Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Onceupontheend Has A Story

Cheryl of onceupontheend has had several unusual experiences.Today we will talk about her and some of her experiences and thoughts about the paranormal.

Tomorrow, I will share her favorite ghost story.
This talented artist is from Illinois.Some of her work is in the video.You may see more at http://onceupontheend.etsy.com<
I was first struck by what she included in her shop information.If you have not yet seen it here it is.

Welcome! I put my heart, absolute care and great pride into each project. My interests vary greatly. There is and will continue to be a wide variety of product type and style in this shop. I enjoy learning new techniques, skills and trends while I also stand by classic concepts and items that I love to create. Please enjoy your journey while here & thank you so much for visiting.
- Cheryl

I am currently a stay at home mom. I am blessed with a wonderful family (husband & two children). Some of my interests additional to papercrafting are writing, reading, painting, cooking, gardening…

For more information on me or behind the scenes info on the shop, Please visit my blog at :

Some of the things I asked her about were how long she had been crafting,how she came to Etsy and what she liked best to make.she says

" I have always been creative (ask me anything about math or science and my mind goes blank!). My heart belongs to writing and I used to paint and draw a lot, but when my daughter was born….I started scrapbooking and that became an instant passion of mine! I started making anything and everything I could with paper…including cards! I also started scrapbooking and making cards for friends and family. A friend of mine suggested I look into Etsy to sell my crafts online. This sounded ideal for me, as I am a stay at home mother of two beautiful and amazing children! I looked into Etsy, I started Etsy, I fell in LOVE with Etsy! Seriously, Etsy has been such a blessing for me! I get to be creative and productive and I get to help contribute to the family income. My favorite part truly has been the other artists and customers that I have meet and some very special relationships that have developed. Etsy inspires me completely.

She really is special.
Here is the story for today.In her own words

"Some other paranormal experiences that I have had are that I have smelled strong men’s colognes when male relatives have passed on.
I also have smelled strong floral scents when female relatives have passed (and I instantly “knew”).

I have also had very strong dreams involving relatives and friends that have passed in which important messages had been communicated.

I have had signs from pets that have passed as well. One really neat one is: I had a cat that had to be put to sleep, in the morning I dropped her off at the vet and said my final goodbyes, they told me they would put her to sleep within an hour or so…I had proceeded to go to a meeting later that morning
… While at the meeting, a little girl started pointing at me and at my chair and telling her mom: “look mommy, black kitty! black kitty!” (this little girl “saw” my cat next to my chair and I feel that was my cat’s way of saying goodbye and that everything was o.k.).
I don’t believe that I have any special gifts, I just believe that I am open to receiving signs. I do believe there is more out there than what we can see…or sometimes we do see it!"

No doubt you will want to hear her favorite story tomorrow.
Thank you, Cheryl

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