Saturday, August 30, 2008


A talented Etsy artist Terireeswang recently shared an experience while visiting France.Just goes to show ghostly "surprises" may be anywhere.
Her work is featured in the video here.(The video is also posted on You Tube) but no doubt you w8ill want to see her shop and the other interesting work there.Find her at

Here is her story in her own words:
"We traveled with friends to visit a family in France.
The house is older than the United States of America!
We all stayed up stairs, the family down stairs; too big.

We settled in, went to bed, and the guy with the white wig and tights tried to get in too!...
I told him, " you go, my Husband is right there"!
I pushed him off and out he went dancing through the open window. Asked my husband if he saw, he was already snoring.

Woke up, went down stairs,...they all asked how we slept.
I said, "fine after I sent the ghost on his way..."

Arguing in French, then translated..."What did he look like"?... I relayed. Then, "My Mother always tells us about him, but we never believe her. But, that's why we don't sleep upstairs"! Now she has proof."


Now that was an unexpected addition to her trip wouldn't you say...Thank you Terri

An Etsy Artist Spends A Haunted Night In France

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Marcy Does Not Believe In Ghosts

Marcy is a young LPN in the Midwest. She has worked in three different Nursing Homes in her area.She says "I don't believe in ghosts,but I am scared of them."

She left the last two jobs because of "A black blob." It seems that which ever shift she may be working she encountered a misty like dark cloud that moved.
"Once I was in the hall and saw it at the Nurses Station...Then I saw it peeping around the corner of the hall.It just sort of floated around there as if it was watching me.It was really creepy...The same thing happened at the other place except there it was at one particular room and just peeping at me. Other people saw it too, it wasn't just me. They laughed at me though because I was scared. It felt creepy just having the thing look at me.Are these things at all Nursing Homes? I have changed jobs twice now."

No, Marcy, of all the Nursing homes I have been associated with including the 168 in SC when I was an inservice consultant, no one ever mentioned anything like you describe.I have asked the staff at many because it seems to me a likely place for earthbound spirits to appear.There is a lot of sadness,lonliness and pain in those settings,But very few seem to have resident ghosts. I, of course believe in ghosts.It is easy to understand how you felt.A lot of people share your view.Your "blob" seems to be harmless enough even if you felt spooked by it.

I wonder though since this has happened twice to you in different settings if there is a message in the experience for you.You may be what is considered "A sensitive".

What do you think? Is it a ghost in each place or is it following Marcy?

Monday, August 25, 2008

God And Aliens?

Do Atheists Believe In Aliens?

I heard some UFO believers talking recently about if Aliens began life on this planet as many believe then it would end Religion as we know it.After hearing this, I disagree.It seems to me that both may coexist without difficulty.
Have you wondered whether Atheists who deny God's existence believe in Aliens? Are there any articles or studies about that? I would like to know more.I really only know two or three who do not believe in God and they are not the type of people with whom discussing UFO's seems easy.I am a strong believer in God although not active in organized religion.
Many of my Baptist and Methodist associates now and as I was younger do not think believing in Aliens "is Christian"I do not agree with that either.Maybe it is a personal choice,but the God in whom I believe is quite capable of creating life and worlds with evolution,aliens or whatever. What do you think?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Germans Or Aliens?

Well, maybe you are not aware of one of the recent topics circulated whether you believe in Aliens or not.There has been a lot of discussion the past few years about much of our new technology being a reverse engineering of that discovered in the supposed crash of a UFO in Roswell New Mexico in 1947.The "crash" is not acknowledged,of course,by the US Government hence one of the biggest debates of all times.
The latest addition is being featured in the Coast To Coast Radio show.More details at
In essence, the idea is the craft may have been developed by the Germans not aliens as an off shoot of their rocket work.The US then in providing employment for those German Scientists leading to the Atomic Bomb development also benefited from their other talents and interest including anti-gravity work....What do you think? Is it another conspiratory theory?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Old Bridge

In the mountains of rural Georgia there is an old bridge built in the 1800;s.The son of a prominent family of Savannah had moved his new wife to the area.He built a lovely new home for her on a scenic hill just above the river.She was quite lonely there missing the social life of the city and her many friends..The nearest neighbor was several miles away.She put on a cheerful appearance and became known for her good works helping the children of the area learn to read.She most of all wanted her piano and planned to teach them to play.

