Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stargazing & Edgar Cayce:
From Coast To Coast AM Newsletter

"James Mullaney discussed the metaphysical aspects of stargazing, discoveries in the universe, and the work of the "Sleeping Prophet" Edgar Cayce. He studied thousands of Cayce's readings, with a particular emphasis on what he wrote about the universe and the cosmos."There is no doubt in my mind...that he was tapping into the great intellect behind the universe," which he referred to as the Akashic records, Mullaney commented. Cayce had access to information that no one at that time even knew about, and was far beyond his limited education, such as his assertion that the Asteroid Belt was caused by a kind of planetary collision or disruption, Mullaney noted.

Mullaney's new book Celebrating the Universe! ties in the spiritual with the scientific in looking at the celestial wonders of the night sky, and includes quotations from various visionaries, like Buckminster Fuller who said "love is metaphysical gravity." Mullaney related some staggering statistics about the cosmos, such as within the observable universe, a million new solar systems are being born every hour, and "there are more stars within reach of our largest telescopes today than all the grains of sand on all the beaches and deserts on the entire planet Earth."

He also shared an intriguing anecdote about the time he set up a telescope outside after a public lecture he gave in Lower Manhattan. A woman happened by, and asked to take a look, saying she'd never peered through a telescope before. Mullaney had it focused on the Pleiades star cluster, and when the woman saw it, she burst into tears, and said 'that is my home.'
In the middle two hours of Wednesday's show, astronomy writer and lecturer

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Gnome Ghost?

Recently "My mother and grandmother swear this story is true. I found it a bit strange but interesting.

It's the summer of 1969, and my mom is 19 years old. Before I go any further, I know what you might be thinking. My mother doesn't do any drugs. Trust me.

So, anyway, the summer of '69 and my mom is sleeping in her room, which is off the kitchen. She stayed at my grandmothers sometimes while my father served over in Vietnam. She had the window open that night and heard something outside. She sat up and continued to listen. She was about to get up and look when she saw a little man crawl through. It didn't scare her for some reason, which I thought was strange. It walked up to the foot of her bed, climbed up and sat down with his legs hanging over the edge. My mom didn't do anything; she said she just stared at him. He looked like a gnome according to her description. At least that's what I came up with. He sat there trying to get comfortable and when he was finally situated, he reached in a little bag he was carrying and pulled out a pipe. He lit it, took a couple puffs, turned and faced her.

He said that he some bad news about my father, but not to worry, he was okay. He continued on that my father was in terrible trouble and that she will hear more about it in the morning. He tapped his pipe in his hand, jumped off the bed and crawled out the window. That's when it finally sank in my mom's head, of what just happened, and she decided to call out for my grandmother. My grandmother came in turned the light on and asked her what was wrong. As my mom explained, my grandmother, not paying attention to my mother, noticed smoke lingering in the room and asked if she'd been smoking. My mom told her the story again. My grandmother didn't believe her.

The next morning, my mother got a phone call from the Army and said that my father was injured in an attack and would home in about 10 days. My grandmother believed her then.

I asked my mom why she thought it was a ghost. She said that was because she could see through him. I thought ghosts could float or whatever, why did this 'ghost gnome' have to crawl through an open window? She didn't know. - Anonymous"

Monday, June 3, 2013

Real Life Experiences of an Exorcist

Terrifying tales of a real-life exorcist

In a lifetime dealing with the supernatural, he says he has seen things that cannot be explained, including ornaments flying through walls and bodiless voices calling to him from beyond the grave

It has been dismissed by sceptics who believe it is the stuff of Hollywood horror movies rather than real life.

But when Pope Francis stopped to lay hands on a disabled boy last week some believe he shone a new light on the mysterious world of exorcism.

And while many people believe it has no place in modern society, there are still ministers across Britain who insist that they are casting out evil spirits.

Reverend Tom Willis is the UK’s leading exorcist – a man who has been called in to tackle poltergeists and the possessed for the past 50 years.

In a lifetime dealing with the supernatural, he says he has seen things that cannot be explained, including ornaments flying through walls and bodiless voices calling to him from beyond the grave.

And at the age of 82, the Church of England minister is still in demand around the world from people who want his help to destroy what they believe are evil spirits.

His expertise is so valued in Britain that even the police call on him.

Rev Willis says: “The people who come to me are really frightened. I’ve even had atheists tell me, ‘I don’t believe in ghosts but I can’t explain what is happening’.”

