Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ann Rule Mentions A Ghost In Texas

As an avid reader,Ann Rule, a talented True Crime writer is among my favorite authors.To my surprise in her book that I recently read there was a brief mention of a ghost story.

Every Breath You Take, is about a murder of a young mother,there appeared a ghost story unrelated to the account (except as a reference to San Antonio,Texas).It was of interest to me. So will share it here.
Would like to know more about it,if anyone has more information..
(page 170.)

The area is described as a lesser known attraction in San Antonio.she says it is at a railroad crossing in the south of town.A single track surrounded by trees,bushes,weeds,crushed beer cans and other debris.Locals proudly say it is haunted and frequently gather there on the weekends.Always Halloween has a big turnout.It is told that a schoolbus full of children stalled on the track as a train roared in and struck it. Several .streets in the area have the names of children which reinforces the myth.

Believers and doubters gather there.They sprinkle talcum powder on the car trunks then park about 100 feet from the tracks.
The author states, ":Even with their engines turned off,their cars drift toward the railroad crossing, gathering a burst of speed as the tires rumble over thr ties.On the other side everyone jumps out to study the rear of their vehicles.Sure enough there are tiny handprints there.Ghosts of dead children trying to save others_or imagination?"

Neat .What is unclear to me is does the driver stay in the car?Does it happen to all or only some?Wouldn't you like to know more?Maybe someone who has been there could tell us.

Thank you Ann Rule for the unexpected treat in this very good book.

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