Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Visit To A Haunted Church

An Etsy artist thesheilaroom tells us about a memorable visit to a haunted church in Myrtle Beach.She has an interesting shop on etsy,Her work is featured in the Animoto video.She adds,- I just wish I knew what the church was called or had a better idea of the location (besides just Myrtle Beach, SC) so that you could include that in your blog.

That experience certainly had an impact on me and I remember not being able to sleep that night and feeling like something was watching me and I finally fell asleep singing primary (church) songs to myself (kinda lame, but true).

As a creative person, I've often wanted to turn that experience into something. It may interest you to know that I toned the story down a bit and changed some circumstances and turned it into a scary short story for children called "Darker than the Night" that was published last summer in Australia's "The School Magazine".

Is not that impressive?Her shop is

Here is the story in her own words
"Okay. I have a story, too. I don’t know if will seem scary to any of you since you didn’t experience it firsthand, but it happened over ten years ago and it still creeps me out to this very day…

Some friends of mine talked me into going with them to see the remains of a church that had been burned down twice. Supposedly, the area was haunted and the four of us piled into a car that night and drove down a really long (so it seemed) road until we finally came to it. You could see the silhouette of the church bell tower clearly in the night. There was no longer a bell in it and you could see the night sky through the large openings. We parked and left the car. The church was fenced in, but we found a place where the chain links had been pulled loose and squeezed through and onto the property.

At first, the only uneasiness I felt was at trespassing on someone’s property. There wasn’t much left of the church – just the bell tower and a couple of walls. We walked around inside it, talking about the church’s history. Then, one of the guys with us said that he felt something touch him. I disregarded this entirely because I didn’t know him really well and my first impression of him was that he was kinda flaky. However, another person said she had felt hands on her. I took her statement a little more seriously because I knew her pretty well and she was a very straightforward, honest person. Still, I hadn’t felt anything and the other guy we were with hadn’t felt anything, so I was still skeptical.

That’s when we all noticed the shadow. It extended past one of the walls, but it wasn’t the shadow of the wall. And it wasn’t just on the ground. The darkness was 3D. We walked around it, with one and the guys and myself trying to determine what was making the shadow – trying to rationalize what our eyes were seeing. Someone put their hand in the shadow. I watched with a growing wariness that I couldn’t explain this to myself.

Suddenly, my friend said that she felt we needed to get out of there quickly and practically pushed us towards the fence and out. We hurried to the car, still unsure what had happened. Once we were inside the car and moving she told us that she had seen something dark and shadowy circling the top of the bell tower. She had told us to leave because it had started to crawl down. Her words made me shiver, but I still wasn’t sure I believed it.

I clearly remember turning to look back at the church as we drove away. The night hadn’t gotten any darker, but I could no longer see the night sky through the openings as I had when we first approached the church. All I could see was blackness there. I couldn’t help but feel that whatever had been there was still watching us.

(Eek! My heart is racing after typing this out!)

The church was in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina."

Thank you.A very interesting and scarey experience.


BlossomingTree said...

Wow I'm spooked just reading this.

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Thanks for coming and leaving a commeny.t is a good story,isn;t it..

BlossomingTree said...

No problem, I love reading the stories you post.

Claudia said...

Fascinating article! I actually have the chills right now..