Friday, September 12, 2008

Pele,Myth Or More?

You have probably heard of Pele the Hawaiian Goddess of the Volcano. Many residents and some visitors to Hawaii have reported encounters with her through the years.The Big Island is most noted for her appearances but those from the other Islands have seen her as well.

She is commonly known to take either the form of a beautiful young woman or that of a very old white haired woman(frequently with a white dog.) She usually wants something from the passer-by likely cigarettes but not always.You are warned that id she is not given what she asks, then she becomes angry and may seek revenge.One of my favorite stories is ,,,"This is an old story that been around forever. On the Big Island, an old shabby-looking lady was walking through a village. As she walked through, everyone just stared and talked behind her back. Only one family went up to the old lady, opened their home to her, and offered her food and water. The old lady then went on her way. Not too long after this time (a day, a week) a volcano erupted. The lava flow travelled straight for this village. The lava leveled the entire village except for one house. The house that took in the old lady was spared as the lava flow split and flowed around the house on either side. The old lady was Pele. It is said that Pele often walks around in disguise to test people."

Visitors are warned not to take samples of lava rock back to the Mainland when they leave or misfortune will befall them.Hundreds are returned with such stories..Here is a link to some and a link to the legend of Pele.

So if you pick up a hitchiker and she may be Madame Pele.

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Brandon said...

Wow, thats a great story. Thanks for sharing, now off to learn more about Pele!