Saturday, January 30, 2010

Reporter Scared On Ghost Hunt

Groups generally have a protection ritual or prayer before beginning to investigate,Sounds as if shr missed it.Seriously,this can be a dangerous job.

"I AM scared - I think I've let a ghost into my own home.

Having spent days investigating all things ghostly, dozens of haunting tales have flooded in.

But here is one of my own - involving blackouts, creatures in my bed and my once-adoring cat too spooked to come near me.

It began when two ghostly children mysteriously appeared in the background of a photo of Picton cemetery sent to The Daily Telegraph.

Since Tuesday my work days have been a blur of mist, mysterious figures, orbs and the question of what, if anything, is out there. So it was a relief to be heading home for a night in.

But there was to be no relaxing in front of the TV as my house was plunged into darkness moments before I arrived. At first I thought it was a routine blackout - only to soon find out it had affected only a handful of the more than 60 houses in the street.

It was strange coincidence but a night with no electricity gave me a chance to imagine what life was like circa 1886, the same year 11-year-old Blanche Moon died at Picton.

Three hours later and the lights were restored so I headed for bed. But hopes of slumber were ended after a nasty eight-legged creature ran across my pillow. Nothing like a spider to wake you up faster than three shots of coffee.

After these few strange instances, I was ready for a few cuddles from my cat. My 13-year-old cat Dilly is usually only too willing to rub against my legs.

But not that night. In fact, ever since the first story about the Picton ghosts appeared, my once faithful feline won't have anything to do with me.

He bounds away with a wild and terrified look in his eyes.

His fear is akin to someone who's just seen a ghost"

The picture is of Amy Dale the reporter and her cat.Thanks for the story.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Over 1300 Near Death Experiences Researched

Founder of the Near Death Experience Research Foundation, Dr. Jeffrey Long shared the most compelling evidence to date for the reality of near-death experiences (NDEs), and their consistent message that there is an afterlife.

" Having studied over 1300 NDE cases, he noted that the reports are remarkably consistent worldwide, even those from non-Western countries. NDEs typically may include out-of-body travel, seeing a tunnel and mystical light, encounters with deceased relatives, and a life review.

Here are some of the highlights of the consistent patterns/evidence he's found:

* The level of consciousness and alertness during NDEs is usually even greater than that experienced in everyday life even though NDEs generally occur when a person is unconscious or clinically dead.
* What NDErs see and hear of earthly events in the out-of-body state is almost always realistic, such as what is going on around them at the hospital.
* Heightened senses are often reported, such as seeing with 360 degree vision. Several people who have been totally blind since birth have reported highly visual near-death experiences.
* Life reviews in NDEs include real events that previously took place in the lives of those having the experience, even if the events were forgotten, in a kind of "perfect playback."
* During a NDE, the people encountered are virtually always deceased. Were the NDE only a product of memory fragments, they would almost certainly include far more living people, including those with whom they had more recently interacted.
* The near-death experiences of children, including very young children are essentially identical to those of older children and adults, arguing against the idea of cultural pre-conditioning.
* NDErs often report seeing heavenly or unearthly realms, with colors and sights that defy description...}
Dr. Jeffrey Long (pictured) has co-authored a new book, Evidence of the Afterlife, which shares firsthand accounts of those who have died and lived to tell about it.
His site

Monday, January 25, 2010

Paranormal Pastimes In New Orleans

You may go for the Mardi Grais or maybe not, but when you are in New Orleans there are many things of interest in the Paranormal field.
I was going through some old videos and remembered the gracious use granted of some vacation photos by a fellow Etsy Artist used i my Voodoo posts last year.Viola, then came an interesting article about Haunted New Orleans so thought together they would make a nice post as Mardi Grais approaches..
Voodoo In New Orleans

