Friday, January 30, 2009

The Jersey Devil

Apparently this is not news to residents of New Jersey.I had heard the basic story but not with this name and not with the followers involved until a recent radio program.

Author James F. McCloy talked about the history of the Jersey Devil, on the 100 year anniversary of sightings of the strange creature in the Delaware Valley. Originally called The Monster of Leeds, or the Leeds Devil, folklore has it that the creature was a baby born to the Leeds family in 1735, their 13th child. But upon its birth, it transformed itself into a hideous winged beast that flew out the chimney.

Later, reports of a cryptid, of varying descriptions, was said to haunt the New Jersey Pine Barrens region, and it became known as the Jersey Devil. A group called The Devil Hunters tracks and investigates current sightings, he noted.

Quote of the Night:

"Because it's described as a devil or a demon, it does have the ability to change shape, and we've come across descriptions of anywhere from 20ft. all the way to having the ability to shrink itself up and go through a keyhole. The consensus figure is that it has the body of a kangaroo, head of a collie, face of a horse, bat-like wings, it has claws or hooves, a long tail, and can breath a fire and/or bad breath." --James F. McCloy on the Jersey Devil Jersey Devil (Paperback)by James F. McCloy (Author), Ray Miller (Author) "The most widely-held belief about the origin of the Jersey Devil is that a woman known only as Mother Leeds was the unfortunate bearer of..."

Interestingly also there are "hunts' scheduled from time to time and sightings are anticipated in this 100 year anniversary period.There is even a group you may join:

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Could It Be SHC?

Although it is not very comfortable a subject.Causes of Spontaneous Human Combustion remain a mystery.This was in the news on our local TV channel in a new section about unusual events"

"KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Investigators are baffled as to how a man suffered second- and third-degree burns inside his apartment - even though the only sign of a fire was a candle in the bathroom. Knoxville Fire Department crews found the 56-year-old victim inside his apartment bathroom Monday afternoon with third-degree burns to his face and second-degree burns to his hands.

Officials say they knocked on the door of the unit at Cagle Terrace Apartments, and went inside when they heard someone moaning.

The man, who was not identified, was later taken to a burn center for treatment.

Fire officials say their investigation is ongoing."

My original post on SHC was in November:

This is one of the sources for it:

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Mysterious Snowflake

This is not the usual fare for a Paranormal Blog, perhaps.i thought it was interesting.From the Coast To Coast Email the following about today appeared as Today In Strangeness:

"According to the Guinness Book of World Records, on this date in 1887 at Fort Keogh, Montana, the largest snowflake fell during a blizzard. It was said to be 15 inches wide and 8 inches thick."

Here is more than you may want to know about Snowflakes.If not a site to read more...
"Snowflakes and snow crystals are made of ice, and pretty much nothing more. A snow crystal, as the name implies, is a single crystal of ice. A snowflake is a more general term; it can mean an individual snow crystal, or a few snow crystals stuck together, or large agglomerations of snow crystals that form "puff-balls" that float down from the clouds.
The life of a snowflake
The story of a snowflake begins with water vapor in the air. Evaporation from oceans, lakes, and rivers puts water vapor into the air, as does transpiration from plants. Even you, every time you exhale, put water vapor into the air.
When you take a parcel of air and cool it down, at some point the water vapor it holds will begin to condense out. When this happens near the ground, the water may condense as dew on the grass. High above the ground, water vapor condenses onto dust particles in the air. It condenses into countless minute droplets, where each droplet contains at least one dust particle. A cloud is nothing more than a huge collection of these water droplets suspended in the air.
In the winter, snow-forming clouds are still mostly made of liquid water droplets, even when the temperature is below freezing. The water is said to be supercooled, meaning simply that it is cooled below the freezing point. As the clouds gets colder, however, the droplets do start to freeze. This begins happening around -10 C (14 F), but it's a gradual process and the droplets don't all freeze at once.
If a particular droplet freezes, it becomes a small particle of ice surrounded by the remaining liquid water droplets in the cloud. The ice grows as water vapor condenses onto its surface, forming a snowflake in the process. As the ice grows larger, the remaining water droplets slowly evaporate and put more water vapor into the air.
Note what happens to the water -- it evaporates from the water droplets and goes into the air, and it comes out of the air as it condenses on the growing snow crystals. As the snow falls there is a net flow of water from the liquid state (cloud droplets) to the solid state (snowflakes). This rather complicated chain of events is how a cloud freezes."

