Monday, June 30, 2008

What About Demons?

Ed and Lorraine gained fame as investigating The Amityville Horror which brought controversial recogniation as a Paranormal event.Some are convinced it was a fraud others that it was an actual occurrence.If you have watched the programs Paranormal State or A Haunting you know that the investigators there often believe in demon possession.
The story shared about "after effects of the ouija board" and that of FigurativeHarmony make me seriously think of that as possible.Do you think these were more related to demons than to ghosts?

A recent true experience of a well in the backyard of a rental house is a case in point.The well was considered a portal.The demons were more interested in the children ages 8 and 14 than the adults.When the father challenged the spirit to attack him instead, he was seized with shortness of breath and shaking.The priest who later performed an exorcism om the home said he should not challenge a demonic presence.
Before the exorcism, the son attacked the father with a knife but was wrestled down.The father started toward the mother stopped only by a flash from the crucifix the mother was holding..The Warrens assisted with this family.(It was before Ed Warren's death.)
On entering the house for the first time,Lorraine Warren felt several presences including one who she described as being angry ,standing inches from her face staring with pure evil..It ended with a lengthy service which included several attacks,involved several demons within the son, but was eventually resolved.

Spooky stuff that I would not want to endure.What are your thoughts?Do you believe in Demons?Do you believe that if you encounter demons and move, they will follow you?

Saturday, June 28, 2008


FigurativeHatmony Gets Freaked Out

FigurativeHarmony is a multi talented Etsy Artist.The video shows work from her first shop.Come to find out she has a second one ,also, with some outstanding rings.Here is what she says about herself and her crafts as she discusses her shop:
"i am a lover of all arts and crafts...i went to edinboro university...and i really loved gets you out of the real world...and lets you create your own

i hope you are excited as i am about my paintings...
i like doing abstract portraits of actresses from the 20's through the 50's and 60's....
all prints are available in all sizes...just convo me for prices
i also love to make jewlery and work with metal....
you can check out my second shop
i hope you are excited as i am about my paintings...
i like doing abstract portraits of actresses from the 20's through the 50's and 60's....
all prints are available in all sizes...just convo me for prices
i also love to make jewlery and work with metal....
you can check out my second shop"

You will probably want to see everything at

Here is the story she shared withh us.
"i love ghost stories....mine is long...but so freaky....

i was at my cousins house....staying the night...i went with her busband and a couple of my brothers friends out in the woods to drink...(i was about 20) brothers friend had a huge crush on me...(he was 16)...way too young...and he was drunk...we got back to the house...the boys passed out in the other room...and i slept in her son's room...(he slept with her)
i fell asleep...and awoke to someone putting thier hand in my crotch...i yelled and threw my arm back...and only hit the wall...i thought it was my brothers friend screwing around and told him to stop...i fell back asleep...and it happened again...i kicked my leg back...and all i hit was the wall...i started to get so i got out of bed to turn the lamp on...
as i went to turn the knob...someone under the blanket crawled on the floor staying under the blanket...and it unplugged the lamp before i could turn the light on...i was just freaked out...i ran see if the boys were asleep...they were all passed out...i tried to wake up my cousin...she was passed out...
i went in the room and it was gone...
so i locked the bedroom door...and tried to go back to sleep...
the door flung open...and there was a shadowy thing with a white face crawling on the floor toward the bed...
it didn't have facial features...just outlines...
i got up and was swearing at it...telling it to leave me stood up...and we were face to face...i said do you want me to wake up my cousin...and it shrugged its shoulders...i said in god's name you leave me alone...and it ran into the living room and then the kitchen...i didn't see it again....i finally woke up my cousins husband and told him what happened...he said as i was talking to eyes were bright green....i have dark brown eyes...
well after that...i think it or something else follwed me back home...
i could not sleep in my room alone after that...i tried and i always felt someone standing over my i would bring my dog in...and he would always stand right up and stare out into my room with his ears perked...
si i slept with my sister for a while...
my mom asked what was up...i told her...she went into my room and she felt something in we blessed the doors and was gone after that"
Wow.A frwaky experience.Thank you FigurativeHarmony.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ann Rule Mentions A Ghost In Texas

As an avid reader,Ann Rule, a talented True Crime writer is among my favorite authors.To my surprise in her book that I recently read there was a brief mention of a ghost story.

Every Breath You Take, is about a murder of a young mother,there appeared a ghost story unrelated to the account (except as a reference to San Antonio,Texas).It was of interest to me. So will share it here.
Would like to know more about it,if anyone has more information..
(page 170.)