"Haunted New Orleans by Sarah Amandolare

New Orleans is a haven for fun-loving revelers, but beneath the surface of this colorful coastal city lay ghosts and spirits—perhaps more than in any other city in the United States. We’ve narrowed down New Orleans’ plethora of scary places to six, including a hauntingly beautiful cemetery, an alleyway with a past and a bar beloved by Tennessee Williams.
The Haunts of St. Louis Cemetery No. 1
The oldest cemetery in New Orleans is also the most haunted. St. Louis No. 1 “is a grand European mixture of ornate marble tombs, crumbling memorials and narrow, winding footpaths,” according to Haunted America Tours. But that’s not all. Because of high water levels in New Orleans, which made underground burials difficult, St. Louis No. 1 (there’s also a No. 2) is home to many above-ground tombs and mausoleums. Stroll the “maze-like” grounds and you’re likely to hear sad cries from within the crypts, and see misty ghosts roaming about. Marie Laveau, known as the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, is the most feared ghost in the cemetery, often appearing to visitors as a black cat with red eyes....
Full aericle

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Is Your Take On Gnomes?

Aside from TV commercials ,I had given them little thought until a friend had a traveling garden gnome appear all over the county.But this is interesting.See what you think..

Psychic mediums Christopher Valentine and Dr. Christian von Lahr talk about the world of Nature Spirits. They say these are a real form of life that begins as spirit (just as we do) and then individualizes into Gnomes, Elves, Fairies, Leprechauns and Pixies.(The group shot are stickers from the Etsy
The Valentine Gnome is from Etsy

Valentine described Gnomes as a foot to a foot and a half in height and stocky in appearance. They originated in Scandinavia and bear a remarkable resemblance to garden store gnome statuary, with their tall conical red or green hats, backpacks and clogs. Valentine said everybody has two Gnomes whose main purpose is to help with their health aura.
Leprechauns are seen wearing black hats with buckles and special Fairy-made vests, which Valentine pointed out, "helps them traverse into the astral plane where they make seemingly magical things happen for us." Commenting on Hollywood's negative depiction of Leprechauns in movies, von Lahr said, "It is literally impossible for [Nature Spirits] to be negative or evil in any way because they are sourced from the Angelic Kingdom."

Nature Spirits are actively involved in the process of bringing humans into existence, nurturing plant life, cleansing us from negativity, and bringing balance and harmony to our lives, Valentine expounded. Citing his interview with a Pixie, Valentine disclosed that they are responsible for our moments of insight or inspiration, and appear as flashes our sparkles of light.

The two men also discussed the difficulty in seeing Nature Spirits. Valentine explained they are made of a very light material called 'etheric matter' that is almost transparent to the human eye. Initially, it took years for us to develop a way to see them, von Lahr said. Now, we teach people to use their eyes differently and they can usually see Nature Spirits within 40 minutes to an hour, remarking that most will only see outlines at first. With practice, however, these creatures can be seen in bright color and form, Valentine added.

Their site:

Thanks to Greychen and to grackled for the pictures of their neat items.

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Wishing Machine?

And he is from NC. Josha P Warren an avowed researcher in the Paranormal has many interests.He is frequently on the Coast To Coast AM radio show.Recently he shared a picture of the physical wishinh machine,

He offers "one you can use free" at his site

So, have a wish on us....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Thoughts About Near Death Experiences.

You probably are familiar with Dr.Raymond Moody with his pioneer work in NDE's.For many years as in his early days he did not believe that it necessarily meant that there was life after death.This new book and discussion looks as if that has changed...I am glad..

"On Thursday's show,(Coast To Coast AM) renowned near-death researcher Dr. Raymond Moody was joined by editor and author Roy Abraham Varghese for a discussion about life-after-death, and what lies on the other side. Moody said he'd recently become more confident about the reality of life-after-death because of numerous accounts of "shared death experiences." Bystanders who were at the deathbed of a loved one reported seeing a light, the appearance of a tunnel, and "even in the panoramic life-review of the person who was passing away," Moody detailed. They're in effect "emphatically co-living the dying experience of those that are close to them," he added.

Varghese has also concluded that life-after-death is genuine, after correlating a variety of data including cross-cultural beliefs throughout history, and contemporary testimonies from near-death experiencers. He noted that a new type of NDE has been reported, similar to the 'shared death experience.' Three soldiers were hit by a bomb, and they all reported seeing each other leaving their bodies.