Monday, January 26, 2009


There are several interesting videos on You Tube if Meremaids are your interest.Other than the stories and Disney movies I had never given them much thought.Ran across this and thought it interesting.After looking in You Tube would have to agree with Columbus......
"in 1493, while sailing near the Dominican Republic, Christopher Columbus described seeing three "mermaids" who were "not half as beautiful as they are painted."

Friday, January 23, 2009

JollyPollyPickins Has An Experience

In her shop announcement, JollyPollyPickens says of herself"I’m a 31 year old geek by trade, with mad love for vintage, photography and good design. I currently live with my spunky Jack Russell pup in my 80 year old on-going renovation project of a house, affectingly known as “The death of me manor”. My boyfriend of a few years is my next door neighbour.
We live in what we call the “ghettohood” a pretty colourful area of the city that is not for the faint of heart or for anyone that doesn’t see potential comedic value in living in a bad episode of “Cops.”

She has some lovely things in her shop.Some are in the video but you will want to go to her shop to catch more

She has had several experiences and lived in several haunted houses.Here is the latest story in her own words

"I live in a house where I know for sure 4 people have died in it. My ex's grandmother lives across the road from me and has been there for 61 years and she is sharp as a tack. She tells me stories all the time about my house which was built in 1929 and all the occupants that she knows of.

I have seen 2 different people in this house at various times, one time so clearly I actually thought it was a person standing down the hall. They don't really acknowledge me in the sense of looking right at me, or try to contact me or anything.

I often hear unusual sounds and I find loose change (lots of pennies) in piles around the house. I know it's not mine (I live alone) because I never leave loose change lying around. My dog also will run around the rooms playing like crazy, jumping up and down as if someone was teasing her with a toy.

All of this freaked me out the first year I lived here but I'm in my fourth year now and sorta used to it. i have never ever felt threatened or scared in my house, and some days when I come home and walk through the door it's actually like I am being comforted by something. Hard to explain.

I actually talked to a friend or a friend who is really into the occult because I almost felt guilty that these people are attached to the house and maybe I should do something to help them. It sounds ridiculous to say, but I thought maybe I should release their spirits.
The friend said that basically some people just stay where they were happy after they pass and it's not a haunting per say, they are just content to be there.

Still when I see them now or feel like someone is nearby I always tell them that they can go and I promise to look after their home."

JollyPollyPickens Etsy Shop

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fairy Stories

This appears as "An Urban Fairy Tale" and is lifted from the site.It is in Ann Arbor.

" Our fairytale home on the Old West Side came as a wonderful backdrop for a child’s story. At over 100 years old, the floors creaked. Actually, the floors tipped. The center rooms of the house changed elevation by about 2 inches for every 4 feet. Though the Historic Commission deemed there to be “no historical significance” to our home, we began repairing, renovating and expanding it.

With each new home improvement there appeared a surprise. At the time of our first major expansion, my wife, Kathleen, was running a pre-school program in our home. As part of that expansion, I put in a closet door under the stairs and adjacent to it, a child-size one to access the wedge of space there. Just to the right of the junior door, down in the baseboard, the kids discovered yet another door about 6 inches high. When it was open, one could see an equally small staircase and railing leading up to a second door. The upper door, as far as we know, is always locked. The children were fascinated and would report their sightings, including that of a Lion-Mouse!

After I built our fireplace, our daughters discovered one more door. It opened onto a room with its own tiny fireplace, and a curving stairway leading to a balcony sporting a door. There was yet another door leading off of the first room, which when opened, revealed a landing and a checkered floor beyond. A small window looked into the space from the end of the mantel. On some days, a light goes on in the far room. The day of the discovery our youngest, Delaney, shouted, “Look, it’s their trash day!” and held up a transparent plastic bag filled with sawdust and other diminutive construction waste. Our eldest, Samuelina, made an ingenious probe of two pick-up-sticks and a keychain light bound with rubber bands to explore the depths.

At the time our kitchen was remodeled, it was less surprising that a Lilliputian room was found below one of the new columns. This was a room with a double hung window giving a view of our breakfast area. In the room, there was a wee black chair with a red cushion, matching our human sized ones. Again, this room had another door leading to some unknown chamber, hall or space. At this time, Kathleen had been teaching kindergarten for several years, and on one of the annual visits I was asked, “Mister Wright - could you move the book case? I think they may have a door behind there.”

