Tuesday, June 3, 2008

susanclare's Hospital Ghost Sighting

The very talented susanclare had some readers fascinated on an Etsy forum by her experience at work.
She has an etsy shop http.susanclare.etsy.com
where you will find her wonderful Tribal Style Jewelry and spectacular ethnic beads.A bit of it is in the video but there is much more to see.In describing her self,Susan says"I have a busy family life and until recently held down three jobs - beads are my THERAPY! :) I became addicted to beads about a decade ago, owned thousands before I ever put a bead on a head pin, owned 100,000 then decided to sell them as an excuse to buy more! My personal bead collection includes vintage, ambers, trade beads, African recycled glass, Nepal Yak bone and stones. I lean towards the ethnic. I love to create large jewelry pieces and was in my heyday when chandelier earrings were popular. I recently branched out into the "handmade supply" genre, creating ethnic charms and beaded beads out of materials that I have on hand. We will see if this works for me.

Here is Susan of susanclare's story in her own words

"Ok, so I've worked for 8 years in what is probably the most haunted building in Washington state - an old children's hospital that was converted years ago into outpatient clinics. Most of the time (responding to emergencies) I have to go into this old,dark building at 2 am and I have grown accustomed to the little spirits that roam around, pushing rocking chairs, turning on lights, etc.
So, I go in this Sunday in BROAD DAYLIGHT, do my job then remember idly thinking.."..Hmmm..haven't seen or heard anything in a coupla months...guess they've finally left..."
IMMEDIATELY a call bell came on in the old abandoned children's surgery recovery room! So I follow the persistent beep beep down the dark surgery hallway (no windows) to the recovery room door, peek in a pitch black window and what do I see?"

People clamor here wondering.
"Through the little dark window, I see the blue screen of a blood pressure machine that had magically turned on in this pitch black room - it was taking a blood pressure and a pulse!"

When asked what she did then?"I laughed, the little boy ghost laughed back..and I left!
(I did call hospital Security from the comfort of my car to tell them that a call bell was on in the old hospital wing..they weren't surprised.) Thanks for listening!:)
Not everyone would have taken it that well....Thanks for telling us, Susan..Do check out her shop...

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