Saturday, July 27, 2013

Past Lives and Interlives on C2C

"On Wednesday's show, the founder of Canada's leading hypnosis training facility and clinic, Georgina Cannon, discussed the power of hypnosis and how it can be used to access not only past lives, but 'interlives,' which have a profound impact on our well-being right now on the Earth plane. Hypnosis opens up access to the subconscious, and offers the chance to change its blueprint, she explained. Some 98% of the clients she's regressed have spoken of past lives, she added.

 One of her most fascinating cases involved a woman in her 60s, who lost her memory at age 17, when she woke up and found herself bruised and scratched on a park bench, with no ID cards or purse. Over the years, no one could ever find a trace of her family, and she couldn't travel without papers. Cannon regressed her back to the womb, and she suddenly remembered her name, and that she was one of six children. A week later she was in touch with a sister from North Carolina who'd been looking for her for years.

In a number of cases, information about past lives has been able to be verified. She described one case of a woman who regressed back to a life as Pavlova, the ballet dancer, and was able to cite extremely specific details and addresses. However, the vast majority of past lives that people recall are that of ordinary rather than famous individuals, she noted. The therapeutic aspect of past life recall sometimes allows people to rid themselves of troubling psychological or physical problems by finding their root cause. Cannon, who suffered from migraines, was regressed during her initial training to a past life as a beleaguered midwife who lived in a cave. After a birth went awry, the midwife was attacked by a man with a rock, who hit the left side of her head-- the area where she experienced her migraines.

The interlife is the space between lives-- the place that the soul goes to work on issues, or to rest and recuperate before reincarnating (the shortest rebirth time was 18 months, she said). After discovering their purpose in the interlife, the soul then chooses their body and family, Cannon continued (for more on the interlife, check out this video clip). Ultimately her goal in working with clients is to help them focus on their current situation, and to lead a healthy and happy life. For those interested in a hypnotic regression-like experience and aren't able to get to a facilitator, she offers an mp3 " Soul Journey" at her website store.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Flight Prophecy American Fkight 191

In May 1979, 23 year old David Booth, a Cincinnati office manager, had a well documented premonition, that came to him in a series of vivid dreams, regarding an American Airline crash.

Booth feverishly called the FAA and spoke with a representative of American Airlines. He told them in no vague terms that he had had a vision of an airplane going down in flames among tall buildings. Obviously, there was nothing that could be done even though the authorities were eventually convinced of Booth's seriousness and that he wasn't just trying to pull a joke or be a pain in the butt.

On May 26, 1979 Lindsay Wagner-famous at the time as the Bionic Woman-arrived at Chicago's famous O'Hare Airport. She was to board an American Airlines jet, but canceled at the last minute due to a sudden sick feeling that left her nauseous without any explanation. David Booth was perhaps not the only person who had the ability to foresee trouble aboard that American Airlines DC-10. Shortly after takeoff an engine fell off the plane, causing it to crash into buildings. Everyone aboard died.

With a sickening feeling, the authorities compared the details of the crash to David Booth's premonition. Although never seriously suspected of complicity they had little choice but to make sure he hadn't had a hand in causing his remarkable feat of foretelling the future to come true. The comparisons were enough to send shivers up and down the spine of anyone reading them. For all intensive purposes, David Booth had predicted with astonishing accuracy the disaster that took place at O'Hare Airport that day. Even so, the question of whether anything could possible have been done to prevent that disaster were immediately rejected. It was the only time in his life that anything of this magnitude had ever taken place and his inability to do anything to prevent him left him emotionally fragile.

In the book Mystics, Visionaries, and Prophets: A Historical Anthology of Women's Spiritual Writings it states "David Booth stopped having nightmares once the disaster had happened, but he continued to feel disturbed by the whole affair. 'How can you make sense of something like that?' he asked. 'There's no explanation for it. No meaning. No conclusion. It just doesn't make sense.'" - /

Monday, July 15, 2013

Toe Rings Are Nothing New!