Recently, I heard muffled noises in the gabled end of the breakfast area. Squirrels? Mice? Birds? Super-chubby-sewer-dwelling Raccoons? I don’t think so. I am keeping my eyes peeled for Urban Fairies.

It’s all about building homes.

Of course, since this was written, the balconey with french doors appeared in that part of the breakfast area." ~jbw 6.08.06

From History To Present:

"...Another curious bit of evidence regarding fairies lies in the heart of Dunvegan Castle, ancestral home of the MacLeods clan, on the Isle of Skye. This regards the "Fairy Flag of Dunvegan" which is known to have supernatural properties. There are several stories that are told regarding the history of this flag. In the best known version of the story, three times could its possessors wave it to 'call for help' in distress and the Fairy folk would come to aid. It is said the fairies themselves made the first call when they introduced the Flag as they wrapped the infant MacLeod in it when he was at the point of death. The infant recovered.

It has only been waved one other occasion. The second time it was waved, it rallied MacLeod's men to victory in war in Waternish in 1520. Not much is curently left of the Fairy Flag of Dunvegan. There are many small pieces cut from it about the size of postage stamps. When the MacLeod warriors went into battle again in WWII, some of them took bits of the flag for magical protection. It is said that those who had pieces of the flag with them returned from the war alive.

There it is,Fairy Stories.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Doyle's Belief in Spiritiualism and Faries

While many of Arthur Conan Doyle's books are available as e-text on the Internet, and many web sites are devoted to him and his work, there's scant mention of Doyle's credulous acceptance of spiritualism, fairies and other occult ideas. He is .of course most known for creating Sherlock Holmes
"Modern" spiritualism began in the United States in the mid 19th century. Specifically, it arose in Western New York state, a region known to social historians for the religious fervor which made it a spawning ground for many religious sects. They refer to it as the "infected district" or the "burned over district." Spiritualism was born in the fertile ground of religious fervor of several religions groups, a climate of thought receptive to spiritualist ideas.

Mainstream religions promised eternal life, but in an era of emerging science which demanded verifiable physical evidence, many religious persons wished for tangible evidence of the claims of relgion, particularly of claims of an afterlife.

"...Such apparent evidence appeared in Hydesville, New York, in 1848, in a modest frame house which had a reputation of being haunted. Here occured the event which launched the movement known as "modern spiritualism" to distinguish it from earlier historical beliefs about an afterlife.

By Donald E. Simanek

htmSuch apparent evidence appeared in Hydesville, New York, in 1848, in a modest frame house which had a reputation of being haunted. Here occured the event which launched the movement known as "modern spiritualism" to distinguish it from earlier historical beliefs about an afterlife.

The Fox family had three teenage daughters who claimed to hear strange rapping noises at night. The girls thought a ghost might be producing the noises, so they tried to respond by clapping their hands. They soon evolved a code for communicating with the ghost of a peddler who had long ago visited the house and had been murdered there. A skeleton later found in the basement seemed to confirm this. Naturally this attracted much local attention.

The Fox girls were instant celebrities. They demonstrated their communication with the spirit by using taps and knocks, automatic writing, and later even voice communication, as the spirit took control of one of the girls.

Soon others, now known as mediums, imitated this and began communicating with the dead, charging for their services, or accepting donations. Seances were conducted in dark or semi-dark rooms w

Skeptics suspected this was nothing but clever deception and fraud. Nonetheless, belief in the ability to communicate with the dead grew rapidly, becoming an organized religion called Spiritualism. Spiritualism flourished well into the 20th century, and still exists today.

Suspicions that the seance-room phenomena were fraudulent were reinforced when Margaret Fox confessed to deception. On October 21, 1888, Margaret appeared before an audience of 2000 to demonstrate how she had fraudulently produced the spirit raps. In her stocking feet, on a small pine platform six inches above

One of those who would not accept Margaret's confession was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of the fictional Sherlock Holmes and a convinced believer in spiritualism. He responded:

Nothing that she could say in that regard would in the least change my opinion, nor would it that of any one else who had become profoundly convinced that there is an occult influence connecting us with an invisible world.

