Saturday, June 14, 2008

Maurice Vlsits Max The Crystal Skull

Maurice D, a long haul truck driver, was not especially religious but believed in God.His wife was a devout Christian.He sometimes went to Church with her but mostly on special holidays like Easte and Christmas.He drank heavily for several years.Following a setious accident in which he sustained a severe back injury, he drank more.He was not paralyzed but i spite of Physical Therapy and Rehab after the accidrnt hr could barely get around.He was unable to sit for long at a time. he needed a cane for walking,was in constant pain and "unable to walk further than a half a block."
At his wife's urging he attended some prayer groups and went to a healing service.Nothing changed for him.He was unable to work and trying to live on the small disability he received caused the couple to separate and to lose the house.

A friend, concerned about his depression and general state of health asked him to go to a special service a minister the friend knew was having in his home.A lady named Joann Parks was bringing a crystal skull that was supposed to have healing powers .That did not sound like ant minister that Maurice knew,but he agreed to give it a try.

When there, the minister after introducing the guests asked that Maurice have the first session with the skull called Max.He went up and was told to spend as much time as he needed and to do what he felt would most help him.He stood there a bit and said a short prayer to himself then put both hands on the head of the skull.

He says that instantly he saw a bright flash of light and felt a sharp tingle of electricity go from his hands through his body.Then the light shined intensely from the eyes of Max as bright colors surged through the skull.Maurice said he felt an intense sense of peace as if he were in the presence of Jesus..A voice said "Go and sin no more."

No one else saw the light or heard the voice but his friend and two others he says saw the colored surges in the skull.

Now, Max is working again,seldom has pain and is attending church regulatly."I am a new person"he says.He also is a sponsor in a local AA."Max saved my life and changed me."Maurice believes.

What do you think?Was it magical powers from the skull?Did the power of the skull lead Maurice to renew his faith in God?
Was God speaking to him through the skull called Max?


Gallery Juana said...

Very interesting stories about Max and the origin of Max and other similar skulls.

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Thank you.I appreciate your coming and leaving a comment.I just heard about this recently and think it interesting too.

Anonymous said...

I think its interesting that so many people want to attribute phenomena to this skull and other similar objects.

It speaks to a human longing to connect with the divine...a desire to touch something supernatural.

I personally don't believe that Max or any other object has power - spiritual or otherwise, but I do find people's desire for those type of objects to have such power fascinating!