The two authors agreed that "the other side" wasn't a physical place as we would typically understand it. "What we're dealing with is another state of existence that is outside the framework of time and space,"-- for instance, experiencers describe seeing everything all at once in their life review, Moody explained. He has a new book coming out called Between Two Worlds (co-authored with Paul Perry) and the first chapter is available as a free download here."

Monday, January 18, 2010

Someone Else Has A Thought About "Nessie"

Found this today.An interesting site.not sure I agree but there is a lot to think anout...
" Forensic artist and investigator Bill McDonald updated us on several of his projects including the biology of the Loch Ness monster...According to his research, Nessie is neither a reptile or a mammal-- rather it's a type of eel that grows larger in additional life stages, and can live to be nearly 90 years old.

It's body rotates into humps explaining the appearance described in sightings, and the creature can slither onto land and kill like a crocodile, McDonald reported..."

My Petite Nessie is pictured.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Ghost Hunt From GPN Files

Some time ago,friends on the Global Paranormal Network site gave me permission to use some pictures posted on the site for another project.I appreciate that very much.

In promotion of the purposes and in support of them, I put together this picture of some of the many teams, equipment used, orbs and mists captured during actual investigations...So you will know the TV guys are not the only ones who take this very seriously...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Who Knew?Even A Cave Man Wore it....

In studying the History of Earrings for an article last yeat, I was surprised that the oldest human mummy, a male, was wearing an earrings...This, howeber is more surprising....

"Did Neanderthals wear make-up?

Scientists claim to have the first persuasive evidence that Neanderthals wore "body paint" 50,000 years ago.

The team report in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) that shells containing pigment residues were Neanderthal make-up containers.

Scientists unearthed the shells at two archaeological sites in the Murcia province of southern Spain.

The team says its find buries "the view of Neanderthals as half-wits" and shows they were capable of symbolic thinking.

Professor Joao Zilhao, the archaeologist from Bristol University in the UK, who led the study, said that he and his team had examined shells that were used as containers to mix and store pigments.

Black sticks of the pigment manganese, which may have been used as body paint by Neanderthals, have previously been discovered in Africa.

"[But] this is the first secure evidence for their use of cosmetics," he told BBC News. "The use of these complex recipes is new. It's more than body painting."

The scientists found lumps of a yellow pigment, that they say was possibly used as a foundation.

They also found red powder mixed up with flecks of a reflective brilliant black mineral.
Pigment-coated ancient shell
The shells were coated with residues of mixed pigments

Some of the sculpted, brightly coloured shells may also have been worn by Neanderthals as jewellery.

Until now it had been thought by many researchers that only modern humans wore make-up for decoration and ritual purposes.

There was a time in the Upper Palaeolithic period when Neanderthals and humans may have co-existed. But Professor Zilhao explained that the findings were dated at 10,000 years before this "contact".

"To me, it's the smoking gun that kills the argument once and for all," he told BBC News.

"The association of these findings with Neanderthals is rock-solid and people have to draw the associations and bury this view of Neanderthals as half-wits."

Professor Chris Stringer, a palaeontologist from the Natural History Museum in London, UK, said: "I agree that these findings help to disprove the view that Neanderthals were dim-witted.

But, he added that evidence to that effect had been growing for at least the last decade.

"It's very difficult to dislodge the brutish image from popular thinking," Professor Stringer told BBC News. "When football fans behave badly, or politicians advocate reactionary views, they are invariably called 'Neanderthal', and I can't see the tabloids changing their headlines any time soon."

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is It Atlantis? New Discovery

Undersea archaeologists have found the ruins of an ancient city on the bottom of the Caribbean Sea, andsome claim that it is the fabled and lost city of Atlantis.

The satellite photos do show something that could be a city, and the researchers believe that what they've found would predate the pyramids of Egypt. Indeed they claim to be able to make out a pyramid and other city-like structures from the satellite photos. The archaeologists have so far refused to divulge their identities or the location in the Caribbean. They say they are raising money for an expedition to confirm their findings...

