Friday, June 20, 2008

A Crop Circle On His Farm

Jesse R had a crop circle appear on his farm in the midwest last year.Unfortunately he also was in the recent flood which is of more concern to him at this time.I did not talk to him this month about the circles just about the flood.
This is how he described the occurrence of the circles last year about 6 weeks after it happened.

"Well it was a really strange thing, that just all of a sudden was there.We woke up one morning as usual and when I went out with my son to the fields about 7 there it was.All this grain was sort of mashed down all around but it was not dead or anything just bent around like in paths or something.We could not figure out what happened.
When the sheriff came out he had never seen anything like it either.He had the county helicopter fly over it and said it made some kind of design sort of like a big flower or circle with holes in it.The news helicopter flew over and took pictures for the TV station.All kinds of people came to look at it but nobody could figure how it got there.
First we thought it might be the Purcell boys since they are always doing dome kind of mischief but it wasn't them they were in jail over in Radon for Drunk and Disorderly.The sheriff said he did not think anyone could have done anything that big in such a short time anyhow .My son ha drove by there around 11 when he was coming back from taking his girl friend to the movie over in Radon and didn't see nothing or nobody around there.
Some of those investigator people that look at those things came.There were two of them and some professor from the University but no body ever figured out what happened.None of the other fields around had been bothered.I just wish it didn't happen to us.We got enough trouble with the farm anyhow."

Sorry,Jesse,that you have had more trouble there.


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