Friday, September 26, 2008

A Nurse Has A Visit

A nurse who would like to not have her name or crafts used shared this story with permission it might be used here.In her own words:

".I'm an RN and used to work with the elderly. I know you're not supposed to have "favorites", but this one man was such a sweetheart. He was so patient and kind, and was always so grateful for any help he received. I had only been working on this unit a short while, but he always remembered my name. He had a stroke a while back and had his one arm in a sling and was not able to walk.

Anyways, I had a dream one night that I was talking with this same sweet elderly man, only he was standing tall and didn't have his arm in a sling. He addressed me by my name and said he just wanted to say thank-you for all I had done for him. He then shook my hand and disappeared.

Well the next day I received a call from work saying this man had passed away in his sleep and they wanted to let me know when the funeral was in case I had wanted to attend."

Thank you.A touching reminder of loving care.


Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

wow...more proof that the soul after death goes around and visits whoever they knew and "glows" on the astral side....amazing story

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Thank you for coming by and taking the time to comment.

Karley said...

How beautiful. Thank you for sharing her story.