... today released the first detailed images of some of the structural evidence they have uncovered. These images are very grainy, but considering they were shot from an orbiting satellite, are pretty amazing.

In the second image shown here – look carefully at the center – reveals a ruined structure, but what remains standing are two parallel post-and-beam elements. Architectural historians insist that post-and-beam construction if proof of human hand.

Guarding the location’s coordinates carefully, the project’s leader, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, says the city could be thousands of years old; possibly even pre-dating the ancient Egyptian pyramids, at Giza. Nevertheless, the team claims that these images show that human intervention is responsible for their construction.

The project team asks that for more information, or to find out how to help fund their research, please contact the Herald de Paris’ publisher, Jes Alexander, at a specially set-up telephone number: 415-738-7811.

Asked if this city is the legendary city of Atlantis, the researchers immediately said no. “The romanticized ideal of Atlantis probably never existed, nor will anyone ever strap on a SCUBA tank, jump in the water, and find a city gateway that says, ‘Welcome to Atlantis.’ However, we do believe that this city may have been one of many cities of an advanced, seafaring, trade-based civilization, which may have been visited by their Eurocentric counterparts.”

It is unknown at this time how the city came to be on the sea floor, and not on dry land. “We have several theories.”

The team hopes to conduct a massive mapping and research expedition, to learn as much as possible about who these people were, before turning the site over to the Caribbean island’s home government. “Whatever we’ve found does not belong to us,” the project’s leader said, “It belongs to the people of this island, and to the world at-large. If any pieces are brought to the surface, they belong in the hands of a museum.”...
Well, I would like it to be Atlantis.What about you?Full article with pictures at the above site.However the video is no longer available..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where Is "Nessie?"

Pictured is Robert Rines at Loch Ness, in his last television appearance before his death, during “MonsterQuest.”

Well known in matters related to the Loch Ness Nonster "Nessie", was his dire feelings about mortality the basis for the news circulating about the possible demise of this well known and loved creature? An editorial at the favorite Cryptomungo site addresses the matetr.

"Time For Some Level-Headed Thinking On “Death at Loch Ness”
An Editorial
By Loren Coleman

...I am not certain of the actual reality of the Loch Ness Monsters, any more than the next open-minded, skeptically-inclined cryptozoologist. But I see no less or more evidence for them during the 21st century than was available during the 20th century. Sightings at Loch Ness of the watery cryptids have routinely had good years and bad years.

Robert Rines, whom I met at Loch Ness, corresponded with before and after, and greatly admired, is no longer with us and is missed. He died November 1, 2009, at the age of 87. His sense of his own end, as projected psychologically from himself onto the Loch Ness Monsters, should not slow down the search for valid proof of whatever has been encountered in that Scottish lake for centuries.

Of all the people linked to Loch Ness, surely it would be Bob Rines who would say, in the final analysis, Onward! Continue the search at Loch Ness."

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Bit Of History

Although some UFO advocates know this.Some may not.Here is an oldie but goodie..

"Attempts to Contact Aliens Date Back More Than 150 Years
By By Michael Schirber
Astrobiology Magazine
posted: 29 January 2009
8:50 am ET

The desire to contact intelligent life on other planets is much older than the UFO craze and the SETI movement. Several 19th century scientists contemplated how we might communicate with possible Martians and Venusians.

These early proposals - which predate by 150 years the first extraterrestrial message that was sent in 1974 - were based on visual signals, as the invention of radio was still decades away.

In fact, as history shows, ideas for interplanetary communication have largely been driven by whatever the current technology allowed - be it lamps, radios or lasers.

"You go with what you know," said Steven Dick, NASA Chief Historian.

Are we alone?

Over two thousand years ago, the ancient Greeks argued over the existence of life on other planets, but the idea really took off after the Copernican revolution.

"Once it was realized that all the planets go around the sun, it was not hard to imagine that the other planets could be like Earth," Dick said.

Galileo, Kepler and others considered the inhabitability of the planets, while being careful not to upset Church authority.

"The idea blossomed in the 17th century into the 'plurality of worlds' debate, but it remained controversial," said Dick, who has written several books on the topic.

