Monday, September 29, 2008

Halloween Blog Give Away

Have a good story thought or known to be true,about spirits, ghosts, precognitive or out of body experiences? How about UFO's, Bigfoot, Angles? An especially unusual Tarot or Astrological Reading that left you breathless with accuracy?An experience with witchcraft that needs to be told?

Share it with my blog readers for publication.A panel of three judges will select the winner each week on Friday.
On Monday, the last week of October. The Etsy or Blog readers may then vote to select the Grand Prize winner.On Tuesday before Halloween the prize will be sent to the winner in time for Halloween.

All entries must have a username.No sexually explicit or obscene language please as this will be a family friendly presentation.(If a winner has an online store, it will be featured with the story on the blog with three or more pictures of the products and a link to the store.)
The entries will be taken at face value as submitted.If someone attributes a story to you which is not from you, you may request a retraction and that will be posted.Any entry submitted may be used later in the blog .

You may submit your story in the comments on the blog,in the thread on the Etsy forums Halloween Blog Give Away or send it to weekly winner will receive a Halloween wrapped Soap or Hair Care Product from the Nurture Nature line.The Grand prize is a Bath Gift Basket which is to be listed as a Custom Order at shop.Seen at

..Have A Haunting Halloween.
Enter Your story
Leave it in comments here or
Leave it on the Etsy forum thread Halloween Blog Give Away
Or send to
Judges select a winner for each week on Friday
Weekly winner wins a Halloween Wrapped Unisex Bath Product
Judges/Voters select the best of all entries Monday October 27
Grand Prize Winner is announced and Gift Basket is mailed to winner October 28
Prizes are sent within the USA only.International winners will receive a 25% off item gift certificate.
User names required for all entries.EMail address requested.
Winners must provide mailing address for shipping .


Alena said...

Fantastic..! Really a great Halloween blog give away.

Anonymous said...

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Meekiyu said...

oo i love scary stories... so I'll share one since i was young i had always seen ghosts... not the sixth sense sort of way but they were not figments of my imagination. This one isn't really a scary story per say... but last year my grandma had passed away and during those weeks was horrible and i was numb. One night i had a dream... my grandma was there and asked me "Are you warm?" it was something she always ask me during the winter because she's always afraid i would catch a cold. I remembered nodding. She smiled and disappeared into this light. After that day I've never been worried or depressed over her death because i knew very well she was in a nice place. Was it real or just my own subconscious? I'd let you decide...

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Thanks alena
John if ever in London will check it out.If you want some of my excellent conditioner let me know.
meeklyu.Thank you and what a sweet story.If you have a shop. I will feature it and use your story just let me know your URL..

Meekiyu said...

thx nurse... maybe i should've put out one of my scarier stories lolol... but this one is dear to my heart.. =D i named my store after her...

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