Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Marcy Does Not Believe In Ghosts

Marcy is a young LPN in the Midwest. She has worked in three different Nursing Homes in her area.She says "I don't believe in ghosts,but I am scared of them."

She left the last two jobs because of "A black blob." It seems that which ever shift she may be working she encountered a misty like dark cloud that moved.
"Once I was in the hall and saw it at the Nurses Station...Then I saw it peeping around the corner of the hall.It just sort of floated around there as if it was watching me.It was really creepy...The same thing happened at the other place except there it was at one particular room and just peeping at me. Other people saw it too, it wasn't just me. They laughed at me though because I was scared. It felt creepy just having the thing look at me.Are these things at all Nursing Homes? I have changed jobs twice now."

No, Marcy, of all the Nursing homes I have been associated with including the 168 in SC when I was an inservice consultant, no one ever mentioned anything like you describe.I have asked the staff at many because it seems to me a likely place for earthbound spirits to appear.There is a lot of sadness,lonliness and pain in those settings,But very few seem to have resident ghosts. I, of course believe in ghosts.It is easy to understand how you felt.A lot of people share your view.Your "blob" seems to be harmless enough even if you felt spooked by it.

I wonder though since this has happened twice to you in different settings if there is a message in the experience for you.You may be what is considered "A sensitive".

What do you think? Is it a ghost in each place or is it following Marcy?


HotHeaded said...

Well I think there might have been. The nursing home I worked at people saw and heard things all the time. Several of the clients would complain about the kids playing in the hall keeping them up at night. Of course there were none. A few of the aides have said they have seen people sitting in a chair or walking down the hall only to find out that no one was there. It gave me the hebee jebees.

Gwennie said...

Sounds like it's time to call Bubba Ho-tep.

UniqueNurseGranny said...

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gwennie,should we go for it>Who is that am I out of the loop again?

jessicajane said...

hmm, do i believe in ghosts? i have never seen one, not that i know iof..well ive seens tuff out of the corner of my eyes but i usually thinks its just my eyes playing tricks on me. i am very interested in the paranormal but i havent experienced anything for years. my sister has seen stuff at the apt we lived at when we were in school, but i only heard and felt things..never saw anything.

Carol said...

Very interesting. See my comment above!!