy forums Halloween Blog Give Away or send it to nursesnaturally@gmail.com.The weekly winner will receive a Halloween wrapped Soap or Hair Care Product from the Nurture Nature line.The Grand prize is a Bath Gift Basket which is to be listed as a Custom Order at http://nursesnaturally.etsy.com shop.Seen at

..Have A Haunting Halloween.
Enter Your story
Leave it in comments here or
Leave it on the Etsy forum thread Halloween Blog Give Away
Or send to nursesnaturally@gmail.com
Judges select a winner for each week on Friday
Weekly winner wins a Halloween Wrapped Unisex Bath Product
Judges/Voters select the best of all entries Monday October 27
Grand Prize Winner is announced and Gift Basket is mailed to winner October 28
Prizes are sent within the USA only.International winners will receive a 25% off item gift certificate.
User names required for all entries.EMail address requested.
Winners must provide mailing address for shipping .

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Japan Has Ghosts In History

Japanese Folklore Includes Ghosts

Although I found no specific pictures,Japanese Folklore as does that of most nations includes ghosts.Literature says the Japanese ghost typically is depicted in a flowing white gown with disheveled hair hovering over a terrified mortal.

Japanese ghosts usually do not have legs.Ghosts of those who led a wicked life usually are physically deformed to suggest punishment after death.They are said to often visit people to warn them of approaching death.

The writer, Inoyue,states ",,,they are especially likely to be seen by persons who are out of health or feeble in body and mind,deficient in knowledge and impressionable."(Ghosts And Poltergeists by Frank Smyth p.10)
Sounds as if he never saw a ghost...

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Nurse Has A Visit

A nurse who would like to not have her name or crafts used shared this story with permission it might be used here.In her own words:

".I'm an RN and used to work with the elderly. I know you're not supposed to have "favorites", but this one man was such a sweetheart. He was so patient and kind, and was always so grateful for any help he received. I had only been working on this unit a short while, but he always remembered my name. He had a stroke a while back and had his one arm in a sling and was not able to walk.

Anyways, I had a dream one night that I was talking with this same sweet elderly man, only he was standing tall and didn't have his arm in a sling. He addressed me by my name and said he just wanted to say thank-you for all I had done for him. He then shook my hand and disappeared.

Well the next day I received a call from work saying this man had passed away in his sleep and they wanted to let me know when the funeral was in case I had wanted to attend."

Thank you.A touching reminder of loving care.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cats And Spirits

Cat Tales

There are a variety of stories of cats and ghosts.Some of cats sensing the presence of a ghost or spirit and some of actual appearances of apparitions of cats.One of the Etsy stories I featured long ago on this blog was of the appearance of a pet cat to comfort the owner.

"Two of my pets (I believe) have visited me after passing as well. My cat was very ill, I had brought her to the vet to be put to sleep, it was very sad, but I had went to a meeting afterwards... WEll, at the meeting (there were young kids there), a little girl tugged at her mom and was pointing at my chair, she said MOM look, black kitty, black kitty! I think that my cat was there with me saying goodbye and the little girl was meant to see her to let me know.

My other Pet experience was with a beloved dog we had, a similar experience."

A couple of people last year told of their cats reactions to their encounters.One was

..."in the late 90's we rented a small house built in the 1920's. there was something there that our cat would always watch. he would just stare at something and slowly watch it as it walked through the house. my husband and i always wondered what/who it was"

Another,Creativeurge, whose work is featured in the video, shared her story for us
"My parents had a cat who passed away suddenly a few years back. They still have the cat's brother, so when I was in the kitchen one day a few months after he passed, I wasn't too surprised to feel a cat rub up against my legs.

I was a little freaked out though, when I looked down and there wasn't a cat there!

His brother goes spooky every once in a while too...he'll stare at something that isn't there...weird!"