The magician Harry Houdini, a showman continually alert to opportunities for self-promotion, publicly exposed mediumistic trickery in his stage shows and wrote pamphlets opposing fraudulent mediums. In spite of this, some spiritualists claimed that Houdini had genuine spiritualistic powers, refusing to accept Houdini's own statements that only deception was involved in his performances. he floor, Margaret produced raps audible throughout the theater by cracking her toe-joints! Doctors from the audience came on stage to verify the source of the sound.

Doyle not only believed in spiritualism and all of the phenomena of the seance room, but he also believed in fairies.

In 1917, two teenage girls in Yorkshire produced photographs they had taken of fairies in their garden. Elsie Wright (age 16) and her cousin Frances Griffiths (age 10) used a simple camera and were said to be lacking any knowledge of photography or photographic trickery.
Photographic experts who were consulted declared that none of the negatives had been tampered with, there was no evidence of double exposures, and that a slight blurring of one of the fairies in photo number one indicated that the fairy was moving during the exposure of 1/50 or 1/100 second. They seemed not to even entertain the simpler explanation that the fairies were simple paper cut-outs fastened on the bush, jiggling slightly in the breeze. Doyle and other believers were also not troubled by the fact that the fairy's wings never showed blurred movement, even in the picture of the fairy calmly posed suspended in mid-air. Apparently fairy wings don't work like hummingbird's wings.

Hardly anyone can look at these photos today and accept them as anything but fakes. The lighting on the fairies does not match that of the girls. The fairy figures have a flat, cut-out appearance. But spiritualists, and others who prefer a world of magic and fantasy accepted the photos as genuine evidence for fairies.
The girls said they could not photograph the fairies when anyone else was watching. No one else could photograph the fairies. There was only one independent witness, Geoffrey L. Hodson, a Theosophist writer, who claimed to see the fairies, and confirmed the girls' observations "in all details".

Arthur Conon Doyle not only accepted these photos as genuine, he even wrote two pamphlets and a book attesting the genuineness of these photos, and including much additional fairy lore. His book, The Coming of the Fairies, is still in print, and some people still believe the photos are authentic. Doyle's books make very interesting reading even today. Doyle's belief in spiritualism, convinced many people that the creator of Sherlock Holmes was not as bright as his fictional creation.

Some thought Conan Doyle crazy, but he defended the reality of fairies with all the evidence he could gather. He counters the arguments of the disbelievers eloquently and at great length. In fact, his evidence and arguments sound surprisingly similar in every respect to those of present-day books touting the idea that alien beings visit us in UFOs. Robert Sheaffer wrote a clever article drawing these parallels beautifully.
On the matter of Conan Doyle's gullibility, Gilbert Chesterton said has long seemed to me that Sir Arthur's mentality is much more that of Watson than it is of Holmes. "

Some interesting things going on back then.would love to have been around it.Of course some of the same things are debated today.
Next post will be another account and an Urban Fairy Story...The picture by the way is one of those referred to above.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cultural and Literature Reflecting Fairy Beliefs 1

For many centuries the belief in fairies has persisted.It was not the Brothers Grimm who introduced Fairies although they are well known today.
Some cultures believe fairies are angels cast out of Heaven. Some fell into the sea and some onto the land where they do no harm if left alone.

The Irish believe that the fairies are a previously conquered society, the Tuatha De Danaan (People of the Goddess Dana), who were driven into hiding when the Celts invaded Ireland. The Pagan gods of the Tuatha, skilled in building and magic, went underground to live in the tombs and mounds they had built. Hidden from sight, they grew smaller in the popular imagination until they turned into fairies.

Other cultures believe that fairies are the souls of the dead, people not good enough to enter Heaven yet not bad enough for Hell. They wander the Netherland in between and are occasionally seen by humans. Along a similar theme, fairies are also believed to be angels that had been cast out of Heaven. Some fell into the sea and some onto the land, where they would do no harm if left alone

In Wales, fairies are thought to be a race of invisible spiritual beings living in a world of their own. Some people also believe that fairies were originally local gods or nature spirits that dwindled in majesty and size over time.

"...What fairies are like

A fairy is a tiny being with wings (such as butterfly wings, dragonfly wings, etc.), that looks like a person. They are said to have magical powers, such as the ability to change the seasons, weather, or other aspects of nature.