The area is described as a lesser known attraction in San Antonio.she says it is at a railroad crossing in the south of town.A single track surrounded by trees,bushes,weeds,crushed beer cans and other debris.Locals proudly say it is haunted and frequently gather there on the weekends.Always Halloween has a big turnout.It is told that a schoolbus full of children stalled on the track as a train roared in and struck it. Several .streets in the area have the names of children which reinforces the myth.

Believers and doubters gather there.They sprinkle talcum powder on the car trunks then park about 100 feet from the tracks.
The author states, ":Even with their engines turned off,their cars drift toward the railroad crossing, gathering a burst of speed as the tires rumble over thr ties.On the other side everyone jumps out to study the rear of their vehicles.Sure enough there are tiny handprints there.Ghosts of dead children trying to save others_or imagination?"

Neat .What is unclear to me is does the driver stay in the car?Does it happen to all or only some?Wouldn't you like to know more?Maybe someone who has been there could tell us.

Thank you Ann Rule for the unexpected treat in this very good book.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Onceupontheend's Ghostly Experience

The video posted yesterday shows some of the work from the shop. A bit about Cheryl was also posted with a story yesterday .This is her favorite ghost story,in her own words:

"I have some experiences, but this is one of my favorites:

When I was still living at home (teenage), my dad had throat cancer. I was laying in bed one night and couldn't sleep. It was the night before my dad was to have surgery to hopefully remove the cancer. The outcome could be anything from losing his entire voice box, having the cancer spread, etc. So, I was very scared.

Laying in bed, I suddenly had the urge to open my eyes, standing at the foot of my bed, was a "ghost" man in uniform smiling at me. I wasn't really afraid, but I closed my eyes because I felt like I saw enough.

Anyway, after seeing him I knew who he was and I felt peaceful. This man was my dad's uncle Ray who died when my dad was young. (I recoginzed him from a photo I've seen many times, he looked exact as the photo in his uniform, the smile).
The next morning I told my mom about the visit and she told me that my grandmother always used to tell my dad that his Uncle Ray was his guardian angel.

I think Uncle Ray visited me to let me know everything was going to be o.k.

The next day, my dad's surgery went as well as it possibly could and to this day he is cancer free.

Whayt a wonderful outcome.Thank you Cheryl,I hope you will check out the video or visit her shop

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Onceupontheend Has A Story

Cheryl of onceupontheend has had several unusual experiences.Today we will talk about her and some of her experiences and thoughts about the paranormal.

Tomorrow, I will share her favorite ghost story.
This talented artist is from Illinois.Some of her work is in the video.You may see more at<
I was first struck by what she included in her shop information.If you have not yet seen it here it is.

Welcome! I put my heart, absolute care and great pride into each project. My interests vary greatly. There is and will continue to be a wide variety of product type and style in this shop. I enjoy learning new techniques, skills and trends while I also stand by classic concepts and items that I love to create. Please enjoy your journey while here & thank you so much for visiting.
- Cheryl

I am currently a stay at home mom. I am blessed with a wonderful family (husband & two children). Some of my interests additional to papercrafting are writing, reading, painting, cooking, gardening…

For more information on me or behind the scenes info on the shop, Please visit my blog at :

Some of the things I asked her about were how long she had been crafting,how she came to Etsy and what she liked best to make.she says

" I have always been creative (ask me anything about math or science and my mind goes blank!). My heart belongs to writing and I used to paint and draw a lot, but when my daughter was born….I started scrapbooking and that became an instant passion of mine! I started making anything and everything I could with paper…including cards! I also started scrapbooking and making cards for friends and family. A friend of mine suggested I look into Etsy to sell my crafts online. This sounded ideal for me, as I am a stay at home mother of two beautiful and amazing children! I looked into Etsy, I started Etsy, I fell in LOVE with Etsy! Seriously, Etsy has been such a blessing for me! I get to be creative and productive and I get to help contribute to the family income. My favorite part truly has been the other artists and customers that I have meet and some very special relationships that have developed. Etsy inspires me completely.

She really is special.
Here is the story for today.In her own words

"Some other paranormal experiences that I have had are that I have smelled strong men’s colognes when male relatives have passed on.
I also have smelled strong floral scents when female relatives have passed (and I instantly “knew”).

I have also had very strong dreams involving relatives and friends that have passed in which important messages had been communicated.