He adds: “I always say, ‘you don’t get possessed just walking to the supermarket’. You have to look for a reason why it should have happened. Often, people have dabbled quite strongly in evil.”

Rev Willis found his spooky vocation while working as a minister in York.

When a parishioner asked for help dealing with her haunted house – something Rev Willis says is more common than people think – he discovered he had a gift for restoring peace.

Since then he’s found himself in some strange and scary situations – including the time he helped rid a medium of a powerful evil spirit.

Rev Willis says the man approached him after giving a speech about the supernatural.

The stranger kept tapping his shoulder and talking to an invisible companion. Rev Willis was unsure if the medium was pretending... until the conversation took an unexpected turn.

The reverend says: “When I mentioned the blood of Christ, his voice changed. He said, ‘don’t talk about that’ and started shaking and rubbing himself. At that point I thought ‘you really have got something evil in you’.”

Rev Willis is part of the international exorcist community and has heard some startling stories on his travels. Like the time one of his colleagues was asked to perform an exorcism in India on a girl who couldn’t speak.

“The colleague told me that when he blessed her she began to shake,” he explains. “He asked the girl what her name was and although she didn’t usually talk, a weird voice said, ‘I am stubbornness’.

“He commanded the evil to depart and she fell back. He went on down the line, blessing people. Then when he looked back she had started singing hymns in her normal language.”

Rev Willis is often called on to rid a haunted house of ghosts.

He had a particularly chilling experience when he went to the home of a policeman who feared that his home had become possessed.

As Rev Willis sat with the officer and his family, ornaments suddenly started to move.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” he says.

“After 10 minutes the father said, ‘the dog ornament has gone again’. I looked at the mantelpiece and it had.

Then I heard a thump in the kitchen and said ‘nobody move’. I went to take a look and the ornament was there on the kitchen floor. It had gone right through a brick wall.”

Speaking about the continuing demand for his services – including from the authorities – he says: “I still get a couple of calls a week. The police say ‘we think this one is more your field of expertise’.”

Rev Willis has encountered his fair share of sceptics over the decades but he says that he is convinced by what he has witnessed.

He adds that one in 10 people will claim to see a ghost during their lifetime.

Now one of his four daughters is documenting his spooky experiences for a book which will feature

Now one of his four daughters is documenting his spooky experiences for a book which will feature the strangest cases he has dealt with.

And while he’s happy to talk about some of the frightening episodes, he is keen to point out that not every claim is genuine.

He says some of the reports of hauntings and possessions are made by attention seekers as well as people with mental health problems.

Rev Willis knows that some people dismiss every claim about evil spirits but he says what the Pope did in the Vatican eight days ago has sparked a much-needed debate about the subject.

The Pontiff touched the head of a boy who then convulsed and slumped in his wheelchair.

Some say it was an exorcism, though the Vatican has denied it.

Even so, Rev Willis says: “This Pope and the last have encouraged the ministry of exorcism and set up conferences and colleges because it is a problem that is brought to them.”

This means exorcists like Rev Willis will continue to be called into action, tending to the spiritual needs of their flocks and the wider population.

It isn’t always an easy task but the minister says the strength of his faith continues to guide him.

It can be uncomfortable if I lay my hands on someone for healing and they growl at me in a weird voice,” he explains. “And I might bring another couple of priests in to help me.

“In the end, I know evil exists but it is afraid of good. I need to be wary of it but I should not be afraid. That is what my work is all about.” - Mirror

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Priest Speaks OF Demonic Possessions

Father Andrew Wingate,  discussed exorcism and claims by the Catholic Church's top exorcist, Father Gabriele Amorth, that he rid the world of 160,000 demons. Commenting on the extraordinarily large number Amorth asserts, Wingate pointed out that a thorough exorcism can evict as many as 50 to 60 demons and devils from a possessed individual. Not every priest can or should be an exorcist, he continued, noting the need for certain natural instincts and how much is involved in performing an exorcism. Wingate shared a story about a bishop who got careless with an exorcism and was himself possessed. Individuals can open themselves up to possession by playing with tarot cards or Ouija boards, he warned. According to Wingate, untrained priests can use a particular kind of incense to drive out demons and devils. If the smoke can be seen or smelled, evil cannot be present, he revealed, adding that this method frees a person from possession for 11 days so they can repent. Should the formerly possessed individual not turn to God, the evil forces come back and take over, he cautioned.