Fairies move swiftly and can become invisible blending into the woods. They wear green clothes and tend to live on hills, in woody dells, underwater or the Otherworld where they frequently war with insects and reptiles. Fairies eat fruit and are capable of producing things like shoes and bows. They enjoy music and dancing and love to play tricks and brawl with each other. Capable of taking human lovers, fairies have been known to enchant humans and trap them in the fairy realm. More frequently, they just steal household items.

How to See Fairies

Fairies are rarely seen by humans. There are a few tricks one can use in order to see them:

* Legend says that if you pick a four leaf clover and lie quietly in a field, you will soon be surrounded with dancing fairies.
* You can also look for a stone that has a hole naturally bored into it by running water. Just look through the hole and you will see fairies.

Fairies are said to appear most frequently on the high days of the Celtic calendar. Beltane (May Eve), when they fight; Midsummer Eve, when they celebrate; and Samhain (November Eve) when they dance with ghosts and lament the coming of winter.

Protection from Fairy Spells

Fairies have a reputation for stealing infant babies and replacing them with changelings. Parents can protect against kidnapping by lying the father's trousers over the cradle or by hanging an open pair of scissors above it.

*note: This information is based on myths and popular fairy culture. We can't guarantee fairy sightings, nor can we ensure protection against them!"

Next post will include some personal beliefs and an experience.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Fairies...An Introduction

This is the first of three posts about fairies.I am still short on personal experiences so if you are a believer and have an experience to share, please do so in the comments or Email to

From wikipedia
"The word fairy derives from the term fae of medieval Western European (Old French) folklore and romance, one famous example being Morgan le Fay. "Fae-ery" was therefore everything that appertains to the "fae", and so the land of "faes", all the "faes". Finally the word replaced its original and one could speak of "a faery or fairy", though the word fey is still used as an adjective.

Fairies resemble various beings of other mythologies, though even folklore that uses the term fairy offers many definitions. Sometimes the term describes any magical creature, including goblins or gnomes: at other times, the term only describes a specific type of more ethereal creature.[2]"

Another source discussed the origin
"Fairy peoples are thought to have descended from the race of Elves. Elves are an ancient race of magical, slender creatures with pointed ears thought to be extinct. Unlike fairies, they lack the ability to fly, which may have made the fairies a more adaptable race. Elves were once very closely associated with the land and with nature and fairies took over many of their roles in this tradition. Fairies are now air, water, fire and tree spirits. These are also the four points that make up a pagan pentagram (air, water, fire and earth) and the fifth point is spirit, which the fairies incarnate represent.

Throughout most of the former celtic nations : Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany and Germany, the fairies are becoming things of the past. Even though fairies are commonly believed to exist today, from the eighteenth century and on they have been seen less and less. Once firmly ensconced in the minds of men, the fairies may now be in decline. That people do not often see them any more makes some argue that the fairies will eventually disappear as men stop believing in them."

Next posts will address some cultural experiences and two commonly believed stories of encounters.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Philidelphia Experiment

Most of those involved in the Paranormal have heard of the legendary Philidelphia Experiment wher the Navy attempted to make a battleship invisible in 1943 to counter the sinking by the Germans .It is said this took place at great expense of the sailors aboard.One man, Al Bielek, claims to have been involved with his brother in this event.His name then was Ed Cameron and his brother ,Doug Cameron,reportedly jumped from the ship directly 40 years ahead to the future.(There are several You Tube videos about this,if you are interested.) When they wound up in 1983 at Montauk, both were sent back to the USS Eldridge to destroy the equipment that was keeping the ship in hyperspace.

Al Bielek says that before the USS Eldridge rematerialized, Duncan jumped back off the ship and returned back to 1983.

"He was used extensively as a psychic in the Montauk project. During one of the experiments, Duncan Cameron lost his "time lock" and began to age one year for every hour that passed.

The time engineers at Montauk went back in time (to 1950) and convinced Duncan's original father, Alexander Cameron to sire another son. When done, they removed Duncan's soul and put it into the new child. This person is who we know today as Duncan Cameron.

The new Duncan picked up where the old Duncan left off. He became one of the principal psychics who manned the Montauk Chair. The chain was used to create and hold the frequency required to perform the time travel and mind control activities." It is believed by a group of followers that Time Travel has been known and used by our Government for these 40 plus years...Some say this will be confronting our new Administration along with communication with Aliens...Wow.

