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Do You Believe?

Aliens And Ufo's

Do you believe in UFO's? Aliens? How about Alien Abductions?Leave a comment if you would like to have any of those topics discussed here.
The still debated issue of a crashed UFO in Roswell New Mexico in 1947 is a mystery.Did it happen and were there alien bodies?Was it the beginning of a long lasting Government conspiracy?This is still a "hot"issue today with Ufologists and skeptics exchanging views.The most current that I am aware of is that it was an experimental Secret Air Force balloon developed to spy on Russia.
The world wide sightings continue.Are the Cattle Mutilations and The Crop Circles related to this?
What about the original Betty and Barney Hill story, the first reported alien abduction trvealed under hypnosis mant tears after the reported experience.Now of course there are thousands of reported abductions as well as some very reputable people wotking with them and believing in their experiences in many incidences.
What do you think?Some say the old adage"Seeing is believing," applies.Do you have an experience that confirms your belief for you,if you do believe?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rudy's Story Of The Haunting Doll

When Dr Warren was home the summer between his second and third years at UVA Medical School a very peculiar thing happened to his Sister.
She collected dolls and had since they both were small children.She brought home with her a "new" addition to her collection.It was an antique doll with a china head and kid leather body dressed in a long white Christening gown with a matching bonnet.The dress and cap were trimmed with handmade lace,a bit of white ribbon was tucked around the edges.She had little black leather boots. All the stitching had been done by hand.
His Sister was quite delighted with her.She had bought the doll at an Estate sale in the Georgetown area near the University where she was a junior.

Rudy who later turned out to be a sensitive, had a gut reaction of intense dislike for the doll."It was a terrible feeling.",he said.."I didn't know what to say.I just could not stand to look at the thing."His mother and sister ignored his comments about the bad feelings and continued to talk about what the doll's life must have been like, the beauty of the stitching and where in the room for the collection she would look best.

Two nights later, the family was awakened by a series of loud thumping sounds coming from the room where the collection was on display.All of the family rushed to the room and saw nothing.This happened twice more that night and for the next three nights.Then the lights started flickering on and off as well.By the end of the week the door was slamming.They were all edgy by this time even the older Dr.Warren.
Rudy's claim that it must be the doll did not seem so amusing.By the middle of the next week as the hall lights were now flicking and the thumping was even louder,hid father said"Damm it I have a case in the morning.Get rid of that doll."
His sister gave it to a cousin.
Within a week, the cousin's husband had burned the beautiful little doll because of all the thumps and flickering lights in their house.Their rocking chair was also rocking wildly.
We will never know what was involved but it sounds as if the doll was haunting both houses.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Dreams Fortelling Future Events

Original piece by artbyraber
Original tile bracelet by my Creative Instincts

If you have heard more than you want to about dreams predicting or foretelling the future, there are two more aspects to rehash that. One is my newest Squidoo lens

Hope you will read it.If you are registered at Squidoo would appreciate some gold stars at the top if you think it deserves that rating.Thanks.

Please notice also the generous artists at Etsy who allowed use of their workk in the squidoo lens.They are also pictured above.You may see more of their work in their Etsy Store.
Top picture

Bottom picture is

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Look Ma, No Hands

When I was a little girl. the ghost story that frightened me the most was that of the severed hand that crept around the bedroom,up over the edge of the bed and strangled people.I must have heard it with variations at a thousand times at camp and sleep overs.I was terrified each time.
Much later in life,I joined a class on Crystal Gazing given by a local psychic.She taught these steps
1,Sit comfortably in a dimly lit room
2.Put both feet on the floor,hands palms up on your knees,and take 3 deep cleansing breaths.
3.Empty your mind of all thoughts as you look and concentrate only on the crystal.
4,Watch for shifts and variations as they appear in the crystal.
5,Describe what you begin to see.
6.Practice this at least 15 minutes daily with a tape recording your descriptions.

I did this faithfully in the week between classes and did not really see much of anything except a sort of smoke and some crack like things inside.Everyone else had these great images to report at the next class dogs,houses,cars.I was disappointed in my paltry gathering of cracks and smoke.The instructor was very encouraging even of my report.She hauled out the Crystal balls we were using in class,lit the candles and we assumed the position.This time we were going to meditate and read...
After a bit, there it was.I saw an image,my first image and last reading.You can guess.a severed hand crawling up the side of a mattress.So ended my time as a scryer.
Where did it come from? I had not thought of that story in years.Was it my unconscious mind having its' say? Probably.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Crystal Ball? Who Needs One.

The crystal ball showing events to come has long been an icon of telling fortunes.No movie witch or gypsy is without one.Did you ever look into one?What did you see?Just a crystal ball right?
The process of looking for and looking at images there is known as "scrying" and has been around for centuries.
Scrying comes from the English word descry meaning "to make out dimly" or "to reveal."
Not just the crystal ball may be used for this purpose.Remember seeing pictures of Nostradamus with a black bowl beside him?That is what he used.Heard of the game of "B;ack Mary" where teens look for a ghost in a mirror or the cultural specific seeking on the dawn of the New Year an image in the mirror of the man you will marry ? These are forms of scrying.
Among the objects that may be used for this purpose of seeing events of the future or those otherwise not physically observable are::
* Water or another liquid: this method is called hydromancy(.Used by Nostradamus.)
* Fire: this method is known as pyromancy.
* Air or atmospheric conditions: this method is known as aeromancy.
* Earth, soil or dirt: this method is known as geomancy
* Mirrors; this method is called catoptromancy, also known as captromancy,or mirror gazing.
* Psychomanteum, a room used for scrying usually using mirrors, water, or crystals.
How does it work?If you want to know more we can talk aboutt it later.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Ghost Who Missed The Bus

