Sunday, January 13, 2013

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Found the other picture in the posted account.
...Hidden some 30 miles from the nearest town, the base is reportedly home to a huge underground bunker, built in the 1980's and strong enough to withstand a nuclear holocaust.

Deep inside its vaults sealed within titanium caskets, are the original texts of founder L Ron Hubbard on gold discs - the religion's most sacred scriptures.

A report in the Sun newspaper tells how Sweeney visited the site, known as Trementina Base, and interviewed former members of the church of Scientology for the new book Church of Fear.

Mr Sweeney,who the church has previously described as 'a bigot, a liar and psychotic' said: 'I'd alway wanted to visit Trementina because when you go to the church they always deny this talk of Xenu and space aliens

'But if I'm wrong about the church believing in aliens, then why have they built these giant symbols in the middle of the desert that can only be seen from outer space?

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