Shortly after the birth of their first child,her husband arranged for the piano to be sent up from Savannah.She was worried about getting it across the bridge and up the steep hill,but very excited it was coming.Several times a day she would take the baby down to the bridge and watch for the piano to arrive.

One particularly cold morning as the young mother and baby were standing at the side of the bridge, the horse drawn wagon with the piano finally came and was crossing the bridge carefully.One of the horses slipped hitting the other who tangled in the harness and fell.The piano overturned.The driver was thrown from the wagon.She screamed and ran to help the driver but slid herself.She and the baby were killed in a fall into the cold river.

The bridge is still used today.Often people say they see a light or sometimes the image of a woman on the bridge in the winter nights.She still is waiting for her piano,the locals say.

Monday, August 18, 2008

An Old NC Ghost Story

Here is an old ghost NC ghost story from

The Ship of Fire

On a certain evening every year, at the mouth of the wide Neuse River, a large bright object speeds into view. It looks like a sailing ship being destroyed by fire, its deck and masts in blazing outline. The apparition disappears, then reappears, then again disappears for another year. It burns furiously but is not consumed.

It is the ship of the Palatines. The Palatines were a group of German Protestants who left England in 1710 to settle New Bern. As the vessel crossed the Atlantic, the prosperous Palatines, pretending to be poor, hid their gold coins and silver dishes from the eyes of the ship's sinister captain and crew. When the Palatines caught sight of the shore which they believed to be their future home, so excited were they that up from the hold and out from hiding places came all their belongings in preparation for landing. Unwisely displayed on the deck was their precious wealth, all of it in full view of the corrupt captain and his first mate.

Quickly the captain formed a plan. He announced to the passengers than no landing could be made until the morrow. The disappointed Palatines once more hid their valuables and lay down to a sound sleep in anticipation of soon landing at their destination. When all was quiet, the captain gathered his crew together and revealed to them his plan. They would murder every Palatine aboard--the young and the old, the women and children as well as the men--then gather together the gold and silver, set afire the ship filled with its dead, and escape in the lifeboats.

The strike was sudden. Many Palatines were knifed before they awoke and in a very few moments every one of them was dead. As planned, the ship was set afire, and the murderers pushed off in the small boats. From a distance they looked back at the ship. It burned brighter and brighter, the brilliant blaze of the fire shooting into the air, but the vessel did not sink into the water. And then the thing began to move.

"It continued to burn all night," according to an old account, "--speeding on with the wind,--now passing out from sight, and anon, visible, flaming forever, back again, on the very spot where the crime had been committed. With the dawn of day, it had ceased to burn,--but there it stood, erect as ever, with the spars, sails, masts, unconsumed,--everything in place, but everything blackened, charred." At sundown the flames leaped up again--"a ship on fire that would not burn!"

The frightened murderers could bear no more. They abandoned their boats on the bank of the river and fled into the forest. There they and their descendants lived on their "ill-gotten spoils." To this day the crime has not been avenged, and so every year on a certain evening the burning ship appears off New Bern, and so it will continue to appear till the blood of the Palatines has been paid for in kind.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Some responses to the Bigfoot Press Conference.

Of the majority of people who were discussing the Bigfoot press conference all thought it was a fake.Te majority referred to it being a gorillia's costume.Five spoke about the DNA being a hoax.Three thought the teeth were far too white to be real.One person thought a better costume could have been made.One did not believe in Bigfoot's existence.One mentioned that in British Columbia there is discussion of a law protecting the species which appeals to me.Although not an avid many sightings have been made everywhere that seems like a forward thinking plan when one is discovered.
Apparently a scientist in Japan is heading an expedition to the Himilayas to search for a Yeti there which he sighted in 2003.The search continues...back to ghosts here this week.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Scandal Or...?Bigfoot ?