Long ago in the rural and poor mountain area of North Georgia where I grew up,There was one school for all grades.I rode one of the three School busses.On the route to school we went by a "Hainted" house.The locals called ghosts "haints."There were many stories about the near tumble down relic.
My two neighbor boys and their father saw "Two big balls of fire goin'in and out a there at the full moon" I liked to hear about it every month.
One morning a little first grader JW who always sat in the back and looked out the window yelled to the driver "Wait,Here he comes."He saw a "big boy a wantin'to catch us."No one else saw any one.This happened about three or four times and the driver,Mr.Gailey, was getting pretty tired of it.Every time and just past that house.People began to tease JW about seeing Haints.On the next day,Mr.Gailey stopped the bus and said "OK Ain'nobody here ,JW." JW replied "Here he comes."Whether it was a trick or an appearance,the door of the bus opened.Kids sitting near the front said it felt like a cold breeze came through,and they heard steps.Some of the rest of us screamed.Mr.Gailey gunned up that bus and we left in a hurry.
After that, no one teased JW any more and he never asked to wait for the boy who missed the bus again.

The pendant in the picture is from the shop of rocktasticplastic

Saturday, March 22, 2008

More Precognitive Dreams

Of twenty two Etsy Artists who spoke in a forum about having Precognitive dreams,2 had dreamed of 9/11 before it happened,1 had dreamed of the Malibu fires before they occurred.7 dreamed of the pregnancy of themselves ,friends or family with 2 having told the couple before they knew themselves and one sure of the sex of her expected baby although it was doubted by others,also 2 dreamed of deaths of family members.Interesting, isn't it?Additionally one showed other indications of clairvoyancy.Unfortunately one had only tragic and frightening dreams of this sort while a second did not dream but had a physical reaction as a premonition in the fore of such occasions.Do you think Creative people are more inclined toward these experiences?
A national and internationally known leader in Nursing dreamed as a young nurse working in the hospital of the fire and death of Zoe Fitzgerald wife of F.Scott Fitzgerald at a Psychiatric Hospital in NC when she was a patient there.A fire destroyed the hospital and several patients were killed.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Etsy Artists Describe Precognitive Dreams

In a forum discussion of percognitive dreams,several people had such an experience.One was MagnoliaStreet.If you would like to see her work some is in the video but you may wish to visit her store Her profile says:My name is James, and I love this sweet life.

I also have another Etsy shop -- -- where I sell vintage goods.

Thanks for supporting independent artists!

This is her story,in her own words
I dreamed for months that I was going to get hit by an olive green station wagon while riding my bicycle on my childhood street. But it was like I was inside me, watching it happen, and it happened in slow motion; I was looking out through my eyes as though I were wearing a mask, and then I saw my mouth opening slowly to scream when I saw the car coming at me, about to hit me, and right when it hit / was about to hit, I snapped awake.

The freakier thing by far is that my mother had the exact same dream for the same time period, and the morning of my accident, she told me she didn’t want me to be riding my bicycle that day. When the paramedics called her to tell her what had happened, she knew it.

That is a touching experience.And the mother did not doubt her as she had the same dream...

Another that the researchers would love since it too is validated by being known by others before the event comes from CraftyChris.Unfortunately the picture of her finger pen did not make it into the video inspite of three tries,so they are worth a trip to see.The shop is

Female, Born on May 18I live with my husband and two cats in sunny, hot, southern California. I work nights, sleep days, and wish I could craft full time. My favorite color is purple, have a quirky, eccentric sense of humor, and like to read.
I get my inspiration from everything I see, watch, read, smell, taste, hear, and touch. I love color, the more the better.
I am always learning, and love to try new ideas, techniques and crafts.
Her story in her own words
craftychris says:
"It was a year to the day BEFORE my grandfather died that I drempt he died, and exactly how and what he did all day before and what happened right after. I know it was exactly to the day because on March 4, 1989 I woke up, kind of stunned, stumbled to the bathroom, looked into the mirror and completely lost it. I was in major tears bordering on hysterics. My little brother (Jasen, he's now 32) was up at the same time and got my mother. I told her the dream and she said it was ok, it's just a dream. I didn't know that my brother Jasen was doing a family journal for a school project and was to wirte down interesting things that happen, or funny, or whatever.

A year later my grandfather died EXACTLY down to what he was wearing, what he did, and the fact my grandmother was so frazzled, she couldn't figure out to dial 911, she called my cousin.

To this day, it still freaks me out."

Hope you will visit the shop of each of these talented artists.Thanks to them for their accounts of this topic.The video is below the post.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Etsy Artists' Dreams

Check tomorrows post.