Ancient Mummies Discovered With  Toe Rings
" Archaeologists have discovered two ancient Egyptian skeletons, dating back more than 3,300 years, which were each buried with a toe ring made of copper alloy, the first time such rings have been found in ancient Egypt.

The toe rings were likely worn while the individuals were still alive, and the discovery leaves open the question of whether they were worn for fashion or magical reasons.

Supporting the magical interpretation, one of the rings was found on the right toe of a male, age 35-40, whose foot had suffered a fracture along with a broken femur above it.

The male ancient Egyptian skeleton lived more than 3,300 years ago and died at the age of 35-40, before being buried with a ring on his right toe.
CREDIT: Photo courtesy the Amarna Project

 The findings do appear to be the first copper alloy toe rings discovered in ancient Egypt. "I'm not aware of any, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Bear in mind that if we found something like this in a house, for example, we would have no idea of its purpose,"Stevens wrote in an email toLiveScience.

A gold toe ring was previously found on a mummy named Hornedjitef, a priest at Karnak more than 2,200 years ago. The mummy, which resides at the British Museum, has a "thick gold ring on the big toe of his left foot," writes anthropologist Joyce Filer in her book "The Mystery of the Egyptian Mummy" (British Museum Press, 2003).

 He "showed signs of multiple antemortem [before his death] fractures, including of several ribs, the left radius, right ulna, right foot (on which the toe ring was found) and right femur," Stevens wrote. "The fracture of the right femur healed at an angle and must have caused this individual considerable ongoing pain."

The ring was placed on the toe of the injured foot, suggesting perhaps it was intended as a magical healing device of sorts.

"The act of 'binding' or 'encircling' was a powerful magical device in ancient Egypt, and a metal ring, which can be looped around something, lends itself well to this kind of action," Stevens said. "This is a possibility that we will look into further, checking through sources such as the corpus of magico-medical spells that have survived from ancient Egypt, to look for parallels."....

However, the skeleton of the second individual with the toe ring, found in 2012, bore no visible signs of a medical condition. Stevens notes that this individual has yet to be studied in depth by bio-archaeologists and its sex is unknown.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The White Owl

By Chris Holly - My experience with the paranormal started when I was a small child. I have partial memories of strange events happening going back to age three or four. I have clear recall of odd encounters from about the age of seven on. I also recall something else that I never connected with my experiences with the unknown until I read about it on the internet by others who shared the same experience.

Of course this can be attributed to the fact that I was raised and by choice also as an adult always lived in a country or suburban area that included lots of trees and open land. That is why I never thought it was odd, in fact I thought everyone saw them all the time as I did, until I started to ask around that is.

Owls, I always saw and heard owls, mainly white owls, wherever I lived. As a child I had a beautiful white owl that would visit me outside my bedroom window at night. From 1958 until I was a teen I lived in Great River, New York.

We lived a in a large two story home with my bedroom on the second floor facing a wooded area in the back of the house. At night while waiting to fall asleep in my bed I would hear an owl hoot away. Often being a kid I would crawl to my window that was next to my bed and try to make a hooting sound back. I would look out my window where I would see a beautiful white owl perched on a big old oak tree that stood outside my bedroom window. As a country kid at the time I did not think anything about this. I told my parents who said: “That’s nice” and we all went about life without much fanfare concerning the large white owl constantly outside my bedroom window. My parents had a bunch of kids and my guess is that they were not listening or believing me when I told them about the owl. Once as an adult I questioned my mother who was by then in her 80s about that owl and she told me she remembered me mentioning it a few times but thought I was confused and it was just a dove or something. I thought that was odd but my mother was not one to investigate things so that explanation did fit with her personality.

When my mother realized I was actually seeing a white owl all those times as a child she looked at me sort of shocked and admitted she never really believed that it was true. A lesson for us all I suppose is to listen to our kids and look when they report seeing something. After asking a friend who worked for a large state park that was backed up to the hamlet of Great River I found out that not many white owls were seen in that area at that time. That did not change the fact I saw one and heard one nearly every night for many years while growing up on the river.

