Monday, August 4, 2008

Mysterious Lights Recently Sighted

From a site I read recently,

A story from August 3 asks "Did you see the Lights In Sheffield?"

MYSTERIOUS coloured lights spotted floating over Sheffield on Saturday night have left residents - and police - puzzled.
Eyewitness reports vary about the strange sightings with some people saying they saw around 10 orange lights in the sky while others spotted up to 100 green lights floating around the Meadowhall area.

John and Angela Crookes watched the lights
for around five minutes in Shiregreen after they were alerted to the unusual sight by a bemused neighbour"

Apparently the lights were not making noise nor flashing but just clustered.One report indicated they saw green lights.Several said there were as many as a dozen clustered together moving about the sky..

It asks anyone who saw the lights to contact the paper.No mention of or reference to UFO's is made.Wonder if this is the start of yet another mysterious lights setting???

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