Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spooked By a Newborn

Mavis is an experienced Labor and Delivery nurse,Last year she assisted in a very difficult delivery.The next morning she was working postpartum so followed up.The mother was distraught. she felt the baby would not relate to her.She also said he never cried nor accept a bottle from her,

When Mavis checked she felt very uncomfortable."The baby was very straight faced.He moved his arms as if he were reaching up for me to take him.I gave him to his mother and he tensed up and moved away from her.
He was looking at me as if he could see and seemed to hold eye contact.He turned away from the bottle.When I took him back he cuddled up and still looking me in the eye drank the bottle fast.

It really spooked me.I worried about the mother and asked the soocial worker to meet with her.I know they were worried and I would like to know what happened when they got home.I have never felt that way about a newborn before.
You know Sylvia Browne says that bad people go directly back to the womb to be reborn and I wondered about him after I read that."

What do you think?Was the mother upset about the delivery or was it something else?


Debbie Gootter said...

I can see how you were spooked but even if it was a "bad" soul reincarnated it is not aware enough in baby form to do what you think it's doing

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Thanks for commenting.It is another's story not mine.I will ask her to check the comments.

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