Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year-Decade-Feature

Many of you know that I opened a new store to expand the Paranormal offers.
Most of the items are in the video above.This month will feature Big Foot /Yeti.All new additions for the store will be theme related.The new idea is to have some Etsy Artist/Stores also featured with specific items.The first of 2010 is finalscore.

The print pictured is from the shop and by the Artist.
The shop announcement reveals
"I specialize in the odd and unusual type of art. I focus on optical illusions and art that can be viewed different ways. My work has been featured nationally on Coast To Coast AM, and, it has appeared on magazine covers and has been purchased by museums including the Daewoo Classic Car Museum California, The Rod Serling Foundation Twilight Zone museum and others. My art is owned by NFL Hall of Fame coaches and has been requested by professional athletes, celebrities and mixed media/pop art lovers in over 20 countries! In 2007 I received a lifetime pass to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown NY as thanks for items donated.
Many times when I am commissioned to make a piece there is an agreement in place stating I may sell a limited amount of prints of the custom art. I do this not just for the money but I feel my items make a unique and valuable addition to many peoples personal collection."

I am a fan.A free "Footprints" soap will be a gift with purchase during January as well.A fun way to start this special year.
finalscore's shop may be visited at

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