Also interesting was this from a forum said to be by Inspiredthreads.I was unable to get clarification and approval back from her about it.
"Well, I guess I have a little one but it's nothing really....my husband renovated the house we live in now and for about a year the cat would go crazy watching the "air" and "mow-wowing"(that's how he sounds when he cries) I would see things out of the "corner of my eye", so I would take pictures and there would always be an orb with a bluish tint to it. One time one of the kitchen drawers opened and closed real fast. (It only opened a tiny bit) And one night the cat was going craaaaazzzy "mow-wowing" at the "air" and I had a feeling like I wasn't alone. So, I took a pic of where the cat seemed to be concentrating and got this. There were no reflective surfaces.......make of it what you will. I've been told it's an angel by one lady and a psychic said it was my guide. http://www.flickr.com/photos/26142874@N00/386966111/

Thank you for letting the stories br featured here.Thank you especially to Creativeurge who has revamped her shop and I amsure tou will want to see more of her work.I may have put Illusionary on the video as that was her previous user name so please excuse that and visit her at

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mystical And Mysterious Cats

Perhaps it is the haughty graceful movement or the frequent disregard for human contact that give cats the independent regal manner for which they are known.None the less throughout history cats have been considered special.

Ancient Egyptians refused to kill cats.They believed a cat captured the glow from the setting sun in their eyes and kept it safe until the sun rose again in the morning. When Egypt was attacked by Persia, the enemy tied cats to their shields. The Egyptians couldn't fight the invaders because they didn't want to risk injuring or killing the cats.

An old English folktale involves a maiden who had to spin 10,000 skeins of linen to save her lover from a sorcerer's curse. Her three kittens helped her by spinning it all. So a cat's purring is reminiscent of the hum of the spinning wheel.

Men of the sea have superstitions about cats. Many sailors believed that if a cat fell over the side of the ship into the sea, it would seek revenge by calling up a storm to sink the ship. Some fishermen will toss a little piece of fish back into the ocean "for the cat." This particular cat was really a witch who went to sea with her fisherman lover. When it was discovered that the lady was a witch, the other fishermen wanted to drown her. She changed back into a cat and caused a storm that destroyed the entire fishing fleet,

People in the Netherlands, don't discuss private family affairs in front of the family cat. The little gossip will tell everyone in town what's going on!

In Japan, it is thought a black spot on a kitty means that the feline is carrying the soul of a departed ancestor.
In Indonesia, the gray Korat cat, which is the color of a rain cloud, is sprinkled with water in a ceremony meant to bring rain for the farmers.

Blue cats bring good luck in Russia, but in China, old, ugly cats are thought to bring good luck.
Buddhists believe that dark-colored cats attract gold, while light-colored ones bring silver.


The sources above tell these and some superstitions about cats.The most well known of course is that a black cat crossing your path brings bad luck.There is the debate of whether a black cat represents evil.What do you think, cat lovers? Does your cat bring a touch of magic to your lifr?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Enid:s Jewelry

Valarie Has A Story From Enidsjewelry

A fellow Etsy Jewelry Artist ,Valarie who has her shop Enid'sjewelry says she is "a chicken" when it comes to the supernatural."Also, I'm a chicken. I'm super scared or surnatural stuff but yet, I keep on reading uniquenurses =P Gives me the chills, but it's like drugs to me !About her crafting
"I've been making jewelry since the past 7 years now, and I love it more and more everyday ! I also do other crafts, but I keep them for myself. I like playing with paper goodies, as well as knit and crochet.

I used to study fine arts, but left that field when I decided that tourism was really what I was looking for. This was a turning point. Instead of stopping to craft and paint, I increased the amount of time I was spending creating. And then was born Enid's jewelry =)

You will see some of her work in the video but will want to visit the store to see more
Here is her story in her own words

"I lived to parent's house since I was 2 years old. I only moved out recently... But Since the first moment I entered the house I KNEW that something wasn't "normal". I would feel drastic air temperature changes, I would feel scared for no reason, and I could feel... Someone. I never really saw it. I could just feel it.

