Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Two Thumps And An Opening Door

I heard recently what I considered a reasonable reaction from a couple of older nurses who finally got the farm home they wanted for years.
I knew FS when he was Director of Nursing at a State Hospital.I took each group of students over for a day to tour and hear the history and problems of the hospital.We lost touch for years after a particularly enthusiastic group wrote a Letter to The Editor of a leading newspaper in the State promoting the lack of interest/funding in the grave situation of the hospital by the State Legislators and Governor.Initially the University applauded both me and the students for their interest.Several days later tho there was a big deal and my resignation and "efforts to censor that group of students" was called for by State Officials both in the paper and to administration.To shorten a long story,which is likely not of much interest,there was no censure.I was leaving at the end of the year anyway but FS was fired.
To continue the Medical Resident experience,no student nurses or med students would be allowed to visit.(Mental Illness is and has always been a "political football.")
I was glad and relieved when F and MS forgave me some years later.

For years they had wanted a farm in the rolling hills.Last year, they finally got one.They were very excited.The old home dated before the Civil War.Their plan was to redo it.

Two weeks after moving in, they began to hear a series of two loud thumps and footsteps in the house.
One evening after returning from the Symphony they were sitting in the kitchen sipping tea when the door to the dining room slowly opened.They made out the figure of a man.
F grabbed his gun from the cabinet and shot twice at the entity.The entity seemed to move toward them.They ran out got in the car and raced away.They never returned.
Now they are living in a small Condo in town and love it..


tattytiara said...

Gaaaaaaaaah! That would not have gone well if I'd have been there. A mop would definitely have been required.

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Thanks for coming by and for your comment..