Friday, January 23, 2009

JollyPollyPickins Has An Experience

In her shop announcement, JollyPollyPickens says of herself"I’m a 31 year old geek by trade, with mad love for vintage, photography and good design. I currently live with my spunky Jack Russell pup in my 80 year old on-going renovation project of a house, affectingly known as “The death of me manor”. My boyfriend of a few years is my next door neighbour.
We live in what we call the “ghettohood” a pretty colourful area of the city that is not for the faint of heart or for anyone that doesn’t see potential comedic value in living in a bad episode of “Cops.”

She has some lovely things in her shop.Some are in the video but you will want to go to her shop to catch more

She has had several experiences and lived in several haunted houses.Here is the latest story in her own words

"I live in a house where I know for sure 4 people have died in it. My ex's grandmother lives across the road from me and has been there for 61 years and she is sharp as a tack. She tells me stories all the time about my house which was built in 1929 and all the occupants that she knows of.

I have seen 2 different people in this house at various times, one time so clearly I actually thought it was a person standing down the hall. They don't really acknowledge me in the sense of looking right at me, or try to contact me or anything.

I often hear unusual sounds and I find loose change (lots of pennies) in piles around the house. I know it's not mine (I live alone) because I never leave loose change lying around. My dog also will run around the rooms playing like crazy, jumping up and down as if someone was teasing her with a toy.

All of this freaked me out the first year I lived here but I'm in my fourth year now and sorta used to it. i have never ever felt threatened or scared in my house, and some days when I come home and walk through the door it's actually like I am being comforted by something. Hard to explain.

I actually talked to a friend or a friend who is really into the occult because I almost felt guilty that these people are attached to the house and maybe I should do something to help them. It sounds ridiculous to say, but I thought maybe I should release their spirits.
The friend said that basically some people just stay where they were happy after they pass and it's not a haunting per say, they are just content to be there.

Still when I see them now or feel like someone is nearby I always tell them that they can go and I promise to look after their home."