I still did not think much about any of this or how odd it might be. My life continued as did my connection with owls. I recall seeing white owls in every house I lived my entire life. Once when I was in my 30s and living in East Islip, New York close to where I lived as a child I gave a holiday party in December for my friends. I had a large window on the side of my living room facing my driveway which was lined with trees. One of my friends walked over to the window as it had started to lightly snow when she yelped: “Oh my god look at this giant white owl!” The people attending my party all ran over to look out the window and there on a branch close to the window sat a large absolutely beautiful large white owl. It sat there on the gray tree limb with snow falling gently around it looking more like an oil painting than a real creature. My guests were fascinated by the owl as it was the first white owl they had ever seen one up close and could not get over how it simply sat there staring back through the window at us. My group of friends stood looking at this owl in silence until one of them broke the silence by asking if the owl was “creeping anyone else out?” A few of my friends admitted they had an uncomfortable feeling as the owl peered through the window at them. I thought it was strange they had never seen a white owl before and equally strange they thought it was creepy. I had seen them literally all my life including a few times at the house I was in when this event at the party happened. I thought everyone on Long Island saw white owls all the time. It was at that party that I realized it was not a frequent event for other people.

I was fully aware that I experienced strange events in my life that other people did not however it was really not until that party that I understood seeing white owls may be part of the other high strangeness that occurred during my life time. I thought hard about it and did come up with a few times I clearly recalled the visits from an owl coincided with a time I encountered a lost time event or was witness to either an orb or unidentified craft in the sky. Still I could not fully connect the owls and the events.

Once in the 1970s while living in Schweinfurt, Germany I was walking home alone from the town markets to the apartment building I was living in at the time. It was early fall and it was that time of day just before nightfall when it is just sort of still and gray. I was walking along a tree lined street carrying my bags of food for that night’s dinner when I heard the familiar hoot of an owl. I looked up and there in a tree next to where I was walking sat a large owl. He was not as white as the owls I usually saw but he was big and did have many white feathers. He looked at me and I looked at him and I kept on walking. There were not many other people out and about that day so I picked up my speed and nearly ran home with my bundles. I did think at the time that seeing this owl was a bit strange but I did not know what to do about it. About 3 weeks or so after seeing that owl I had a very strange event occur with another lost time event along with a run in in my apartment building with extremely strange beings. Now years later I finally understand that all of these things may be connected.

I have been reading on the internet that others who have witnessed UFO ‘s or who have had abduction events take place in their lives also have been known to see owls a few have seen white owls or connect owls to those experiences.

I have read many things concerning seeing owls from it being a warnings or type of message as well as being connected to alien abduction. The fact I have suffered from many lost time events in my life and have seen unidentified crafts in my past does give me pause when I think about how I have seen white owls my entire life too. I know now if I run across another owl to take extreme precautions to prevent in any way I can from having another lost time event or strange experience as frankly I have had my quota and do not intend to have any more. I will use a sighting of an owl as my warning to take action and trust me I will do all I can to prevent another strange encounter.

I did not think too much about this until this past winter. I was sitting here in my office writing. My desk is against a large picture window overlooking a wooded section of my property. I was working away on my keyboard when something outside caught my attention. It was a bright moonlit night and I looked out where I sensed something moving . There in a tree a large magnificent white owl was sitting on a low tree branch looking back at me. I immediately called my husband who came in and watched as the owl looked at us as we stood at the window looking at the owl. My husband thought it was strange to see a white owl this far south but knew they did exist. I paid close attention to this visit and my family and I took extreme precautions with leaving lots of lights on inside and out at all times as well as making sure I was not alone or caught in a situation that could offer a time for me to find myself dealing with another lost time or strange event. We followed this lifestyle of precaution for a very long time and to date I have been without harm. I will trust the owls to warn me from now on as frankly what else can I do?