Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Crying Baby 's Horror Story

Nothing seems more difficult for a parent to manage than the death of a child.It is very difficult for the Health Care Professionals to deal with as well.To imagine the death of a child at the parents own hand is even a worse double tragedy.
A friend of mine who works in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit is an exceptionally sensitive and good nurse.Recently her sensitivity made life even more difficult for her and her family.

She and her husband adopted a toddler.They were quite delighted with the tiny dark haired,brown eyed beauty of the 18 month old daughter.They were told her name was Abigale.She was the middle child of three whose parents could not take care of properly.She "suffered some minor abuse but was now healthy."

Abigale did not yet speak but had begun to walk.She was a happy and loving child during the day but appeared cowering while crying and whimpering during the night.Nothing B or R would do seemed to calm her.She was somewhat more comfortable out of her room.No one was getting much sleep.B had taken a leave from work for a few months so the family could get settled.She was quite thankful she had done so."I could not have managed the stress at work especially without sleep"she said.

One night as they were in the master bedroom, all three together,they heard noises from the baby's room.R went to investigate and found a window open.Toys had been flung from the shelf.The musical mobile on the crib was spinning.He called B and she with the baby came to see.No one could figure out what was happening.They straightened up as Abigale cried frantically and returned to the other room.Abigale was looking frightened and whimpering.Within an hour they again heard noises but this time there was a loud wailing.It sounded like an infant.
Puzzled, they went to a cousin's house near by for the rest of the night.Abigale was quiet and went to sleep.

The cousin was a medium and said he thought the house had spirits present.He returned with B the next day.Abigale was so upset in her room that B took her back to stay with the cousin's wife and children.When she returned, she found the cousin sitting on the floor and apparently playing with a child.When she came in they both heard the loud wailing of an unseen baby.The medium talked to the baby and told it that they understood that he and his sister were safe now and could go to the light.Abigale was safe they need not watch her.

He told B and R that the parents of the three children had killed the older and the younger children and were about to go after Abigale when the police arrived.That the two bodies had been put in the freezer at their old house.A neighbor heard the noise and called the police.It was thought that Abigale was the only child.The other two were supposedly in foster care.

The medium had worked with two of the detectives a few times so he called one of them.When they checked the home,the bodies were discovered.It seemed that although the parents had been arrested for abusing Abigale,the house had not been searched.The parents had told neighbors that the others were in foster care.There was no record of that.They told the police that the others were staying with a Brother In Law who said they were there and identified two of the children in his home as the ones of the couple and he intended to care for them but could not manage all three.He said the infant "cried all the time."He also agreed to do the paper work with Social Service to keep the two he said were in his home.

The parents were convicted for the murders about a year later.The lying Brother in law testified against them and was not sentenced.
Such a tragic story.But B and R had no further difficulties in the home.Abigale began to thrive and talk.They believe the spirits of the two siblings were watching over her and now are at peace.


nicaeli said...

Wow, how horrible for that little girl, I am so glad everything turned out o.k. for them.

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Thanks.I am too.

Rosebud Collection said...

What a sad story, but happy ending.

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Thank you Rosebud it is always a pleasure to have you come by and comment.