Those millions of Big Foot followers by the several names the mysterious creature is known are in an uproar about a recent happening.If you are a follower of the radio program Coast To Coast AM , this is not new to you.Several shows this week and earlier discussed the current debate.Two hunters in the North Georgia Mountains claim to have found a body of one .They were to have a press conference yesterday but the body was not presented at that time.There is a grain photo of something in a freezer ,The major thought is that it is a Gorilla costume stuffed....the debate goes on.One of the guys is a police officer on Administrative leave at that...Here is a link to the radio show site:

Bigfoot has never been of much interest to me, but this did capture my attention.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Haunting Or A Happening?

Mr. J was a very big man,over six feet tall and about 220 pounds.He was a retired fireman.Two of his most prized possessions were a handmade leather belt with a large silver buckle,and a battered well worn Stetson hat.These he wore every day at the Assisted Living facility where he spent his last two years.He was a favorite of the staff and others there.Loud ,funny,and always with a good word or compliment.He was though, preoccupied with the possibility of a fire.Often he roamed the halls and rooms" just checking,darlin' don' need a far,gotch lots of old folk hyear."He never found one.
He was missed and mourned after his death at age 90.

Almost four months after his death,Myra was preparing the medicines to distribute when she ran out of the Med Room and said"Come here and look,quick..."There in the locked medicine room was Mr.J's old hat set in the middle of the counter.To the disbelief of the two nurses watching,the hat disappeared.

They did not mention it for several days until Al,reporting for the night shift, said the staff had been finding Mr.J's belt in Mrs.T's room twice a night the last two nights even though they would bring it out and put it in the Med room.

They were beginning to get spooked.Myra told them of the hat incident.Al pondered "What the Hell is going on?"That night they found out.

Around 3AM the hat appeared at the Nurses desk while two staff were making rounds.It began to float down the hall.Al yelled "Hey" and chased it.One of the staff members watched with open mouth...The hat, with Al close behind, went into Mrs.T's room.The hat went right through the closed door.When Al got into the room, he found the trash container and one curtain blazing.The room had been checked less than five minutes before.

A quick blast from the extinguisher put out the fire.An unconscious Mrs T was brought out and revived.It seems she was a secret smoker and threw her cigarette in the trash when she heard the staff coming to check her room.She pretended to be asleep.The trash flamed up and caught the curtain on fire.Apparently she fainted as the fire caught and a hat floated through the door.

So was it a haunting?Was it a kindly protective spirit happening to warn the staff?What are your thoughts?
Now, the staff are alerted if the belt and/or hat is sighted to be on the look out for a fire...

Monday, August 11, 2008

More About Orbs

Here are some thoughts about orbs and pictures of orbs from two different sources.
Orbs are usually circular balls of light. Most are usually white orbs though often orbs are red and many other colours. Some orbs appear to have images and faces within them. The orb can be a paranormal phenomenon but most of the orbs caught on cameras may have an earthly explanation.

What is the cause of real Orbs?

"One popular orbs theory is that the orb is the energy being transferred from a source such as power lines, heat, batteries and so on. Energy like a globule of water in zero gravity is drawn together to form a sphere. Orbs may also have something to do with human bio energy and may be an effect of the energy of the aura. I have certainly seen orbs around people's heads when I am making a spirit link. There is one instance that I have described in detail in my book "Protecting the Soul" in which Jane and me saw a brilliant ball of light -an orb about the size of a football- appear in the middle of the room. It was astonishing and in this instance we believe that it may have been a protective spirit. The difference between this spirit light phenomena and orbs caught on camera is that spirit lights can be seen with the naked aye and by everyone present.
ORBS in graveyardWhat are the Orbs we see in ghost photos?
a strange ball seems to float across the picture. Now it is quite possible that this is a paranormal phenomenon but it is probably more likely to be dust. Similarly if someone is smoking nearby then the smoke may well appear to look like spooks. I have spoken in the past to a camera man from the programme Most Haunted who claimed that the supposed phenomena on the programme simply mislead people and took advantage of camera effects known to most cameramen.
Is there such a thing as a real orb?
In some rare instances the orbs that appear on camera are hard to explain. For example why do orbs appear when a healer extends their powers but are absent when they stop healing. Why too do photographs of mediums working also result in photographs of orbs. And why do large numbers of orbs appear at spiritually significant events under conditions that would normally not allow for orbs to be created by dust, moisture or faulty cameras?"