Personal Precognitive Dreams From Nurses

I have told you before about Roberta and her many talents in the paranormal area.She also had precognitive dreams.We had a patient in her early thirties who was really disturbed but whose medical condition required she have surgery.In these incidences,staff from the Psych units had to provide 24 hour one- to- one coverage for the patient on the Surgical unit as they were frightened by our patients in general and we and they wanted quality care.While scheduling this,Roberta called and said.."If Jean is assigned to surgery,she is going to be attacked by another patient."
This was before the closet door situation which increased my trust in her abilities.It also was about 4AM and I was asleep.I said something hopefully appropriate and to the point that was impossible, it was Surgical not Psych where Jean would be the next morning with our patient."I know,"Roberta argued"I just had this dream and it was so real.A big bushy haired guy in the room across the hall came in and grabbed her from behind.She fought and yelled but by the time the staff heard and came with the Security guard,her nose was bleeding and her glasses were broken." To make a shorter story,I did tell Jean about Roberta's dream and she laughed.After lunch though she was not laughing,You can guess what happened.Score me 0 and Roberta 1 with poor Jean the victim.The guy did not like her long blonde hair, and he was not a psych patient.(I was able to use that when the frightened medical and nursing students began their rotation with us.An illustration that you are safer on a psych unit than elsewhere in the hospital and on the street.)
This is a good example of a specific precognitive dream where the future might have been changed should either Jean or I acted differently.It is similar to those where a traveler having "bad feelings" about his or her trip and cancels it.This happened to three people for the Titanic, and am sure you have heard of these occurrences when a plane crashes.
More another time.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spirits Around Us ?

Precognitive Dreams

It is said that everyone has extrasensory perception(ESP)but we tend not to trust or use it as we grow older.That is, as you know, sensing something beyond the five basic senses.Some people at any age may have the ability to "see" things others do not.This may apply to the past,present or future it may involve images through dreams, any activity or by touch of a person or object,This person is a clarvoyant,From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Clairvoyance (from 17th century French clair meaning "clear" and voyant meaning "seeing") is the purported ability to gain information about an object, location or physical event through means other than the known human senses,[1][2] a form of extra-sensory perception. A person said to have the ability of clairvoyance is referred to as a clairvoyant
Claims for the existence of paranormal psychic abilities such as clairvoyance are highly controversial. Parapsychology explores this possibility, but no evidence for such paranormal phenomena is accepted by the scientific community."

Some clarvoyants have prophetic dreams which come true.These dreams or process is called precognitive dreaming.(Meaning before knowing).Not all clairvoyants have this ability.But all who have precognitive dreams are clairvoyant
.Dream researchers give various statistics about how common these precognitive dreams are.The majority agree that from 35% to 40% of people have experienced one or more precognitive dreams although many may be of mundane occurrences like where or what you are going to eat while others may involve friends or family.Some more notable precognitive dreams involve illness,accidents or death of either someone they know or strangers.One is likely to remember those.

Abraham Lincoln dreamed that he awakened to noise and walked in his carpet slippers downstairs in The White House.He saw a number of men and women he knew gathered around a casket weeping.He asked a White House Aide there "Who has died?" "Why,it is the President,sir" was the answer.He walked over and looked upon himself lying in the casket.Two months later it was just as he described from his dream.

Mark Twain told a friend that he dreamed of his brother lying in a coffin.Described the store around the area and several other things. Two or three weeks later (I do not remember for sure) his brother was killed in a boat explosion.When he arrived to claim the body, the town which he had never visited and the coffin were just as he had seen in the dream.

What do you think?Do you have ESP,could it be those little hunches you have that things are not quite right?Remember any dreams you have had that came true?We will talk some more about this tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ghosts At The College

Miss Pin Productions told us about her very interesting experience while in School.I will let her tell it in her own words.First a little bit about her.In the shop profile she tells us

Miss Pin Productions is a husband and wife home based collaborative from Rhode Island.

Wife has a BA in printmaking and likes to work with sculpey because it reminds her of when she worked with plasticine as a kid. She has been selling and making chess sets and comic books for friends as gifts, on and off, for over 15 years and has been sculpting Ramones dolls for over 25 years. She has recently completed her first children's book. She loves serial progressions and series which comes from her obsessive compulsion to put like objects into groups and look at them. She also seems to lean toward creating creatures with club feet and, of course, is a big Ramones and loppy ear bunny fan. Husband is in awe of wife's mad skills.

Husband has a BFA in ceramics, is a woodworker and an antique furniture restoration master. He recently stepped back into the ceramics world to produce smoked tiles and other pottery. He has an affinity for birds, fish and other animals which is evident in his work. He is also is a wood carver, making a variety of items from wood plaques to miniature turkey vultures. His work is meticulous and free, all at once. He doesn't like computers much and is a great cook, specializing in curry dishes and homemade pizza. Wife is in awe of husband's mad skills.
While the two artists' work are quite different from one another, their mentality of the final outcome is the same. Both feel like the more they strive for perfection, the less their work looks the way they want it to look. This guerrilla mentality of creation produces an unusual kind of beauty. They do not try to create the pristine item, rather, each possesses a work style which creates the perfect expression of how they see the world. They find that the more they stray in the direction of perfection, the less life the work has.

This husband and wife duo live with their super duper cool two and a half year old daughter who is a wonderful illustrator and drummer.
You may see their work at
The work is featured in the video below.

Here is the story

"I lived in Aquinas Hall at Providence College. In the 70's there was a fire in the dorm and several young women lost their lives. Very often, the sinks would turn on and off by themselves. We would feel someone tap on our shoulders and when we turn around, no one would be there but we'd hear giggling. Items would be missing and turn up in other people's rooms.

