Saturday, September 6, 2008

Crisis Appariatiitions

Around the middle of the 1800's a little 10 year old girl was walking along a country lane in England.Apparently unusually bright, she was reading a book on Geometry.Suddenly the scene in front of her faded abd changed.She saw instead, the bedroom in her house known as The White Room.There her mother lay still and unmoving on the floor as if she were dead.

The clear and complete vision remained before her eyes vividly for several minutes before fading slowly away.

She ran immediately to the home of the family doctor and persuaded him to accompany her to the house..When they arrived the girl's father was just coming into the drive as well.He had been riding with a friend.
The three rushed to the room and found the woman lying on the floor as the daughter had described.She had a heart attack.Because the doctor had arrived so soon, her life was saved..

The book Ghosts and Poltergeists by Framk Smythe, explains:

"The fact that so many appaeatitions are of people who,at the moment they are seen, are undergoing some physical or mentalcrisis has led psychical researcher to draw the conclusion that the apparatition is a kind of mesage sent telepathically from the person undergoing the criis to the peron who sees the figure."(page 24)

Have you had this happen?I have not personally but know several credible people with such experiences.

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