"When we coined the term "orb" back in 1994, it was to explain the shape of any anomalies including dust and pollen orbs, as well as the supernatural anomalies that we were capturing with film and digital format. We never thought that our coined term "orb" would translate to mean all orbs are ghostly.

We created the Orb Theory based on the findings of our field investigations and through our research. We discovered that a spiritual orb represented the soul of a departed person. The soul being the essence of who they were in life, complete with their intelligence, their emotions and their personality. The orb or sphere is common in our every day lives. The earth and moon are spheres. Our blood cells are sphere shaped. The vision of Black Elk describes hoops within hoops. We use the symbol of the circle to represent eternal existence, with no beginning nor end.

We teach that a spirit is represented in an orb configuration pattern. When the spirit is moving about, its shape is an orb with a contrail, but when it comes to rest, meaning that it is no longer in motion, the spirit energy that is compressed within the orb is released and this spirit energy expands into what we call Ecto-Vapor or Ectoplasm. Often an orb will contain more than one soul and when its spirit energy is released, multiple orbs flow forth from the single orb. The orb may be observed as a small white ball of light shooting through a room and through a wall. When recorded on film, the orb size is often confused because the photo is only 2D and its size is dependent on how far from the lens the orb is when captured by the camera.
Spirit orbs are most often confused with similar shaped anomalies that occur in nature, such as dust particles, grass, tree, or weed pollen, moisture, ice crystals, snow flakes, rain drops and other weather related anomalies. Since each area of our world produces different anomalies, it is prudent and necessary that a base line be established prior to any investigations. For example, I use a Sony DSC-T70 digital camera (8.1 megapixel) that treats dust particles as a diamond shaped anomaly whileSharon's Kodak Z650 digital camera (6.0 megapixel) will show that same anomaly in a hexagon shape. Learn how your own camera treats dust or pollen. Ghosts are everywhere, but not captured as clusters of orbs found in most photographs submitted to us. Common sense is very important in ghost research. Conduct investigations sampling natural non-spirit anomalies and see how your camera displays these anomalies."

Sunday, August 10, 2008

What About Orbs?

Most who have watched Ghost Hunters or read about ghosts have become familiar with the udea of orbs.Generally for many years the round balls of light have been associated with spirit presence.When I was little about 7,over 50 years ago, my Grandma got eggs from our next neighbors who lived about a quarter of a mile up the road.My job was to walk up and get them.I always stayed a long while to play with the two boys who were just a year and two older.One thing they enjoyed the most was to tell me stories of the "Haints" in the house up the road.One evening at dusk just before I started home, they told of "The three big red balls of fire" their father saw and called them to look at which went in and out of the front windows of that old decrepit house.When I collected the two dozen eggs and started toward home,I was terrified.Clutching the eggs tightly I hurried along.When crossing the bridge, a car went by the headlights had spooked mr more, and apparently the driver braked on the bridge seeing mr standing there.BIG red lights.I screamed threw the eggs down and ran for home,sure the "haints" were after me....My first introduction to orbs?
I am among those that believe a "true" orb does represent the ghostly spirit.Some things from the internet were interesting along that line.This and the next post will center on those sources.

Here is a quote from one site:
"...Ghostly orbs are the most photographed anomalies caught on film by ghost hunters and are quite photogenic (when they want to be). They can be completely transparent or display themselves in a bright solid form. It is not hard to capture them on film in their circular form. It is theorized that ghosts prefer the form of an Orb (ball of light) because it takes less energy thus being the mode of choice among the ghosts. The consensus is that small orbs take up the least amount of energy and apparitions and other fuller shapes take up the most. In the colder parts of the year, it seems that ghosts tend to find it easier to take on shapes other than orbs. That's when there is the most static electricity in the atmosphere. Those months being October through February. It is also believed that they are able to draw on our own energy when needed. I've listed these ways but there are obviously many ways for ghosts to draw energy from the atmosphere and environment but I won't take the time for that here."

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Crystal Skulls

There are some additional interesting videos on You Tube about the crystal skulls.It must be the opening of the movie that has rekindled interest.

For Coast to Coast radio fans there is a program from there.It runs around 10 minutes.

The one from Scarey For Kids which is one of my favorite sources is a rehash of the original discussion here, though so am not including that link.Their videos are good.if you want to check it out.

