Sunday, July 27, 2008

Correction Of Shyviolet's Feature

Guess what,I thought there were several stores of one seller named shyviolet and featured work and story accordingly.That was my mistake.The shyviolet I was featuring is only one..So this correction to my last post goes with the story of the miracle she witnessed below the other video,,,and this video is her work.Thank you for your patience.I am sorry for the error.
Here is some thing about my shyviolet...
ShyViolet is my only store - the other three ShyVioletSomethings are other people (at least two... their locations are Calgary, Canada, and Sydney, Australia... I'm outside Washington, DC). The description of me as a person on your blog is taken from someone else's store description - I'm not a mother, etc. I only make jewelry and I am not associated with the other ShyViolets. In fact, I've contemplated asking Etsy admin to try to encourage them to pick other names, but hadn't because I wasn't sure people would be confused since our work is so different. Cecelia

I sell at private home parties and teach jewelry-making. If you're in the DC or northern Virginia area and are interested in a home party or in lessons, send me a convo!

Each Shy Violet piece is handcrafted with great care and attention to detail so you can treasure your Shy Violet jewelry for years to come. From soft lavender fluorite to fiery red carnelian, delicate sterling silver to bold carved wood, there is jewelry for every taste and every occasion.
Her store is the Shyviolet that says designs

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