Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Is Your Take On Gnomes?

Aside from TV commercials ,I had given them little thought until a friend had a traveling garden gnome appear all over the county.But this is interesting.See what you think..

Psychic mediums Christopher Valentine and Dr. Christian von Lahr talk about the world of Nature Spirits. They say these are a real form of life that begins as spirit (just as we do) and then individualizes into Gnomes, Elves, Fairies, Leprechauns and Pixies.(The group shot are stickers from the Etsy
The Valentine Gnome is from Etsy

Valentine described Gnomes as a foot to a foot and a half in height and stocky in appearance. They originated in Scandinavia and bear a remarkable resemblance to garden store gnome statuary, with their tall conical red or green hats, backpacks and clogs. Valentine said everybody has two Gnomes whose main purpose is to help with their health aura.
Leprechauns are seen wearing black hats with buckles and special Fairy-made vests, which Valentine pointed out, "helps them traverse into the astral plane where they make seemingly magical things happen for us." Commenting on Hollywood's negative depiction of Leprechauns in movies, von Lahr said, "It is literally impossible for [Nature Spirits] to be negative or evil in any way because they are sourced from the Angelic Kingdom."

Nature Spirits are actively involved in the process of bringing humans into existence, nurturing plant life, cleansing us from negativity, and bringing balance and harmony to our lives, Valentine expounded. Citing his interview with a Pixie, Valentine disclosed that they are responsible for our moments of insight or inspiration, and appear as flashes our sparkles of light.

The two men also discussed the difficulty in seeing Nature Spirits. Valentine explained they are made of a very light material called 'etheric matter' that is almost transparent to the human eye. Initially, it took years for us to develop a way to see them, von Lahr said. Now, we teach people to use their eyes differently and they can usually see Nature Spirits within 40 minutes to an hour, remarking that most will only see outlines at first. With practice, however, these creatures can be seen in bright color and form, Valentine added.

Their site:

Thanks to Greychen and to grackled for the pictures of their neat items.


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The Empty Envelope said...

I like to think that if you look hard enough in tall grasses and meadows and fields of flowers, that some other human like beings or spirits must exist there. That beauty begets beauty.