Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bill's Cavorting Cadaver

Four housemates,Ron,Bob,Don and Bill lived together during their years in Medical School at UVA.I met them when they were third year students.They hhad many fascinating stories to tell about their experiences.I believed most especially if told by Bob or Bill.This was told by Ron.

In the study of Anatomy,the first year Med Students were paired for lab with an assigned cadaver.This class had an uneven number of students so Bill had one alone.This was a very important if not very pleasant part of the over all study.From the first second day of lab throughout the semester things did not go well for Bill.It seems his cadaver was unhappy with the arrangement.Every evening each student cleaned up the area,covered the cadaver and prepared the instruments for the next day.

Each day when they arrived,Bill's cadaver was uncovered with instruments all over the body and the floor not in order on the table as required.Initially, the instructors were quite angry and critical of him for not preparing adequately.Soon several students came forward and said as they had worked late in the lab,Bills area was neat and ready when they left at midnight.

One night,Bill and his instructor were working until about 1AM for some make up work.Bill cleaned up as usual which the instructor watched.Just as the two of them were leaving,there was a big crash.They turned at the door and saw the instruments being flung all around the table.They got out fast

.From then on, no one said anything to Bill but simply helped him pick up and arrange for the lab that day.No explanation or investigation was ever made.No one worked alone in the lab or would stay after midnight for the rest of the time.
The video has anatomical pictures not for the fain hearted...

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