One night, I had a friend come drop me off at home. She came in and suddenly said she was in a hurry and left. The next morning, we saw each other, and she said she saw a little girl, about 5 or 6 years old, in the middle of my living room. She said she looked sad. Anyway, I thought she was crazy, because I never saw anything, so why would she ? That was about 3 years ago.

I am now married and my husband has been living with my parents and I... About 4 months ago, a bit after we got married, my husband says he needs to talk to me and "that it can't wait until tomorrow". Mind you, it was 2 AM and I was tired. I tried to convince him to wait, but he still went on with the story. "I saw someone in your living room. A little girl, 5 or 6, she was crying. There was a stench, I almost threw up. It came from her. I don't know what's going on, but I saw her every time I went downstairs for the last couple of days"... He gave me the same detailed description as my friend, and each time, the little girl seemed to be very sad to be there.

I don't know who she is, but it gives me the chills. It's not my friend who has so much imagination, it's now my husband. They both saw the same thing. And I'm pretty sure another friend of mine saw her but he was too scared to tell me in case I thought he was crazy. I know, because I saw his face when he looked at my living room, near the sofa.

Now, since I moved out of my parents' house, I don't feel the temperature changes or the presence anymore. But I'd like to know who she is, because I'm curious "

I asked about her parents and wondered about the history of the house.She added:
"Nope, my parents never saw anything. They always believed I was afraid of the dark, but it was more a fear of what could pop up anytime before my eyes. I used to go downstairs, and run as fast as I can to avoid the living room AND the kitchen.

Some days, it was ok. Some days it was in my room. I freaked out once, had to have my husband call me. Another day it would be in the living room. Never in my sister's room or parent's room. Once, I have to go from my room to the living room to get some rest and finally sleep. My bedroom was so cold my husband was cold too. So it's wasn't my imagination.

I never thought I'd have a cool story like that anytime in my life =P

History of the house... built in the 1960s, nothing notorious happened there, but we lived across a cemetery.

Wow that is an interesting story.Thank you for telling it...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nathaniel Hawthorne Lived With Ghosts

Ghosts have been around for most of recorded history.Recently, I read of the well known American author Natanial Hawthorne.Some of his novels and short stories did touch on the supernatural.In several conversations and letters to friends he mentioned encounters with real ghosts.His house in Massachusetts was haunted,but the ghost always remained in the front yard.
"L have often" wrote Hawthorne,"while sitting in the parlor,in the daytime,had a perception that someone was passing the windows -but on looking toward them nobody is there."

He did see a ghost in the Atheneum Library however who remained sitting in the same familiar place he sat before death for several weeks reading a newspaper.He said later he regretted not approaching or even brushing against the apparition but thought it would make him look"absurd" to the others who saw not Dr.Harris but an empty chair...

Tomorrow will be featuring an Etsy story that is quite interesting from our time..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Was It Pele?

Some time ago, I found this interesting experience posted on a forum.I attempted to contact the person who listed it to request permission to use it here, but did not find her.If you know her, please thank her for sharing this.I would be happy to feature her work if she would contact me.Thanks.

"hongabelle says:
This is my mother's experience with what she believes to be an encounter with Pele'. Pele' is the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire, and she can come in many forms, a young seductress, or an old woman. In Hawai'i, there are many sitings, and stories about her.

I remember the first time I heard this one...Here it is.

My mother grabbed my brother and sister ( both very young) and left the house. She was fighting with her husband again, and she feared he would hurt the children. She decided to pack some clothes, and leave. To prevent him from following her, she took a back road ( if you can call it a road - its unpaved and you can't drive above 20mph).

This took place around 2am, in the Waianae Valley of Oa'hu. So my mother is driving, with my siblings tossing around in the back seat of her old chevy. They are driving through complete darkness, lit only by the car's headlights.
She rolls her window down a bit, for the fresh air. She first spots a blinking light rolling toward her on her side of the dirt road. Then she realized someone was riding their bicyle...it was a female, in an old-fashioned, black "holoku"(missionary) muumuu The woman had fluffy "ehu" hawaiian hair.