I have not seen the movie yet.Have you?Hear it is great...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Is Grandma In The Kitchen?

My Grandma who raised me from age 4 was a very kind Christian woman.We lived on a farm so there was always too much work to be done.Canning and cooking when water had to be carried up from the creek was especially trying not to mention doing the family wash.She always found time to help any of the neighbors who might be sick,cook a big noon meal on Sunday when most of her 6 children and their families might come to visit, and to read aloud to us by the lamplight at night.She worked hard all her life and was much adored by all who knew her.She was a strong and independent woman.

When my mother remarried I had to go live with her and my new father in a city about 4 hours away.We visited about every six weeks for the Sunday Dinner.My aunt and her family lived with "Granny and Gramp." and took care of them for their remaining years.In those later years, Granny developed Parkinson's along with some heart difficulties. She did not let that stop her and my kindly aunt understood.

Although it might take her hours,Granny carefully washed and put away the silverware after the meal.Hands shaking so she might only manage one or two pieces at a time,she worked on.It hurt my Aunt Sally to watch but she knew it was important to her mother to be able to do something around the house.

Several weeks after her death,on a weekend I happened to be there. we heard a lot of banging from the kitchen.Aunt Sal and I hurried in to see what was going on, but it was not the kids.The silverware drawer was banging closed as it opened and closed.Then as we stood wide eyed, the dishes came floating out of the cabinet and on to the table.The six places we would need for breakfast were set.It then got quiet again.

The next day, it happened again for the Sunday Dinner with the twelve places set since we were expecting additional family to come.

My Grandpa who would not often acknowledge it had psychic abilities as did one of my aunts.We told him about it and that we thought it was Granny.Later that day as I was bringing in some drinking water from the spring, I found Gramp in the kitchen sitting at the table.This was most unusual as he never did that other than at mealtime.His head was bowed.Thinking he was praying,I quietly set down the bucket and stood there.Then, I heard him say softly, "It's OK Norrie.We are getting along.We do miss you."He got up abruptly and left for a walk.

There were no more sounds or table settings after that...

Monday, August 4, 2008

Mysterious Lights Recently Sighted

From a site I read recently,

A story from August 3 asks "Did you see the Lights In Sheffield?"

MYSTERIOUS coloured lights spotted floating over Sheffield on Saturday night have left residents - and police - puzzled.
Eyewitness reports vary about the strange sightings with some people saying they saw around 10 orange lights in the sky while others spotted up to 100 green lights floating around the Meadowhall area.

John and Angela Crookes watched the lights
for around five minutes in Shiregreen after they were alerted to the unusual sight by a bemused neighbour"

Apparently the lights were not making noise nor flashing but just clustered.One report indicated they saw green lights.Several said there were as many as a dozen clustered together moving about the sky..

It asks anyone who saw the lights to contact the paper.No mention of or reference to UFO's is made.Wonder if this is the start of yet another mysterious lights setting???

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mysterious Lights Of Brown Mountain

Brown Mountain lies in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Parkway with an elevation of only 2,600 feet. The Brown Mountain Lights of Burke County, near Morganton NC, have intrigued residents and visitors for hundreds of years. The lights are mentioned in local Native American mythology, and by Geraud de Brahm, a German engineer and the first white man to explore the region, in 1771. The lights have been described in many ways from being a glowing ball of fire, to being a bursting skyrocket, or a pale almost white light. The fact that they never seem the same is as fantastic as the lights themselves. At times they seem to drift slowly, fading and brightening and at other times they seem to whirl like pinwheels, then dart rapidly away.

The Cherokee Indians were familiar with these lights as far back as the year 1200. According to Indian legend, a great battle was fought that year between the Cherokee and Catawba Indians near Brown Mountain. The Cherokees believed that the lights were the spirits of Indian maidens who went on searching through the centuries for their husbands and sweethearts who had died in the battle. Early frontiersman believed that the lights were the spirits of Cherokee and Catawba warriors slain in an ancient battle on the mountainside. Some say the lights are just a troop of candle-bearing ghosts destined to walk back and forth across the mountain forever.

