Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Never Heard This Before!

After half a century of work and study of Human Behavior,few things surprise me and seldom am I shocked.This however is an I can not listen to Coast To coast AM anymore since our station here dropped it,but thanks to the Newsletter, this was featured.

"Traveling with Wands:

On Tuesday night, expert in how to use the brain's neurocircuitry for increases in paranormal ability and creativity, Neil Slade discussed his new work on how wands can actually help us traverse multiple dimensions. Differentiating his use of wands from the magic wands of fairy tales and lore, he explained that any number of tools can be appropriated by humans to concentrate their intent and energy on (see related images). The wand takes diffuse energy and narrowly focuses it, he said. Any item that can be held in the hand that extends your arm, such as a cane, stick, pen, or pole, can serve as a wand to facilitate travel both out to alternate realities, or conversely bring them to you, he continued.

Slade shared his account of being paralyzed after a serious back injury, and how his doctor told him he would need major surgery to ever walk again. Instead, he used his wands to access an alternate reality where he was not injured, and was also healed by other travelers who used their wands, he detailed, noting that consciousness has no limitations or boundaries.

The brain's frontal lobe must be activated to successfully use the wands, Slade stated, though everyone can develop their own wand process through self-discovery. He also talked about some of his encounters with beings made of colored lights that communicated through sound and melody."

What do you think? Will I now get more use from my cane?


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I'd have a lot to learn to fully digest even just this post, but I am curious how extending your body allows the access. Is it simply that e cannot muster that type of concentration and intent within our own bodies and thus need external focus?

UniqueNurseGranny said...

I know nothing more than this.i have not read his book nor decided to persue it further.I get the impression that what you said applies..

Niles J. Abercrumby said...

Of course Wands are real. You've probably got one within arms reach as you red this!!

-Neil Slade

Niles J. Abercrumby said...