Friday, March 25, 2011

"Knobby" NC Bigfoot?

Thomas Byers snapped this photo of Knobby along Golden Valley Church Road in Rutherford County, North Carolina, on March 22, 2011.

There’s a new video of Knobby, the North Carolina Bigfoot. A Shelby, N.C. man allegedly captured video of the state’s Bigfoot. Thomas Byers e-mailed NewsChannel 36, saying he saw Bigfoot walk across Golden Valley Church Road in Rutherford County Tuesday evening, March 22, 2011. Byers’ told WNBC that he was about 15 to 20 feet away from the creature when he captured a five-second video.

Channel 36’s Jeremy Markovich wrote the following, in part, about this affair:

The guy, a disabled Vietnam-era veteran from Fallston named Thomas Byers, told me Bigfoot crossed the road right in front of him. Byers and his friend Carolyn were driving to a cemetery to shoot some video when they saw something climbing up a road bank. Byers stopped the truck and got out the camera. Bigfoot looked at him. He threw up his hands and snarled. Then he took off into the brush.

Byers got four seconds of video. Blurry, dark video. He saw Bigfoot for a minute. Tops. He described the Sasquatch was around seven feet tall, 300 pounds, with yellow teeth. It left behind six-toed footprints. It gave off the stench of decay, and it also had something that’s not found on most gorilla costumes. “It was very clear to both of us that it was a male,” Byers said, fumbling around for the most polite words. “I mean, you could see, I don’t want to say, trying to think, uh, you could see its private parts.”

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What Will You Remember Of Elizabeth Taylor?

Legendary actress, philanthropist, jewelry designer and connoisseur, owner of a successful perfume line (with scents named for gemstones), married eight times, mother, grandmother... how will you remember Elizabeth Taylor?

One of the few to make the transition from child star to adult star.She was a most beautiful woman...
At 75th Birthday
With M.Jackson

Friday, March 18, 2011

German Crystal Skull?

I had not heard of this.Have you?

A MYSTERIOUS crystal skull thought to have belonged to Hitler’s SS chief Heinrich Himmler has been discovered in Germany.

The artefact, found resting on a beam beneath the roof of a house in a Bavarian village, has excited treasure hunters.

They believe it may be part of a larger trove of bounty once owned by the most sinister man in Nazi Germany.

Indications are that it was part of a series worshipped by ancient Mayan cultures in what is now Mexico – where, legend has it, the skulls are vital to stop the world ending next year.

Himmler, who oversaw the extermination of Jews, was spellbound by myths and legends until his suicide after being captured by the British.

He financed expeditions all over the world by Indiana Jones-type SS men seeking proof of the “supremacy” of Aryan man.

Read more:

I do not agree with the colors and the specific area where the skulls are to be reunited or to avert the 2012...but who knows? I do believe in the skulls..

he skull, which weighs nearly 20lbs, is of the same design as the death’s head on the uniforms of Himmler’s henchmen.

It was found in the home of an old lady once married to a high-ranking SS officer and is now in the hands of Swiss journalist Luc Burgin, who said: “I am 99% sure that this is one of the skulls of the Mayans, but we need clarity and all available tests will be carried out to ascertain authenticity.”
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Look At Stonehenge

Still a fascinating Monument, English are making a laser survey at Stonehenge.A recent report says "This new survey will capture a lot more information on the subtleties of the monument and its surrounding landscape," said Paul Bryan, head of geospatial surveys at English Heritage.

Stonehenge is being scanned using modern laser technology to search for hidden clues about how and why it was built.

All visible faces of the standing and fallen stones, many of which are obscured by lichen, will be surveyed.

Some ancient carvings have previously been found on the stones, including a famous Neolithic "dagger".

The survey is already in progress and is expected to finish by the end of March.

"The surfaces of the stones of Stonehenge hold fascinating clues to the past," said English Heritage archaeologist Dave Batchelor.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Night Terrors?

Many people struggle with recurring "Night Terrors? Two dream experts share advice in dealing with this problem:

" Practice a relaxing breathing technique saying the word "hu".

Visluize yourself wrapped in reverse mirrors reflecting away negative energy.

Invoke your spiritual guide before going to sleep and ask to be taken only to higher realms.

Imagine yourself surrounded with a white light shield.

Rewrite the script of the night terror while awake."
Picture from DreamTime