Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One Expert Discusses Spirits Vs. Ghosts

Recently in reading Visits From The Afterlife by Sylvia Browne, I thought her differences between Spirits and Ghosts fit the other experts I had read rather well. Here are some points mentioned:

Ghosts are typically more visible distinct than spirits.(Although both may have a misty type or semi transparent appearance in my experience.)

Because they have not yet experienced the love and light of the other side, Ghosts may show visible signs of injuries,deformities,or illness.(Like Headless Nick in Harry Potter?)

Whatever the ghost's purpose for rejecting their death (as discussed the other day.) they are among us from a distorted sense of reality."The world through the ghost's eyes is locked in a time warp of their own disturbed creation.From their point of view we are the intruders in their workd..."(p20)

Spirits among us are here to express love.Their attempts to get our attention are from that motivation.Ghosts on the other hand are much more complicated and varied in their reasons.

By not transcending to the other side, ghosts are not able to bi-locate"There are no simultaneous appearences of a single ghost as there can be with a single spirit."(p21)

Ghosts tend to remain in or near the same location.

Spirits tend to appear in a form that we may recognize whereas ghosts do not care if we recognize them or not.They may appear as balls of heavy mist.The appearance of ghosts is one other way in which they may be unpredictable.

Two things not mentioned that are commonly referred to is the familiar scent often associated with a spirit and the ice cold sensation often surrounding a ghost appearance.
To my knowledge these are the main things different in the appearances of ghosts and of spirits...

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