One night I was sleeping on my stomach on the top bunk. I woke to my roommate sitting up in bed, pointing at me and shouting for me to be careful. She talked in her sleep, so I told her that everything was ok. I flipped over onto my back and above me was a face looking down at me. It was glowing so white that it was blue. I assumed that I was dreaming and didn't think much of it.

The next day, we were sitting in the hallway talking to our neighbors. My roommate began telling me about a weird dream that she had. She said that I was sleeping in my bunk and there was a squiggly thing moving around above me and in her dream she was very scared. She said that it was so was blue. I actually finished her sentence. Pretty freaky."
Posted at 4:24 pm, March 1 2008 EST

Miss Pin's Ghost And Work

Monday, March 17, 2008

Another Etsy Artist Reports

FuzzyIzmit's Shop at etsy shows love for creating handmade goods.She does a lot of custom work also.The profile tells us "I like to dabble in everything, but right now my sights are on things in silver (plated right now, but some I will be able to afford sterling!) and (if I get them time) large bead embroidered pieces with cabochons.
I am a Zoology masters student and have picked up beaded jewelery making as a hobby. I have many hobbies that I enjoy, including crocheting, quilting, sewing, painting, and biomedical illustration
I am happily married to my college sweetheart. My husband also crafts things with chain maille and I am trying to have him make a few unique things to put up here if I can.
We also have a little black and white kitty named Dot who we saved from being a stray. She some times feel the need to "inspect" what I am working think of her as quality control!"
The bracelet pictured and in the video is one of my favorites from her shop.Have a look to see what you like there
Here is her story in her own words:
My grandmother almost died giving birth and she saw the light and her dead relatives before they brought her back. She told me that after I started seeing ghosts for a while. That comforted be a lot that she had had a similar experience and she knew I was telling the truth.
Posted at 1:25 pm, March 10 2008 ESTblessedbeautiful

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Etsy Atrists NDE Childbirth

Two reported experiences

Etsy Artist Reports Childbirth NDE

RachelRose is a shop that is noted for pretty shiny things.The shop profile tells us

rachelrose is a gathering place for pretty, shiny, things…
Rachel writes the listings, and talks with all you wonderful etsy buyers!
Rose is Rachel's daughter, she takes all the pictures, does all the photo editing, fancy computer stuff, and is finally starting to list her photography:)

Visit my other hangout at
for loads of supplies, vintage lovely, and various and sundry other goodies;)

We LOVE stories of your jewelry adventures, please share!

Here is her story in her own words.
...During my first childbirth, I was floating above the people in the room, could see my Dr. working and the bald spot on the very top of his head, didn't know he had one till then. They had to revive me several times. I made my doc show me the bald spot later just to prove to myself it really happened. I remember thinking, damn, I am not ready to go, here is my child and I won't be there to raise him. I could see my doc shaking me and yelling at me to get back here now, the whole thing was surreal.
Posted at 2:36 pm, March 10 2008 EST
The green and silver choker is a
beautiful example of her work available in the shop at

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A Link to Reincarnation

This is a long article but since several of you wanted to know more about Sylvia Browne's views.I found this by J.Mederios on AC Content which gives her and Sylvia's overview of several aspects related to Reincarnation.(Sylvia does not believe in demons.If you did not see my little video and post yesterday,please look.Would love to know your thoughts.)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Do You Believe In Demons?

What about demonic possession?

Do You Believe In Demons?

Current literature indicates that the number of exorcisms has increased over the past decade.Not only Catholic Priests are called upon to do these.There are in fact three or more Protestant Ministers who regularly perform exorcisms as a part of their services.This was shown on credible appearing TV documentaries/channels.
Some reputable Psychics like Sylvia Browne do not believe in the existence of demons.Two popular TV programs,A Haunting,and Paranormal State, obviously do.What do you think?
We are all certainly aware that evil is around us in the world today.Is this partly if not wholly related to demonic influence or possession?Being brought up with a traditional Christian background.I believe the Devil exists and tempts humans.But am wavering often regarding demonic possession.I am unsure what I really believe about that.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Child Birth Experiences

As a student nurse for a variety of reasons OB was my worst clinical experience.It happened to be my first which had something to do with it.A spontaneous delivery in the Labor Room with no one else around to help contributed greatly,( While the rest of the staff were on break and the doctor was coming later,the mother was a first pregnancy and just beginning to dilate so I was reassured by all that the 10 minutes would not be long enough for anything to happen.It did.)_Another time a baby I was taking to the nursery stopped breathing enroute.I handled all these things well enough but it was devastating for me.You know the fall apart later thing.
This was before Natural Childbirth had come back to the fore.The medications given was a combination which often produced hallucinations and contained scopolamine which allowed forgetfulness so often the women were ranting and yelling only later to say what a wonderful experience it had been.My sheltered 18 year existence had a hard time putting all this in perspective.I was certain I would never have children..Oh yes,and one of the OB Attendings who called me "Ace" made me,in spite of protests, do a delivery while he stood back.An experience that made my my classmates green with envy but only clinched the decision for me.
Considering the mental state and the fact of medications the mothers were receiving my observations may be feed for skeptics.