I have had signs from pets that have passed as well. One really neat one is: I had a cat that had to be put to sleep, in the morning I dropped her off at the vet and said my final goodbyes, they told me they would put her to sleep within an hour or so…I had proceeded to go to a meeting later that morning
… While at the meeting, a little girl started pointing at me and at my chair and telling her mom: “look mommy, black kitty! black kitty!” (this little girl “saw” my cat next to my chair and I feel that was my cat’s way of saying goodbye and that everything was o.k.).
I don’t believe that I have any special gifts, I just believe that I am open to receiving signs. I do believe there is more out there than what we can see…or sometimes we do see it!"

No doubt you will want to hear her favorite story tomorrow.
Thank you, Cheryl

Saturday, June 21, 2008

What Happened To Old Joe?

One of my long time favorite Ghost Stories is that of Old Joe Baldwin in Wilmington NC.
He was a dedicated railroad worker of many years.One night while passing through Wilmington,he saw another train approaching righ toward his.He frantically took his lantern and swung it back and forth in attempt to signal the other train.To no avail,the two trains hit.Several were killed including Joe Baldwin.
For many years including through my childhood and young adult years,people would go there and see the figure swinging the light up the tracks.It was an excitement that spread throughout the South..Stories of seeing "Old Joe" and the light spread.He was a favorite of the locals as well.Many teenagers would flock to see him.Apparently he would come up within easy sight and then back away still swinging the light.

I heard recently that the sightings now are very rare.The area has grown up with bushy undergrowth.The trains no longer use that track .Has that made his job no longer necessary? I felt a sadness that no longer is it a rite of passage to go "see "Old Joe".Hope he has gone on and can now relax,though...

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Crop Circle On His Farm

Jesse R had a crop circle appear on his farm in the midwest last year.Unfortunately he also was in the recent flood which is of more concern to him at this time.I did not talk to him this month about the circles just about the flood.
This is how he described the occurrence of the circles last year about 6 weeks after it happened.

"Well it was a really strange thing, that just all of a sudden was there.We woke up one morning as usual and when I went out with my son to the fields about 7 there it was.All this grain was sort of mashed down all around but it was not dead or anything just bent around like in paths or something.We could not figure out what happened.
When the sheriff came out he had never seen anything like it either.He had the county helicopter fly over it and said it made some kind of design sort of like a big flower or circle with holes in it.The news helicopter flew over and took pictures for the TV station.All kinds of people came to look at it but nobody could figure how it got there.
First we thought it might be the Purcell boys since they are always doing dome kind of mischief but it wasn't them they were in jail over in Radon for Drunk and Disorderly.The sheriff said he did not think anyone could have done anything that big in such a short time anyhow .My son ha drove by there around 11 when he was coming back from taking his girl friend to the movie over in Radon and didn't see nothing or nobody around there.
Some of those investigator people that look at those things came.There were two of them and some professor from the University but no body ever figured out what happened.None of the other fields around had been bothered.I just wish it didn't happen to us.We got enough trouble with the farm anyhow."

Sorry,Jesse,that you have had more trouble there.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Complexities of Reactions to Crop Circles

If it is true that any group is a small slice of general opinion, then the forum responses to the matter of crop circles demonstrates that.Here are some of the responses in the words used by the responder:

NOTE SOME WERE OFFENDED BY THIS POST.I AM REMOVING THE Statements that specific people requested be deleted.

"Someone here should sell patterns for them."

"There are some fun aliens out there who get off on confusing and freaking out humans. You kooky aliens"

"I think they're a load of crop. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!i think the guys who make them have way too much time on their hands"

"i think they are beautiful.
i don't know if i really have my own theory about them. but i do find them super interesting!"

"I think some are man-made but some are unexplained. I saw a show about the different reactions that people get when they walk into the circle...weird! I would definitely do it though."

can't say I believe one way or another if they are made by aliens or not. But, for a human to do that (and I've seen them done on tv) takes ridiculous amounts of planning and measurement. So either way, they're pretty cool."

"They seem cool I guess, but what about the person who's field it was made in. Do they lose the crop? Can they no longer sell the product from that field? Doesn't that mean they lose a substantial amount of their income?"

A few people were negative and considered the idea of any alien or mystical associations with crop circles as nuts,stupid,etc. Two other interesting speculations about the origin were mentioned which related to earth changes but were not available to be included here.

So there it is...What about you?

The You Tube video is below.