One of the legends explaining the Brown Mountain Lights was of a planter from the low country who traveled to the mountains to hunt, and became lost. One of his slaves came to look for him and was seen searching through the hills with a lantern, night after night. Now, according to the legend, the old slave is gone, but his spirit remains and the old lantern still casts it's light.

Another such legend is of a woman who disappeared about 1850, the general suspicion was that her husband had killed her. Almost everyone in the community joined the search for her and one dark night while the search was on the strange lights appeared on Brown Mountain. Some of the searchers thought that this was the dead woman's spirit come back to haunt her murderer and warn the searchers to stop looking for her body. The search ended without a trace of her body, but long years afterwards a pile of bones was found under a cliff and were identified as the skeleton of the missing woman.

Of the many scientific theories made to explain the Brown Mountain Lights, none have been proven. Some suggest that the lights are caused by a combination of several minerals and gases in the area. One geologist suggested that possibly deposits of radioactive uranium ore in the area may be responsible for producing the lights. Another suggests phosphorus, but this element oxidizes quickly and is not found here. Pitchblende Ore, from which radium is derived, has been mentioned, but the rays from radium are invisible.

Some scientists have advanced the theory that the lights are a mirage. Through some peculiar atmospheric condition they believe the glowing balls are reflections from Hickory, Lenoir, and other towns in the area. The only drawback to this theory is that the lights were clearly seen before the War between the States, long before electricity was used to produce light.

The Brown Mountain Lights are a somewhat rare occurrence, and are not always visible. To see the lights you need good visibility between your viewpoint and Brown Mountain. Clear weather conditions with little or no moonlight are the most favorable for viewing the lights, but the lights have been seen during hazy conditions and light rain. The lights have been reported to be seen at all hours of the night between sundown and sunrise, but the best noted times are at 10:00 PM and 2:00 AM. The locals also say they are much more prominent in the months of September and October.

One thing is certain, the lights do exist. They have been seen from earliest times. They appear at irregular intervals over the top of Brown Mountain. They move erratically up and down, are visible at a distance, but vanish as one climbs the mountain. From the Wiseman's View on Linville Mountain the lights can be seen well. They at first appear to be about twice the size of a star as they come over Brown Mountain. Sometimes they have a reddish or blue cast. On dark nights they pop up so thick and fast it's impossible to count them.


Friday, August 1, 2008

Ghosts Of Winchester A Short From You tube

The Winchester Mansion..Haunted?

The tale of the very strange Winchester Mansion is a well known story.There are, however two or three versions of the origin of the mystery.

Sarah Winchester endured the unexpected deaths of her only son and her husband.This was a devastating experience for her.In late 1884, the heiress of the Winchester Rifle business began the construction of one of the most bizarre houses known.It is said she moved to that location to begin a new life.Some reports say she was directed to move there by a Native American Shaman who said this was the area for building the house.So many people had been killed by the guns there was a curse on her.The only way her death with the curse could be avoided was to continually use the money and constantly build on the never to be finished house.

Another version says that the spirits she communicated with nightly told her she must fool the spirits haunting her by confusing them with the house so she could not be found for their revenge.

It is said that there was a special structured seance room with no windows and one entrance only, where she conducted a seance nightly at midnight.It is also said she slept in a different room each night until her death at age 85.

Apparently construction, often including tearing out and reconstructing, continued day and night until her death.The result was a very strange structure in San Jose,CA with some 750 rooms,halls and spaces being built then torn down.One author says 160 rooms remain.Stairs lead to nowhere,doors open into walls and small and varied spaces are sandwiched in between.

It is commonly stated that the fortune grew for decades as the building and spirit communication continued.In later years,some say the funds began to dwindle.Sarah Winchester although famous refused all social contact except for servants (and perhaps a few others ?) Teddy Roosevelt wanted to visit and came to the house,but was not allowed to enter,it is said.

Be that as it may, she died of natural causes amidst servants and construction workers as the only mourners.In the large safe, there was only a lock of her husband's hair and a small picture of her son.

Some say she haunts the home, others say a particular couple who faithfully served her does while some mediums report seeing a Native American circle within the seance room...

I have never visited although it is a popular place on the "Haunted" tours.Would like to.I find her a sad tragic figure whether she is there or not...