I will put up one of the several videos which runs about 9 minutes.I do not necessarily agree with the content presented although from the report of observations do believe the Philadelphia Experiment took place.The first part is woonky but straightens out in a few seconds....

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sometimes It Is Seen...Sometimes Not

643: Italian astronomer Giovanni Riccioli discovers a faint glow on the night side of the planet Venus. Other astronomers over the centuries since will also observe the Ashen Light, but one of the longest-running mysteries of astronomy still defies conclusive explanations.

Riccioli was an astronomer of some repute. Working in the first generation after Galileo, he discovered that Mizar (the middle star in the handle of the Big Dipper) is actually a double star — the first one known. He also discovered satellite shadows on Jupiter and published a map of our moon's surface. The names he assigned (e.g., Sea of Tranquility, Sea of Storms) are still used today.

The faint luminescence Riccioli saw 366 years ago has been seen many times since, by professionals and amateurs alike. It's also not been seen by many who were looking for it. Its apparent intermittence and the lack of a satisfactory explanation has led some to chalk it up to observer error, distortion caused by Earth's atmosphere and/or artifacts induced by telescope optics.

But, still: 366 years of similar observations? Those who've seen the Ashen Light of Venus report it looks a lot like the reflected "Earthshine" that sometimes casts a dull glow on the moon, but not even that bright. It's most easily sighted when the dusk edge of the sunlight on Venus faces Earth.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another view of UFO Contacts

From the radio program Coast To Coast:

On Wednesday's show, author L.A. Marzulli discussed his research exploring UFO phenomena and contacts with entities, which he's chronicled in his new eBook The Alien Interviews. Most skeptics ignore data from alien abduction cases, Dr. David Jacobs told Marzulli, who cited a case where a woman was abducted in front of nine other people, and had signs of radiation sickness upon her return. Joe Jordan of the CE4 Research Group has engendered controversy in the UFO community. He claimed his evidence that abductions can be stopped by reciting the name of Jesus, has been hushed up, said Marzulli.

A pair of witnesses named Matt & Laura revealed to Marzulli they saw a wide diamond-shaped craft with blinding lights doing acrobatic flips in a field, while contactee Lynne Dickie told him entities advised her to take photos of the sky, and later she saw spaceships in the photos.

He has concluded that UFOs, alien abductions, cattle mutilations, and other phenomena are interrelated. Marzulli believes the entities people call aliens are not actually extraterrestrial, but rather interdimensional. They are malevolent, fear-mongering beings, equivalent to the fallen angels of the Bible, he said.

Quote of the Night:

"I believe these entities are shape-shifting. They can appear as whatever they want...which is why there is such a multitude of witnesses [who said] they were short, they were tall, they were insectoid, they were reptilian-- all these different manifestations of the same thing. They can shape-shift I believe; they can disguise themselves as angels of light, if they so choose to, which is why Jacques Vallee called it [his book] Messengers of Deception." --L.A. Marzulli

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Some Research From Scotland

The news is from Scotland.The Green Beer is Irish.Just realized..cute though.

WHILE visiting a friend in hospital, a woman suddenly finds herself transported to a beautiful garden where she is surrounded by friendly people and the sound of happy laughter, in an apparent near-death experience.
A poltergeist takes up residence in a suburban home terrifying the family who move in there, while a man foresees the mortal danger facing his young son just in time to avert a terrible accident.

It all sounds like the stuff of Hollywood psychological horror films – the kind of thing most of us would probably scoff at if we were told it was happening next door.

But these stories do not come from the imagination of a fiction writer, they are real cases which are being investigated at Edinburgh University.

Each of these stories has been told, perfectly sincerely, to one researcher based at the famous Koestler Parapsychology Unit in recent months, by people who you would otherwise regard as absolutely "normal", sane and healthy.

There, French clinical psychologist Thomas Rabeyron, 27, is undertaking a year's research attempting to trace the roots of paranormal experiences.

During the last six months he's interviewed more than 160 people from across Edinburgh and the Lothians, hearing their tales of everything from telepathy and psychic healing, to ghosts and alien abductions.

"One of the most striking things to note," he begins, "is that most of these people are not crazy.

"They genuinely believe that these things have happened to them, are often very traumatised by these experiences and are struggling to understand them.