Crop Circles Complexities You Tube

Monday, June 16, 2008

Thoughts About Crop Circles

The mystery of crop circles goes back through history.Recently while watching a program on the History Internationally Channel.The usual ideas were expressed.The usual man made attempts to recreate them was debunked.Wgere the circles come from is a remaining mystery.

While several times the idea they are created by Aliens is expressed,I wonder why the relationship to the land lines in Peru is never mentioned.To me, many of the symbols seem the same as there and as on many pyramids both Mayan and Egyptian.Have you thought that also?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Maurice Vlsits Max The Crystal Skull

Maurice D, a long haul truck driver, was not especially religious but believed in God.His wife was a devout Christian.He sometimes went to Church with her but mostly on special holidays like Easte and Christmas.He drank heavily for several years.Following a setious accident in which he sustained a severe back injury, he drank more.He was not paralyzed but i spite of Physical Therapy and Rehab after the accidrnt hr could barely get around.He was unable to sit for long at a time. he needed a cane for walking,was in constant pain and "unable to walk further than a half a block."
At his wife's urging he attended some prayer groups and went to a healing service.Nothing changed for him.He was unable to work and trying to live on the small disability he received caused the couple to separate and to lose the house.

A friend, concerned about his depression and general state of health asked him to go to a special service a minister the friend knew was having in his home.A lady named Joann Parks was bringing a crystal skull that was supposed to have healing powers .That did not sound like ant minister that Maurice knew,but he agreed to give it a try.

When there, the minister after introducing the guests asked that Maurice have the first session with the skull called Max.He went up and was told to spend as much time as he needed and to do what he felt would most help him.He stood there a bit and said a short prayer to himself then put both hands on the head of the skull.

He says that instantly he saw a bright flash of light and felt a sharp tingle of electricity go from his hands through his body.Then the light shined intensely from the eyes of Max as bright colors surged through the skull.Maurice said he felt an intense sense of peace as if he were in the presence of Jesus..A voice said "Go and sin no more."

No one else saw the light or heard the voice but his friend and two others he says saw the colored surges in the skull.

Now, Max is working again,seldom has pain and is attending church regulatly."I am a new person"he says.He also is a sponsor in a local AA."Max saved my life and changed me."Maurice believes.

What do you think?Was it magical powers from the skull?Did the power of the skull lead Maurice to renew his faith in God?
Was God speaking to him through the skull called Max?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Max The Crystal Skull That Heals

According to ancient Native American Legend.The sky people brought to this earth 13 crystal skulls.At the time of crisis when most needed by man, the skulls will be brought together and save mankind.

From a program on the History Channel. a lady named JoAnn Parks lived for 5 years with a healer in Tibet as he treated her terminally ill daughter. I assume she was cured and that the healer used the skull in treatment. At his death she was given the skull.She kept it in the closet in a box for 10 years.The skull spoke to her and said his name was "Max, not Skull.".

She now travels all over the country holding healing sessions with Max.As I understand it, this is often done in medataive sessions in a home of believers.Several people tell of their healing after a session.Some say the transformation comes from touching the skull.Others say they feel or hear things from their contact.

A scientific study of several of the 8 known skulls by a well known engineering facility reportedly found no marks at all on the skulls to show they had been carved.How were they made?Where did they come from? Many believe from another galaxy by our ancestors.Supernatural properties have long been associated with each skull.Will they all be found and come together?

What do you think?
My Animoto is below.Tomorrow I will usw a video from You Tube.

Crystal Skulls

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Mystery Of Who Cleans The Bathroom

The new bathroom cleaner that does the work of a series of maids is not needed in a Georgia bathroom.It is sparkle clean twice a week and it is not Mr.Clean although equally magic and mysterious,

The two children in the rural mountain home hate the distasteful chore of cleaning the bathroom."Especially that shower and tub." says 8 year old Mary."Yeah" says her 11 year old brother Kent,"but I would rather clean it myself,I tell you,I an afraid to go in there now."

There were frequent family arguments about not keeping the bathroom clean enough f in the household after the grandmother had to go to the Nursing Home.

"She was a careful housekeeper even as she found it hard to get around.The kitchen and the bathroom were always clean"the children's mother speaks of her late Mother In Law.."Sometimes she would work all day just to get those cleaned.She might even forget to eat."

About two months after the death, each child separately went to their assigned chore and found the ghost of their grandmother busily scrubbing away at the tub or shower wall.