Any way, I talked with 6 mothers who described seeing a white light and the face or figure of Jesus appearing within it during delivery.My mother had said the same of her two deliveries although she heard Him say "Be not afraid.You and your little daughter will be fine."The ones I spoke with heard no messages.
I talked with 2 mothers who saw the same light but were attended by 2 to4 Angels.
Three others were helped with the vision of their own dead mother or grandmother.
Years later a friend who was a Nurse Midwife in California said that in three of her home deliveries without medication the mothers saw the white light and the figure of Jesus or an Angel.
Yesterday in a forum at Etsy there were some accounts of similar occurrences.When I get permission ,will share their accounts with you.

What do you think,was it medication,stress,or a form of NDE?

Monday, March 10, 2008

What Do You Think About Near Death Experiences?

Those of us who have worked with people who experienced an NDE (Near Death Experience) or read the classic reports and discussions of Raymond Moody, who brought them to the public view in his book and Kubler-Ross, who so greatly influenced both the medical professionals and public with her books about death and dying, generally became believers.
I previously described a man awakening from a coma who was well aware of what was happening around him.Literature abounds on the subject of surgical patient's experiences and those of trauma victims.
Research continues and National Organizations of believers have been formed.
The majority of the hundreds of thousands who have had such an experience claim it has profoundly changed their life usually with increasing their spiritual beliefs and decreasing the fear of death.
Recently there was a TV program on Biography channel relating some experiences and featuring some skeptics and believers from scientific researchers.Several researchers are able to simulate such experiences wholly or in part in their labs.The skeptics believe it is an electro magnetic occurrence from a brain deprived of oxygen.The believers find that interesting but remain convinced that is but a part of the whole story.
What do you believe?Have you or someone you are close to had a NDE?Do you need more information about what a NDE is like to decide?
there is a short poll here if you would like to fill it out.You may leave comments if you would like more information also

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Nurses Naturally At Etsy

Squirrelgirl68 Shares Her Experiences

Last month on an Etsy forum we were discussing "Do you believe in ghosts?"One of the artists there told us of her belief and of experiences she had,Before giving the account in her own words,let mre mention her beautiful creations and interesting work.You can see some of her jewelry at From the many appealing pieces my favorite is the pictured Groupie Earrings.Her shop is introduced in this intreiguing manner

" Were you a mermaid in a previous life? Perhaps you are a modern day Gypsy? Maybe you are a little eccentric? If so, I have the perfect jewelry for you. Beautiful pieces made with shell, glass, semi-precious stones, or bone are sure to be unlike anything else you have in your collection.
. ...Everything is completely one of a kind and will never be duplicated. I will also take custom orders upon request."

Her profile says
I was a resident of the NE Mpls community for over 14 years. Recently made the move to a cute little house in the Midway area of St. Paul.

My work reflects my eclectic style, featuring a funky combination of glass, shell, semi-precious stones, bone and metal beads in one beautiful, completely original piece. Perfect for the gypsy, rock star, bohemian, hippy, and new age types.
You will not want to miss seeing her work.Here is what she told us in her own words...

I absolutely believe. My Grandmother has appeared to me several times in dreams after she passed. My mother brother called her on the phone after he had passed, telling her he was alright and not to be sad any longer. And I've lived in several older homes that had ghosts that played little tricks. One was an old convent that was also a nursing home in the late 1800's. The ghosts there liked to turn on the radio and open the shower curtain.
Posted at 10:38 am, February 9 2008 EST
Squirrelgirl68 says:
I lived at this apartment for almost 7 years. There was never a scary feeling there, but an obvious presence. It was never scary.

I always liked to keep the shower curtain closed. The ghost would open it. I used to think perhaps my son was opening it, until it happened when I was completely alone.

We lived at another house that was 150 years old. One time I heard footsteps walking above me in the attic. It was not uncommon for the landlord to be up in the attic. I went to check the attic door and it was locked. I went back to the living room and heard footsteps again. They were heavy footsteps, not anything small like squirrels. It was a little freaky.
Posted at 11:32 am, February 9 2008 EST

Yes,she has good reasons to be a believer wouldn't you say?

Friday, March 7, 2008

Root Work and JuJu

These are closely related and may occur together undifferientated.Thr practitioner may be considered a root doctor,a hoodoo,a conjuger,or a priestess.Various powders,herbs,potions may be used along with candles and on occasion a dead chicken.The terms may be used interchangeably unless you are getting a desckiption from a client then their words describing their practitioner should be used in collecting information related to diagnosis.

.Some hoodoos still read bones but it is not as common as in the past.One reported that the bone reading is usually in iwo styles.The first style uses chicken bones, and each bones has a special meaning -- the wing bone for travel, the breast bone for love, and so forth. The bones are thrown on a flat surface and they are read much as tea-leaves are, by the pattern made and by the way they point.

A second way of reading the bones uses possum bones -- but this i have never seen done, only heard it described by an African-American woman born in Tennessee whose grandfather did it, in the early 1950s when he was very old and she was very young, According to Eoghan Ballard of the University of Pennsylvania, this woman's grandfather was throwing the bones according to a system used by Bantu people throughout Southern Africa; The bones are usually knuckle bones, marked with dots and crosses. The reading of knuckle bones led, quite naturally, to the use of dice in divination, and in America dice reading, which in some settings has replaced the bone reading.

