Monday, June 30, 2008

What About Demons?

Ed and Lorraine gained fame as investigating The Amityville Horror which brought controversial recogniation as a Paranormal event.Some are convinced it was a fraud others that it was an actual occurrence.If you have watched the programs Paranormal State or A Haunting you know that the investigators there often believe in demon possession.
The story shared about "after effects of the ouija board" and that of FigurativeHarmony make me seriously think of that as possible.Do you think these were more related to demons than to ghosts?

A recent true experience of a well in the backyard of a rental house is a case in point.The well was considered a portal.The demons were more interested in the children ages 8 and 14 than the adults.When the father challenged the spirit to attack him instead, he was seized with shortness of breath and shaking.The priest who later performed an exorcism om the home said he should not challenge a demonic presence.
Before the exorcism, the son attacked the father with a knife but was wrestled down.The father started toward the mother stopped only by a flash from the crucifix the mother was holding..The Warrens assisted with this family.(It was before Ed Warren's death.)
On entering the house for the first time,Lorraine Warren felt several presences including one who she described as being angry ,standing inches from her face staring with pure evil..It ended with a lengthy service which included several attacks,involved several demons within the son, but was eventually resolved.

Spooky stuff that I would not want to endure.What are your thoughts?Do you believe in Demons?Do you believe that if you encounter demons and move, they will follow you?


Tracy said...

Very interesting! I always followed the work of Ed an Lorraine Warren - I wanted to seem them speak but never had the opportunity before Ed passed on.

nicaeli said...

I definitely believe they can follow a person. Scary stuff.

I truly enjoy reading your blog:)