She would turn and put her arms up and yell"Dirty".First Mary and then Kent ran screaming and crying from the bathroom.Each time when a parent returned,there was no one there but the room was clean
.First the children were teased and no one believed them.Not long after when Mary was away and it was her turn to clean up,her mother went in to clean.The room was spotless.This happened several times.
Both children did not want to go in but when they "had" to they were right back out."Not long enough in there to clean it that good." says the father.

It is still mysteriously clean twice a week they say,

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Thesheilaroom's Work and Story

A Visit To A Haunted Church

An Etsy artist thesheilaroom tells us about a memorable visit to a haunted church in Myrtle Beach.She has an interesting shop on etsy,Her work is featured in the Animoto video.She adds,- I just wish I knew what the church was called or had a better idea of the location (besides just Myrtle Beach, SC) so that you could include that in your blog.

That experience certainly had an impact on me and I remember not being able to sleep that night and feeling like something was watching me and I finally fell asleep singing primary (church) songs to myself (kinda lame, but true).

As a creative person, I've often wanted to turn that experience into something. It may interest you to know that I toned the story down a bit and changed some circumstances and turned it into a scary short story for children called "Darker than the Night" that was published last summer in Australia's "The School Magazine".

Is not that impressive?Her shop is

Here is the story in her own words
"Okay. I have a story, too. I don’t know if will seem scary to any of you since you didn’t experience it firsthand, but it happened over ten years ago and it still creeps me out to this very day…

Some friends of mine talked me into going with them to see the remains of a church that had been burned down twice. Supposedly, the area was haunted and the four of us piled into a car that night and drove down a really long (so it seemed) road until we finally came to it. You could see the silhouette of the church bell tower clearly in the night. There was no longer a bell in it and you could see the night sky through the large openings. We parked and left the car. The church was fenced in, but we found a place where the chain links had been pulled loose and squeezed through and onto the property.

At first, the only uneasiness I felt was at trespassing on someone’s property. There wasn’t much left of the church – just the bell tower and a couple of walls. We walked around inside it, talking about the church’s history. Then, one of the guys with us said that he felt something touch him. I disregarded this entirely because I didn’t know him really well and my first impression of him was that he was kinda flaky. However, another person said she had felt hands on her. I took her statement a little more seriously because I knew her pretty well and she was a very straightforward, honest person. Still, I hadn’t felt anything and the other guy we were with hadn’t felt anything, so I was still skeptical.

That’s when we all noticed the shadow. It extended past one of the walls, but it wasn’t the shadow of the wall. And it wasn’t just on the ground. The darkness was 3D. We walked around it, with one and the guys and myself trying to determine what was making the shadow – trying to rationalize what our eyes were seeing. Someone put their hand in the shadow. I watched with a growing wariness that I couldn’t explain this to myself.

Suddenly, my friend said that she felt we needed to get out of there quickly and practically pushed us towards the fence and out. We hurried to the car, still unsure what had happened. Once we were inside the car and moving she told us that she had seen something dark and shadowy circling the top of the bell tower. She had told us to leave because it had started to crawl down. Her words made me shiver, but I still wasn’t sure I believed it.

I clearly remember turning to look back at the church as we drove away. The night hadn’t gotten any darker, but I could no longer see the night sky through the openings as I had when we first approached the church. All I could see was blackness there. I couldn’t help but feel that whatever had been there was still watching us.

(Eek! My heart is racing after typing this out!)

The church was in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina."

Thank you.A very interesting and scarey experience.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Ghost Visits


Here is the story
"I lived with a spirit once. Her name was Margaret.
We moved into a very big, very old tumbling-down house a few years ago. As soon as we moved in we felt a 'presence', which is weird because I'm very cynical and skeptical (I'm not even sure I believe in dinosaurs... but that's another story.).
We decided, half jokingly to ask the 'presence' it's name and at the same time both turned to each other and said 'margaret'.
A few months later we found a stack of letters from the 1920's addressed to Margaret, Alice and Frank Hampton.

Margaret used to potter around in the kitchen in the mornings, moving cutlery around and stomping about. She would rock the pram back and fourth (not with a baby in it..), and once I was home alone and heard someone playing the keyboard in the end room. I walked down the hall, looked into the room and it stopped. The keyboard was not plugged in.
She was very pleasant to us, but once my partners Dad came to stay. He slept out in the sun room, which was seperate from the house. He stayed two night and on the first night he woke up feeling like someone was suffocating him, almost as if someone was sitting on his chest. And the door was wide open. The next night the door opened again and he woke up suddenly after feeling like someone had shaken him."