Sometimes grave yard dirt,pieces of clothing,fingernail clippings or hair are used among other things in creating the "spell".As mentioned the work may be for good or bad Many root workers flatly refuse to do "bad work" or destructive spells against the client's enemies. They will only perform positive and helpful spells, such as love drawing, enhancing gambling luck, or bringing about a client's personal success.
One hoodoo i know limits his practice to uncrossing, healing, and blessing, but -- perhaps because he has so much sympathy for men -- he won't work on behalf of women who want to dominate their husbands or charm them into remaining sexually faithful. Such workers are sometimes called "lady hearted," because of their morality.

Even those conjure doctors who "work both sides" (good and evil) may only take jobs that relate to certain areas of human life. For instance, they may specialize in love and sex spells of all kinds, from bringing about reconciliations and helping clients find quick sex, to granting women domination over their men and working on a client's behalf to destroy love through a messy break up -- but they will not make mojo hands for gambling. Other root doctors, equally proficient, may specialize in money-drawing and business prosperity spells and also offer lucky charms for gambling -- but steer clear of working love and sex spells. Such self-imposed limits to any given doctor's repertoire are partially a matter of what the individual worker is gifted for and partially a matter of what he or she feels most comfortable providing to clients.An amulet for protection and /or treatment may be used in either case and the potion of the hex may be administered by the patient in the food or drink of the one being hexed. The conjuger in rare instances may do the spell personally.
In short, finding the right conjure doctor for you is not only a matter of locating someone who is honest and fair, but also a matter of matching your needs to the doctor's specialties.

I will include an account of a Georgia doctor dealing with a patient.Dr.Martin Katner.He is nationally known for his work treating AIDS patients in Middle Georgia..He shows profound respect for ancient beliefs and the cultural belief system underlying: the traditional herbal and spiritual practices of root work.

"I've even incorporated it in my practice with people who believe that sort of thing," he said.

Katner, whose background is in anthropology, studied a mixture of European folk medicine and West African beliefs while at school in New Orleans.

Katner's most touching experience with root work, he said, came through a Georgia woman who had AIDS. Although she would come to the hospital, she wouldn't come to him for treatment.

A nurse explained, "Somebody put roots on her, and she's afraid."

Compounding her tragic circumstances, she was being beaten regularly by her husband, who believed she had infected him.

"I hear you got roots on you," he said. "I can take 'em off."

Katner said he performed a ceremony with her and gave her a blessed candle to burn if anyone messed with her.

Her husband called Katner later and asked, "What did you do to my wife?"

Katner recalls telling him, "Somebody put roots on her, and I took 'em off. And I told her to call me back if anybody hurt her."

When the woman lay dying of AIDS, Katner went to pay a house call as he customarily does. The family treated him with overflowing, exuberant gratitude. He found it puzzling - after all, despite his best efforts, she was dying.

A relative explained, "Ever since you took the roots off her, her husband never beat her up again."

Katner was stunned.

"The son of a gun was so afraid of me, he wouldn't touch her," he recalled.

It also gave him a deeper appreciation of the root tradition.

"The beauty of this social system is that it gave women a lot of power," he said. "A woman could go to the root doctor and be protected. There's a reason why these belief systems existed."A woman could go to the root doctor and be protected.

He said there is a simple chant that sometimes goes with a Louisiana ceremony to conjure away warts. The petitioner asks the moon, "As you get big in the sky, make my wart go away."

Katner said it taps into an ancient sense of the universe's order, a primordial impulse to pay tribute to the moon and stars.
"What you're listening to is something so ancient and awesome and the belief is so strong," he said. "It's a truly awesome belief system."

He is also because not every physician is either so respectful or aware of the importance of the personal beliefs of the person being treated.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


When my oldest daughter was 4 I was expecting our second child.Her astute pediatric physician suggested I get a large doll near baby size so when the new baby came she could have her own and join me in caring for the baby.This seemed a wonderful idea.Money though was beyond tight so I had to look around to find the suitable doll.I found one at a thrift shop,cleaned her good and presented it with great flourish.I never really liked that doll although Jennifer loved her to the extent that she cared for dolls at all.She ws more into action.Any way she decided to name the doll"JuJu" which seemed a rather strange name but her call.
JuJu never actually served her intended purpose, but she did make an impact.She was never where she should be.Even if I placed her on the bed,she would be in the living room on a chair.It began to bother me so I put her way up in the closet and Jennifer soon forgot about her.
About three months later when we were racing about with no sleep having a newborn there,Jennifer came rushing in saying "MaMa, MaMa .someone burned JUJU" wailing .I followed her into the back yard and there was JuJu with a mangled sooty arm and leg lying on the ground,beside the swing set.No one ever admitted knowing what happened but I was at last able to get the doll thrown away.

Some years later, I learned about the practice of Root Work and of JuJu as common practice among the poor blacks and whites in the South.It became an important aspect to be acknowledged in our Crisis Intervention and Emergency Psychiatric Services at Grady Hospital the major trauma and indigent care tertiary care hospital for a six county region in Atlanta.
I will tell you more about some of those ideas or belief systems later but for now,,,JuJu the name of the doll...where did the name come from?We knew no one with that name nor of the meaning.The actions of the doll could not be explained.Was she a conduit or a fetish of some sort in her previous home?
JuJu is defined as: an object used as a fetish,charm or amulet supernatural power ascribed to such an object probably of west african origin

JuJu and Root Work or Root Doctors are related and have to do with spells or hexes being placed on one or achieving protection or cures for such a happening.
JuJu may be "good" or "bad.The link to wikipedia gives an overview.I will tell more later about how it may play out with the people.Saying only the root doctor or the vodo priestess are sometimes called the conjurer.Generally speaking, there are three types of work that a conjure doctor will perform on behalf of a client: setting lights (burning candles), making up a mojo bag , and laying tricks (performing spell-work). Some workers do only one or two of these things, others do all three.