"As a clinical psychologist it's very important to me to understand these phenomena, as the ultimate aim of this research is to provide a counselling service for people coping with unexplained experiences."

Thomas – a skeptic when it comes to belief in an afterlife, although more open minded about unexplained phenomena such as ESP (extra-sensory perception) – is fascinated by how these apparent experiences can defy all regular logic.

Some people who say they have been abducted by aliens display symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder, he points out, and there are many examples of people once seen as incredibly rational who come to believe they are communing with the dead.

"One of the first cases I encountered was a woman with a very firm scientific background," he explains. "She was an engineer who had never given any consideration to the paranormal until she experienced something like a near-death experience while visiting a friend in hospital. She wasn't actually near death, but she said she was spontaneously transported to a beautiful garden with a lot of people and laughter all around.

"When the doctors snapped her out of it, she became very angry with them because she was so at peace.

"She didn't give it much more thought until a couple of years later when a child close to her died. After that, she began reading up on the afterlife and began interpreting her experience as a near-death experience and soon she started to perceive that she was communing with the child from the afterlife."

Thomas came to attribute the roots of the initial incident to a traumatic hospital experience from the engineer's childhood, but could find no way to explain how this once rational woman had suddenly started believing she was communing with the dead.
Jan 7, 2009 - 9:51:41 AM

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Interesting Thoughts From Time

Recently an article in Time discussed a new book: The ESP Enigma: The Scientific Case for Psychic Phenomenaby former Harvard professorDiane Hennacy
..." combines philosophy, physics, and empirical data to examine supernatural traits like telepathy (the ability to access someone else's consciousness), psychokinesis (the ability to use one's consciousness to affect external objects), clairvoyance (the ability to broaden one's consciousness to remote time and space) and precognition (the ability to see into the future). She spoke to TIME about Abraham Lincoln's eerie dreams, Einstein's theories of time-travel and the idea that anybody can be a psychic."
We have previously discussed the Lincoln dream as well as telepathy but this about Albert Einstein has not been addressed.See what you make of it..

"How do quantum physics and Albert Einstein's theories relate to precognition?

If you stop thinking of time the way those in the Newtonian age thought of time as an arrow, and you start thinking of time as the way that Einstein thought of it as a space-time continuum, the future already exists. Just like the entire globe of the earth is all there even though I'm not currently seeing it all here in Southern Oregon. Our brain only allows us to experience time as a series of recurrent moments. What Einstein's saying is that when we're talking about time we're really talking about a psychological construct. Time is like any other dimension in that it isn't limited. Like space, we have up and down, east and west, they go bidirectionally. Why would time be something different than that? If we didn't have the constraints of our brain and our psychology that limit our experiences, we would be able to see that.",8599,1868287,00.html

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Get In The Spirit...Dress Is Optional

Well I heard this recently...
A mediun was asked if it was true that ghosts or spirits appear in the clothing in which they were buried. He had never thought about it,he said so was asked by the host to ask his spirit guides with whom he maintains daily contact and let us know the following night.Here is his response:
" Clothing is an optional thing in the spirit world,"Psychic medium Tana Hoy said. "Whether or not spirits appear to be wearing clothes depends on their consciousness and which of the seven spiritual levels they go to when crossing over," he explained.

Humm,what do you make of that? I have never seen or heard anyone who saw a naked ghost..

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Bit About "Nature People"

The ones previously called called "Little People" are now ,it seems ,referred to as "Nature People"
Recently,on a Coast To Coast program. psychic mediums Christopher Valentine and Dr. Christian von Lahr talked about Nature People such as Gnomes, Fairies and Leprechauns, and how they've established direct communication with them.
"They're wisdom is so incredible ... I never even conceived that they could be this smart," marveled Valentine about the lessons the pair have learned from the Nature People.

"The number one thing that you can do to help yourself see nature if you don't have them already, is get yourself some strings of miniature Christmas lights and place in your bushes if you like to see Gnomes and Elves, and in the trees if you'd like to see fairies. And the reason for this is the Nature People all resonate to different color frequencies. For example, Gnomes resonate to the colors green and red. And what they'll do is use the energy from those lights as well as the background twigs and leaves to help them come in more clearly for you to see them." --Christopher Valentine

I have been looking around for experiences of people who believe in fairies.Although several have mentioned the belief previously,but not I will ask in general.
Do you believe in fairies?