One of the most influential proponents for extraterrestrial life was Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle, who wrote Conversations on the Plurality of Worlds in 1686.

Despite the interest, there was no recorded discussion of how we might locate or contact these potential aliens until more than a century later.

Crop triangles and burning canals

Florence Raulin-Cerceau of the Alexandre Koyré Center in Paris has documented the early attempts at communication with extraterrestrial intelligence (CETI), or what is now often called active SETI.

"As early as the 19th century, inventors imagined "sky telegraph" equipment to communicate with the supposed inhabitants of the solar system's planets," Raulin-Cerceau recently wrote with her colleague in the French magazine Pour la Science.

The first of these inventors was Carl Friedrich Gauss, the German mathematician. In the 1820s, he spoke of reflecting sunlight towards the planets with his land surveying invention, the heliotrope. He is also credited with the idea of cutting a giant triangle in the Siberian forest and planting wheat inside.

"The size and color contrast should have made the object visible from the moon or Mars, and the geometric figure could only be interpreted as an intentional construction," Raulin-Cerceau wrote.

Twenty years later, the astronomer Joseph von Littrow came up with a similar idea to pour kerosene into a 30-kilometer-wide circular canal that would be lit at night to signal our presence. "

The bracelet is mine and in my new shop

Thursday, January 7, 2010

An Atlantic Article About George Noory

A chronicle of the development of Coast to Coast AM and the interesting dedicated host George Noory is featured in an article "The Listener".A good read for listeners and there are millions of them...
"For four hours every night, on holidays and weekends, George Noory is the voice in the darkness for millions of Americans. His show, Coast to Coast AM, has perfected a charged and conspiratorial worldview that now pervades American media. It’s quite possibly the oddest show ever to cross our airwaves. And it may change the radio business forever.

by Timothy Lavin
The Listener
Image credit Drew Reynolds"

I Never Heard This Before!

After half a century of work and study of Human Behavior,few things surprise me and seldom am I shocked.This however is an I can not listen to Coast To coast AM anymore since our station here dropped it,but thanks to the Newsletter, this was featured.

"Traveling with Wands:

On Tuesday night, expert in how to use the brain's neurocircuitry for increases in paranormal ability and creativity, Neil Slade discussed his new work on how wands can actually help us traverse multiple dimensions. Differentiating his use of wands from the magic wands of fairy tales and lore, he explained that any number of tools can be appropriated by humans to concentrate their intent and energy on (see related images). The wand takes diffuse energy and narrowly focuses it, he said. Any item that can be held in the hand that extends your arm, such as a cane, stick, pen, or pole, can serve as a wand to facilitate travel both out to alternate realities, or conversely bring them to you, he continued.

Slade shared his account of being paralyzed after a serious back injury, and how his doctor told him he would need major surgery to ever walk again. Instead, he used his wands to access an alternate reality where he was not injured, and was also healed by other travelers who used their wands, he detailed, noting that consciousness has no limitations or boundaries.

The brain's frontal lobe must be activated to successfully use the wands, Slade stated, though everyone can develop their own wand process through self-discovery. He also talked about some of his encounters with beings made of colored lights that communicated through sound and melody."

What do you think? Will I now get more use from my cane?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What The Year Holds From Coast To Coast

I was looking forward to these programs but my radio station the only one locally that had Coast To Coast AM no longer has it.Ftom the Newslatter here is the recap of what is said to be ahead for 2010..
"Ian Punnett hosted Coast to Coast AM's annual prediction show, which featured a variety of prognosticators on what they see looming for the new year, 2010. In order of appearance, here are some highlights:

Psychic medium Christian von Lahr:

* Pop superstar Mariah Carey will leave her husband, Nick Cannon, because he is unable to father children.
* "Something grave will happen" to one of President Obama's daughters that has to do with letters "P," "I," "N," and "K" -- letters found in the word KIDNAP, he noted.
* In August, a volcanic eruption in the Aleutian Trench will trigger other volcanoes to erupt in Ring of Fire region of the Pacific Ocean.
* New York may be split into two states.