Of those people who do spell-work on behalf of clients, some will only perform certain types of jobs, while others will be able to handle almost any situation.Finding the right root doctor is not easy.Fees vary considerably as well.

Do You Talk To Your Plants?

Research has indicated that talking to plants increases their growth,Mine must receive death threats because they generally are dead within a week.
A friend though has a house full of African Violets which I had always heard were difficult to grow.She says "Nothing to it." When asked, she said she did talk to them every day.
Somewhere I read that plants as well as people have auras or are surrounded by colored energy which some can read and know of the health or general state by the colors given off.My friend Sarah ,who did the Astral Travel I told you about some time ago, spent several sessions trying to teach me to read auras but I never accomplished that.Think that may have something to do with killing innocent plants?
Native Americans always believed that all things of nature rocks,trees,plants have spirits.Interestingly on a program about Psychic Children recently on the Biography channel there was one girl who conversed with trees,It is sad to think the tales a tree may have about pollution.(That was not in the program,just my thoughts.)
If you talk to your plants, you are in good company as many say the majority of persons with"a green thumb" do so.If you don't or are misinterpreted like me,there are some lovely silk flowers.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Creepy Time For Natalie

Today an Etsy seller NaturallyNatalies tells of one of her experiences.She appreciates nature and natural products.See her excellent work at
Here are some things used to describe herself in her profile there:
I'm a 25 year old work-at-home mom to three boys under the age of 5 who sometimes get on my nerves, sometimes make me laugh, sometimes I wish I could sell, but always I love.

I'm married to man who is just as stubborn as I am, and who I love very deeply.

I work in bursts, usually a few days on and a few days off. I find motivation and inspiration in strange places. I change my hair color when I get bored. I fall in love with each and every thing I make, and I have to say goodbye to it before I ship it. I use the Oxford comma infrequently. I talk too fast, and I curse like a sailor.

This is the experience in her own words:

One time an old boyfriend and I were driving through the desert, looking for a good place to watch the meteor shower that night. The moon was out, and very bright (but was supposed to be down in time for the shower), so we could see very clearly. Driving down a straight highway at 65 mile per hour, out of nowhere, an elderly woman in a blue dress was walking on the white line.

I was driving, and swerved to avoid her, while slowing down, and then pulled over. I got out and looked for her, but she was gone. No cactus, or rocks, or anything for her to hide behind, and like I said, it was fairly bright out and flat desert, so we could see very far.

Creepiest night of my life.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Random Events Or Signs?

Several Psychic Researchers and authors agree with John Edwards, the medium featured in the TV show *Crossroads", that often deceased loved ones leave us messages or give us messages which we may or may not notice.
This is to show their presence and love for the person it is said.The :stronger" messages from the spirit world are more likely to be noticed such as a favorite scent or a picture moved from the wall or dresser.
Less obvious may be the times when something has been missing for days or weeks and appears out of nowhere in plain sight causing the" but it was not there before reaction" Another is the frequent movement as if to call attention to itself of a particular keepsake,clock or object which has special meaning to you or the deceased loved one.
Recently over three or four days the flyer from the funeral of a dear friend of mine kept because his picture was on the front, moved from the desk in the bedroom to the floor in front of the computer, then to the floor in front of the refrigerator.I finally got the hint told him hello and attached it to the frige door with a magnet he liked.It has been there ever since..
Several months ago an amber necklace given to me by a good friend just could not be found anywhere.Then there it was on the bedside table where it never had been kept....

The next time some vexing little thing or questionable loss or movement of something happens ask yourself is it forgetfulness,chance or a message

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hauntings On Ebay Who Knew?

I am sure you know that anything you enter in a Search Engine leads to something on Ebay.I found 3777 listings there under haunted.
I had never thought about haunting in connection with Ebay until reading an article recently on line.To sum it up,the focus wa selling "haunted jewelry"at auction there.It was one witch-the real WICCA kind-ranting about a self proclaimed witch selling jewelry described as haunted.I do not have permission to link to that article.
Obviously,it captured my attention so last evening I did an Ebay search for "haunted".There were 3777 (At least not 666) items listed.As I was looking over this array,another 65 were listed.There were books.DVDs,a few candles,some Nightmare Before Christmas items a few Halloween type things and a variety of jewelry and other items considered haunted or of having various powers.
On Etsy where my store appears, it is considered unprofessional to name another seller with whom you have a problem or to copy descriptions etc,from another's listing.I assume this to be true on Ebay as well so will call no names nor give full descriptions but some were just too much to resist.If I go down for this I am taking all who read it with me.Be aware.
There are some items ranging from $9.99 to $109 for beginning bid.
Let us take for example a jewelry box beginning at $24.85 Here are some of the interesting points mentioned about it directly copied but rearranged..If you think this is long.I cut more than this much out as repetition...