Just the sight the figure on the bike sent chills down my mothers spine. Especially taking into consideration the time and location...

But then my mother also mentioned something about the woman's eyes.

(yes, it gets worse)

As the woman rides along closer to the car, she turns to my mother ( who is absolutly frozen and can't even roll up the dang window), and nods to acknowledge her.
Its at this precise moment that my mother notices the woman had black eyes. No pupils. Just complete darkness.

My mom told me was praying the whole time, until she got back onto the main road."
Posted at 11:38 pm, March 4 2008 EST

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Will Fly

I Will Fly Tells Her Mom Of A Ghostly Encounter

Ariel who has a shop at Etsy, IWillFly,is a multi-talented crafting artist from California.She has been selling on Etsy for about a year.I love her attitude and you will agree her mother is very clever when you hear the story.

The video introduces some of her work but you will want to visit her shop to see more.Find it at
Ariel said " I was raised with a real "do-it-yourself"

attitude (probably because we were always broke) and it never occurs to me to buy
something until I've tried to make it myself first."
Isn't that incredible..Here is her story:

"I grew up in a very old house where doors would open and shut themselves, music boxes turn themselves on, that sort of thing. Once, terrified, I ran to my mother who told me, and I quote "I find that when they are being obvious like that they just want you to clean something. Why don't you go clean your room?"
That is my mom for you, using every opportunity to make me clean my room!"

She adds an update:

"I am also living in a another really old house these days, this one was a brothel
when it was built in the early 1900's. Not unexpectedly, most of it's "peculiarities"
are limited to the back of the house near the bedroom :) "

I love it.Thanks for telling us your story and kudos to your Mom.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Pele,Myth Or More?

You have probably heard of Pele the Hawaiian Goddess of the Volcano. Many residents and some visitors to Hawaii have reported encounters with her through the years.The Big Island is most noted for her appearances but those from the other Islands have seen her as well.

She is commonly known to take either the form of a beautiful young woman or that of a very old white haired woman(frequently with a white dog.) She usually wants something from the passer-by likely cigarettes but not always.You are warned that id she is not given what she asks, then she becomes angry and may seek revenge.One of my favorite stories is ,,,"This is an old story that been around forever. On the Big Island, an old shabby-looking lady was walking through a village. As she walked through, everyone just stared and talked behind her back. Only one family went up to the old lady, opened their home to her, and offered her food and water. The old lady then went on her way. Not too long after this time (a day, a week) a volcano erupted. The lava flow travelled straight for this village. The lava leveled the entire village except for one house. The house that took in the old lady was spared as the lava flow split and flowed around the house on either side. The old lady was Pele. It is said that Pele often walks around in disguise to test people."

Visitors are warned not to take samples of lava rock back to the Mainland when they leave or misfortune will befall them.Hundreds are returned with such stories..Here is a link to some and a link to the legend of Pele.


So if you pick up a hitchiker and she disappears...it may be Madame Pele.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hothead At Etsy

Hothead At Etsy Has A Story

A relatively new shop at Etsy is Tracy's Hothead.She makes some very nice hats and a variety of other things.A multi-talented lady.
She is a Stay At Home Mom "with 3 kids and 2 stepkids" As mentioned she enjoys doing all sorts of crafts and says," Currently I am crocheting a baby hat, crocheting an adult scarve, making homemade paper, and salvaging old furniture I found. I get too bored to follow a project start to finish and often have to do small projects in between.

