Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dainty Cannibals!

Cannibals with cutlery: The macabre nineteenth century Fijian forks used by tribesmen to eat the bodies of rival warriors

For such a revolting act, these cannibals were quite dainty when it came to eating their enemies.

Fijian tribesmen used this macabre set of forks to eat the bodies of rival warriors.

But despite their grisly background, these seven instruments have been sold for £30,000 at auction.

The pronged antiques date from the 19th century when tribal chiefs devoured their enemies after they had been killed.

Their bodies were brought back to the victors' village by members of the tribe and served to the community and chiefs.

Tribal attendants would hand-feed sections of the meat to their leaders with the forks, which were only used on special occasions.

The wooden implements are between 6ins to 17ins long and each have four lethal spokes which were sharpened to create a deadly point

They were purchased 20 years ago by a collector of medieval weapons and tribal art.

As a collection, the forks were only estimated to fetch £1,600, but demand soared for the gruesome items and they sold to individual collectors for a total of £29,440
James Bridges, director of auctioneers Martel Maides in Guernsey, said: 'The forks came in from a local collector who collects tribal art and medieval weapons.

'He purchased them from another collector in the Midlands 20 years ago and we don't know where they came from before that.

'They were used in the 19th century and you can see they have significant age from the patina and colour where they have been handled and used.

'It's an extraordinary thing to be able to see so many at once for a collector. Some only see three or four in their lifetime but we had seven in our collection.

'The tribal chiefs and elders were not allowed to feed, they had to be fed by attendants and that's what these forks would have been used for, including cannibalism.

'Part of the tradition was that when they had fights or wars with rival tribes the resulting people who were killed would have been brought back and they would have been eaten.
'I believe it wasn't just the tribal elders who would have taken part in the cannibalism, the whole village would have.

'The forks were kept in smoky huts and seen as sacred objects. They would have represented the power of the tribal chief.

'It was very exciting in the saleroom, there were sharp intakes of breath as the prices rose and at one point it seemed like everyone's hands were up.

'The vendor was completely over the moon and was absolutely speechless with the result.' - Daily Mail


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Added to Scientology Post

Found the other picture in the posted account.
...Hidden some 30 miles from the nearest town, the base is reportedly home to a huge underground bunker, built in the 1980's and strong enough to withstand a nuclear holocaust.

Deep inside its vaults sealed within titanium caskets, are the original texts of founder L Ron Hubbard on gold discs - the religion's most sacred scriptures.

A report in the Sun newspaper tells how Sweeney visited the site, known as Trementina Base, and interviewed former members of the church of Scientology for the new book Church of Fear.

Mr Sweeney,who the church has previously described as 'a bigot, a liar and psychotic' said: 'I'd alway wanted to visit Trementina because when you go to the church they always deny this talk of Xenu and space aliens

'But if I'm wrong about the church believing in aliens, then why have they built these giant symbols in the middle of the desert that can only be seen from outer space?

The 'alien space cathedral' built in New Mexico desert by the Church of Scientology

You may have heard about this?
These giant symbols etched into the desert are a welcoming message to aliens from Tom Cruise's deeply secretive church of Scientology.

The religion, which believes a sinister extraterrestrial being called Xenu brought billions of people to earth in spaceships similar to DC8 airliners, operates a giant underground base hidden deep within the New Mexico desert.

BBC reporter John Sweeney, who famously clashed with Scientologists during a Panorama report in 2007, travelled to the site dubbed Scientology's 'alien space cathedral', to research a new book.

Welcome to earth: The huge symbol etched into the desert in New Mexico next to the Scientology base dubbed the 'alien space cathedral'

Friday, January 11, 2013

Just ewad this in the Phantoms And Monsters Newsletter...Interesting

"Earlier today, Bigfoot Evidence posted that there may be big news concerning the Ketchum DNA study. Since then, I've been trying to find out from more reliable sources as to what the hoopla is about.

There is unconfirmed information that the study will be published (peer reviewed) sometime before January 15th. Not sure if this is a fact...I've been told that there has been NO announcement within the study group BUT 'the study is GOOD'. In otherwords, the information earlier released by Dr. Ketchum is definitely in the study, as well as other interesting findings. I'm still trying to get to the bottom of this and will be updating...stay tuned. Lon

UPDATE: Supposedly, a press release is to be issued sometime today. There were rumors of a press conference earlier. Anyway, let's see where this goes...Lon"

Monday, January 7, 2013

Nick Redfern's 'Monster Files'

"  So, what do I have going on in this new year, 2013?

    Well, one project is Monster Files: A Look Inside Government Secrets and Classified Documents on Bizarre Creatures and Extraordinary Animals, which will be published by New Page Books in May.