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Susanclare's Etsy Shop

susanclare's Hospital Ghost Sighting

The very talented susanclare had some readers fascinated on an Etsy forum by her experience at work.
She has an etsy shop
where you will find her wonderful Tribal Style Jewelry and spectacular ethnic beads.A bit of it is in the video but there is much more to see.In describing her self,Susan says"I have a busy family life and until recently held down three jobs - beads are my THERAPY! :) I became addicted to beads about a decade ago, owned thousands before I ever put a bead on a head pin, owned 100,000 then decided to sell them as an excuse to buy more! My personal bead collection includes vintage, ambers, trade beads, African recycled glass, Nepal Yak bone and stones. I lean towards the ethnic. I love to create large jewelry pieces and was in my heyday when chandelier earrings were popular. I recently branched out into the "handmade supply" genre, creating ethnic charms and beaded beads out of materials that I have on hand. We will see if this works for me.

Here is Susan of susanclare's story in her own words

"Ok, so I've worked for 8 years in what is probably the most haunted building in Washington state - an old children's hospital that was converted years ago into outpatient clinics. Most of the time (responding to emergencies) I have to go into this old,dark building at 2 am and I have grown accustomed to the little spirits that roam around, pushing rocking chairs, turning on lights, etc.
So, I go in this Sunday in BROAD DAYLIGHT, do my job then remember idly thinking.."..Hmmm..haven't seen or heard anything in a coupla months...guess they've finally left..."
IMMEDIATELY a call bell came on in the old abandoned children's surgery recovery room! So I follow the persistent beep beep down the dark surgery hallway (no windows) to the recovery room door, peek in a pitch black window and what do I see?"

People clamor here wondering.
"Through the little dark window, I see the blue screen of a blood pressure machine that had magically turned on in this pitch black room - it was taking a blood pressure and a pulse!"

When asked what she did then?"I laughed, the little boy ghost laughed back..and I left!
(I did call hospital Security from the comfort of my car to tell them that a call bell was on in the old hospital wing..they weren't surprised.) Thanks for listening!:)
Not everyone would have taken it that well....Thanks for telling us, Susan..Do check out her shop...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The "Devil Baby" of Hull House

You may have hrard of Hull House established years ago by Jane Adams for the poor immigrants of Chicago.She was ahead of her times as some say or responsive to the times as other Sociologists may say.I recently saw on Biography channel a very interesting story from the history of that famous endeavor.

As was true in most families of the poverty stricken immigrants alcohol abuse and abuse were rampart among the men.Most wives and children were beaten severely by drunken husbands and fathers.It was not talked about then.

One wife was so afraid of her husband that she did not want to tell him she was pregnant again..He beat her frequently and when she and he could no longer deny a pregnancy she was kicked and beaten until labor began.
The midwife delivered a deformed child she said was bearing the mark of Satan.She ran terrified and began to tell the neighbors..
The poor mother took the child next door to a friendly older woman who sometimes gave her food.The grandson of that next door neighbor said his grandmother said there was a hard appendage rather like an extension of the tailbone growing from above the anus.It was hard and extended about three inches out.The child had almond shaped eyes and may or may not have had a club foot.

In a few days the neighbors were clamoring about the Devil Baby so the mother took him to Hull House.She talked at length with Jane Adams and told her of having little or no food and the terrible beatings that went on.She was afraid her husband would kill her and the new baby.It was agreed that the child would be kept at Hull House as so many of the neighborhood children were safely kept there.
Soon the neighborhood women descended on Hull house demanding to see the baby with the tail and cloven hooves "The Spawn Of Satan"Word had gotten out around the nation so in addition to the masses outside the gate, the phone rang with calls from all parts of the country.Jane Adams took each of the neighborhood women in one at a time and talked with them.That is how as they finally felt more comfortable they disclosed to her the severe abuse within the families.This was thought to be the focus of the need to find some outlet for the intense evil felt and the probable cause of the child's deformity.
It brought about a strong spokesperson for the women and renewed support for Hull House.

It is unclear what happened to the baby.One tale is that Jane Adams took him to the Church.It was said that she made arrangements to have him baptized.She laid the baby on a pew and as the Priest poured the Holy Water in preparation she went to pick up the baby and nothing was there but an empty blanket.

Some say including a prominent psychologist that a black mass not identifiable as male or female but resembling a child that may be seen moving in the upper window at Hull House the only safe haven the boy knew.