I just started selling on Etsy last month so I'm still a "newbie". But I like it very much and everyone has been super friendly and helpful."What a welcome addition to Etsy.You will want to visit her shop

Her story " The nursing home I worked at people saw and heard things all the time. Several of the clients would complain about the kids playing in the hall keeping them up at night. Of course there were none. A few of the aides have said they have seen people sitting in a chair or walking down the hall only to find out that no one was there. It gave me the hebee jebees.
... The only other things that were weird at the nursing home was that a light would usually flicker in a hall before someone down that hall would die. And clients always died in threes. My mom works at a different nursing home and she said that they would also always die in threes."

Wow.Thank you for telling us of your experiences,Tracy.

Monday, September 8, 2008

What About Current Moms Of Soldiers?

My social life in the Golden Years is practically non-existent so I have not heard any mothers from the current War on Terror who have had experiences of Crisis Apparition of their sons or daughters who have been in harms way or unfortunately killed.Have you?

Throughout history this has been a fairly regular happening.Personally, I have heard parents of veterans from WWII,Korea and Vietnam relate visits from or visions of their sons at the time of danger or death.History tells of these from the Revolutionary and Civil wars as well.

Working at a VA facility several of the patients had experienced preminitions or visions of their own coming disaster or that of a fellow serviceman.At that time the number of women in the military was limited.From World War Two the most were from pilots whereas from Vietnam more were foot soldiers, of those who told me.From the parents, it did not seem any more comon to any one group.It was never terrifying to the parent only sad or comforting.

It seems likely that this is happening today as well.My guess id that I just am not around enough people whose children are there or people who have served there to hear.It would be of interest to know that the bond is there as has been true throughout the tragic circumstances of war...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Crisis Appariatiitions

Around the middle of the 1800's a little 10 year old girl was walking along a country lane in England.Apparently unusually bright, she was reading a book on Geometry.Suddenly the scene in front of her faded abd changed.She saw instead, the bedroom in her house known as The White Room.There her mother lay still and unmoving on the floor as if she were dead.

The clear and complete vision remained before her eyes vividly for several minutes before fading slowly away.

She ran immediately to the home of the family doctor and persuaded him to accompany her to the house..When they arrived the girl's father was just coming into the drive as well.He had been riding with a friend.
The three rushed to the room and found the woman lying on the floor as the daughter had described.She had a heart attack.Because the doctor had arrived so soon, her life was saved..

The book Ghosts and Poltergeists by Framk Smythe, explains:

"The fact that so many appaeatitions are of people who,at the moment they are seen, are undergoing some physical or mentalcrisis has led psychical researcher to draw the conclusion that the apparatition is a kind of mesage sent telepathically from the person undergoing the criis to the peron who sees the figure."(page 24)

Have you had this happen?I have not personally but know several credible people with such experiences.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Mysterious Singing

You probably have heard several stories about a piano being mysteriously played as a family sleeps.This is a bit different but brings that to mind.

A Nurses Aide at a retirement center in Hawaii told an unusual story about his home.Kenny says that near his old family home in Hilo, there is a mysterious singing of two old Hawaiian chants in the early mornings when the moon is full.
. Family members say this has been
happening for three generations.Ir is their view that warriors from an ancient time sing their battle songs,

They are also said to march once a year on the date of their deadly battle, September 7.....

I never heard but have no reason to doubt his story.There are several such stories from The Big Island.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Interested In Near Death Experiences?

I just gor an Email that anyone interested in NDS's might like to know about.Here it is:
This just in from the IANDS local group in Los Angeles:
On Tuesday, September 2nd, the National Geographic cable channel will
feature a show titled "Moment of Death" as part of its Explorer series.
are told that the show will feature a near-death experiencer from
California whose NDE included an out-of-body experience in which the
observations made during the experience were later verified.

Information on this show can be obtained at
http://www.iands.org/maillist/lt.php?id=Yx1RBlxXAksNDUsDUQMC Please check
your local TV listings for exact viewing times in your area. It is possible
that this show will be rebroadcast in some areas later that week.

IANDS has not seen this production and cannot vouch for its content or

A service of the International Association for Near-Death Studies