    And here's the publisher's blurb on the book:

    Does the Pentagon have the body of Bigfoot on ice?
    What is the U.S. military hiding from us about lake monsters?
    What is the link between the CIA and the Abominable Snowman?
    Why is there a British government file on sea serpents?
    What do the Russians know about animal ESP?
    For decades there have been persistent rumors, tales, and legends that government agencies all around the world have been secretly collecting and studying data on bizarre
    beasts, amazing animals, and strange creatures.

    Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, sea serpents, psychic pets, the Chupacabras, and the Abominable Snowman have all attracted official, classified interest.

    Now, for the first time, the full, fearsome facts are finally revealed in Nick Redfern’s Monster Files. You’ll discover all the amazing cryptozoological truths, conspiracies, and cover-ups behind the secret studies by the Pentagon, the Kremlin, and the British military  , among many others.

    Despite what your parents might have told you when you were a child, monsters, creepy creatures, and terrifying beasts really do exist. And our governments know all about them.

This was news from Phantomss and Nonsters. I look forward to this too, Lon

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Philip Coppens (1971-2012): Ancient Alien Theorist & Author

I was surprised and saddened to hear this.
"Philip Coppens, commentator on The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens: The Series, has died. Coppens was an author and investigative journalist best known for his work in the fields of ancient history and paranormal sciences.

Coppens regularly used his Twitter and Facebook accounts, though had done so less and less in recent weeks, primarily updating fans on his condition. “My fourth week in hospital is here today. Please keep praying for my recovery,” he wrote on December 22.

According to Coppens’ Facebook, he has been hospitalized in Los Angeles since November 25, and was diagnosed on December 13 with angiosarcoma, a rare cancer that is often fatal especially if it manifests in the liver.

On December 24, Coppens wrote: “My in-laws found me a copy of the British Museum crystal skull. His name is Vin. A lovely new companion,” on his Facebook, along with a photo which shows that he was still hospitalized at that time.
Coppens remained positive to the end, his final blog post on December 16 reflecting his characteristic thirst for arcane knowledge, gratitude to his loved ones, and his simple, overall philosophy regarding the meaning of life:

    “Over the last few weeks, I have come to realize you have to be very specific about picking such mottos, for in my case, I remain convinced that this knowledge will indeed give me MY future. And insights into life, its value and especially its magical qualities, in the hope that with only a few days before December 21, people, through choice, will embrace a positive change in their life and travel onwards to the next level of their mission, which is the only reason why we have chosen to incarnate here on this lovely, blue water planet.” - Inquisitr

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Richard Dolan Teaches Rare Ufology Class Online

Saw this recently
"Vienna, WV, December 04, 2012 --( The International Metaphysical University (IMU) is proud to announce a ground-breaking, ufology class taught by Richard Dolan, one of the world’s leading UFO researchers and historians.

Richard Dolan is offering something never seen before in any academic setting, anywhere else in the world: a complete and fresh study of the entire UFO phenomenon.

Through a series of twelve riveting lectures, Richard Dolan provides up-to-date information and analysis relating to:

1. The full history of UFOs, from ancient times to our own era, focusing on the most significant and instructive cases.

2. The political issues, such as the how the U.S. government and the military and intelligence communities deal with UFOs. This includes the issue of whether some UFOs are made by “us” and what might be the true structure of secrecy.

3. The philosophical and investigative problems brought about by UFOs, including how ordinary objects and events might fool us, and how they differ from “true UFOs.” Moreover, in an age of the internet, Facebook and Youtube, when information practically overwhelms us, how to separate fact from fiction, legitimate issues from fear-mongering or fantasy-peddling.

4. The science behind UFOs, from propulsion technologies to space travel to consciousness itself.

5. The beings behind the phenomenon, whoever and whatever they are. The history and claims of
 contact, explores the nature of that contact, and asks pertinent questions about just who and what we are dealing with.

6. A look into the future, especially focusing on such issues as disclosure. Can UFO secrecy ever really end, and if so, what might a post-disclosure world look like?

A year in the making, this course is truly special. If you have ever had an interest in exploring the UFO issue, you cannot get off to a better start than this course: an instant classic."

For more information about ufology and Richard Dolan's ufology class, please visit or call 1.304.295.4411.

Richard Dolan is a leading historian and author about UFOs and related phenomena. He is the author of "UFOs and the National Security State" (currently in 2 volumes) and co-author of "A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth about Alien Contact."
The International Metaphysical University is an online metaphysical university offering a master’s degree in metaphysics and majors in fields such as consciousness studies, holistic health, intuitive arts, paranormal studies, shamanism, or ufology.