Paul Guercio of the Merlin Project:

* Crisis in the Obama presidency between winter and the November mid-term elections. Sudden changes could lead to a reshuffling of the primary administration players (Obama, Biden, Clinton).
* Very good chance of another major domestic al Qaeda attack.
* Unexpected career changes for conservative talk show host Sean Hannity.

Numerologist Glynis McCants:

* Drama of some sort will surround President Obama's daughters.
* Obama is entering a personal year cycle of 6, which means "he is coming into his power." This is the year that will define his presidency.
* The economy is going to get worse. Families will become closer.

Psychic Tana Hoy:

* Two major natural disasters in Indonesia: one will be an earthquake and the other will be "caused by high waves or water," like a tidal wave.
* Orchestrated terrorist attack on the United States, taking place in four different cities, that will kill more than a 100 people. One of the cities will be New York.
* An Eastern European country will claim official contact with aliens.
* Losses in stock market will be made back in 2010.

Quake sensitive Cal Orey:

* Aleutian Islands / Anchorage, Alaska overdue -- 70% chance of a 7.0 or stronger quake in either location.
* An earthquake of at least 6.0 will hit Northern California in 2010.
* Quakes will likely happen in Greece and Southern Italy.

Terry & Linda Jamison, the Psychic Twins:

* There will be no tsunami activity this year.
* No Katrina-level event, but Florida will be hit by a couple of hurricanes later in 2010.
* Three assassination plots against President Obama will be thwarted.
* Russia, China and Korea will launch successful cyber attacks on the United States.

Astrologist Mark Lerner:

* America's economy will be impacted by Pluto's opposition to Venus (the money planet).
* The windows of February 6th and 7th, and the month of November, will be the best times to work toward a new world economic system...."
visit site for full details

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Some Psychic Predictions For 2010

Everyone seems to be on the bandwagon with what is to happen.Here are a couple that so far I did not see elsewhere...

"A Toronto psychic known as Nikki has already made headlines and raised eyebrows with her prediction of the possible assassination - or attempted assassination - of President Obama in 2010. Nikki claims to have successfully predicted the death of Michael Jackson and the September 11 attacks. Other predictions from Nikki for 2010: Sarah Palin will pose nude and giant bats will attack a South American city.

Psychic heavyweight Sylvia Browne also predicts a presidential assassination involving a complicated scenario designed to "damage the American people’s faith in their government" as if such a thing was possible. She hedges her bets by noting that it may not happen this year. Sometime between now and 2020, she says. This prediction should be safely forgotten by the end of the decade.

The “channeler, spiritual teacher and spiritual healer” Oneesha of Las Cruces, NM, sees war between Israel and Iran and an attack “from within” on the United States. St. Paul's Fatima takes a safe bet and predicts "more wars." She's probably right on that one."...
Full article

Personally hard to guess which is more scarey, Sarah Palin nude or giant bats,,

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year-Decade-Feature

Many of you know that I opened a new store to expand the Paranormal offers.
Most of the items are in the video above.This month will feature Big Foot /Yeti.All new additions for the store will be theme related.The new idea is to have some Etsy Artist/Stores also featured with specific items.The first of 2010 is finalscore.

The print pictured is from the shop and by the Artist.
The shop announcement reveals
"I specialize in the odd and unusual type of art. I focus on optical illusions and art that can be viewed different ways. My work has been featured nationally on Coast To Coast AM, and, it has appeared on magazine covers and has been purchased by museums including the Daewoo Classic Car Museum California, The Rod Serling Foundation Twilight Zone museum and others. My art is owned by NFL Hall of Fame coaches and has been requested by professional athletes, celebrities and mixed media/pop art lovers in over 20 countries! In 2007 I received a lifetime pass to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown NY as thanks for items donated.
Many times when I am commissioned to make a piece there is an agreement in place stating I may sell a limited amount of prints of the custom art. I do this not just for the money but I feel my items make a unique and valuable addition to many peoples personal collection."

I am a fan.A free "Footprints" soap will be a gift with purchase during January as well.A fun way to start this special year.
finalscore's shop may be visited at