IF YOU WISH TO USE THIS POWER FOR EVIL OR ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE GOOD OF YOURSELF, YOUR FELLOW MAN OR MANKIND. EVEN THOUGH YOU MAY HAVE THE RESULT YOU WANT AND ACHIEVE ALL YOU SEEK THROUGH THIS POWER, THE KARMA AND REPRECUSSIONS WILL COME BACK ON YOU. IT IS OF MOST IMPORTANCE TO KEEP THIS IN MIND AS THE POWER IT BRINGS MUST BE TREATED WITH THE UTMOST RESPECT. TRUE RESPECT , HONOR AND UNDERSTANDING OF THE CRAFT HAS ALWAYS BEEN A WAY OF LIFE FOR REBECA, REBECA'S FAMILY AND FOR ALL THE MEMBERS OF HER COVEN.In our world, having something that was previously owned by a high priest or priestess is thought to be an honor. These items are highly coveted and valued and the one in possession of it should treat it with respect.Have you ever heard the expression "BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR, YOU JUST MAY GET IT" ? Well, through the powers of magick you can achieve exactly what you ask for and what your heart truly desires. There is no doubt that through this piece things will happen for you with certainty. The piece I am offering will bring you all you seek and more.
Haunted Vintage Jewelry Box Powerfully Charged for Abundance, Wealth and Prosperity~

many of you already know me as I have had the pleasure of already having been able to share some of my Mother's collection with so many of you... For those of you who do not know me, Please let me introduce myself.... My Name is xxx and I am and have been a practcing Witch for about 37 years now. I never practice dark magick because I believe that with one's power comes responsibilty and power should never be abused but rather cherished and used for good. As a Wiccan I believe that for every action you take there is a reaction from the powerful forces of the universe and that everything you do comes back to you 3 fold,

Magick can bring you the things you desire most and can lead you to great fortune, great luck, great protection from the evil that can surround you. The power of magick can also help awaken your senses to give you the insight and intuitiveness to lead you down the proper paths of your life with much ease. When spells are cast properly you will certainly be able to experience the power the and feel the intense and forceful energies that I am talking about.
My Mother's name was Rebeca. She was a High Priestess and has guided me along with my Grandmother into having true understanding of the craft. My Grandmother passed many years ago and just in the year of 2001 High Priestess Rebeca
passed on.The items I offer are authentic powerful pieces from my Mother's Altar along with some items that were left behind by my Grandmother which have proven themselves over and over as so many have experienced. My Mother's Coven members have also given me and continue to give me items from time to time. I myself on occasion will also release a piece once I feel I have benefitted totally from it and would like to now share it's magick with another that is in need.
Rebeca's magick has touched so many peoples lives and continues to do so as her spirit continues to live on in all of her items. Rebeca promised before her passing that she would visit all of her posessions and whomever is in possession of them and continue her good works from the other side.
Rebeca has kept her promise and continues to make visitations to anyone that owns one of her powerful pieces. If just the thought of this scares you in any way, this may not be the correct item to bid on at the moment. There are plenty of other items to bid on that may be more suitable for you. You must be able to accept any and all paranormal activity as a positive thing...

You can probably get it today but who wants to bet there is another available soon??Here is one more long one that comes in a plain unmarked package from a different seller this ring begins at $24.95 much less than a different seller's Pirate Love ring containing the bound souls of a pirate couple bound to it beginning at $159.Neither ring has a size stated.This is the Nymph Aids Love
Saying after a lengthy introductory story

Nymph Aids $24.95
..Sweet nymph linked to item loves nature and tries to bring abundance of life pleasure and health( if you desire sex that too)Examples of things she can bestowed include:

ability to find lost people and/or objects
astral travel
boost in psychic abilities
constest/drawings winnings
creative wealth
dream interpretation
energy and creativity

glamour (like physical shape shifting but purely illusionary)
heightened magickal work
monetary gain

A testimonial follows from a couple who did not approve of their son's homosexuality and gave him this ring feel he is no longer looking at men or speaking effeminitly.

.Last, sounds more reasonable but begins at $103.

This is Spooky!! This Old Wood box was found in the attic of an old house in Xenia Ohio. The house was owned by an elderly Palm reader. This old woman is now deceased. They auctioned many things off and searched the house for any remaining items, Thats when the box was found. The only items in the box was a 1900 Indian Head Penny and a old ring. The inner band of the ring is inscribed with < U>. This box has been on my table with the lid closed and open the next morning! This Box measures 7" wide, 4 " tall and 4" depth. It has a great carved design. Own this mystical treasure! $103.50

Hope this did not bore you, but I found it fascinating.You know of course I am not in favor or supportive of any of these type ideas or items.I can hardly believe they are considered.


Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Tea Room Reading

Back before Psychics had hot lines or advertised in magazines "Readings" were usually limited to small storefronts often with a hand on the window,a darkened interior lit with candles,where a garishly dressed ,Madame Something ,with a crystal ball or cards told of your future- for a price..There had been a run of elaborate frauds in Baltimore for several years so this had been deemed illegal.
My classmates at the University of Maryland Medical campus there had discovered a quaint little Tearoom near downtown where on a certain day if you bought soup for lunch you had a reading ,if desired ,with it.
Of course we went .It was entrancing.The lady immedietly identified we were from a big city in the South,were or were not only children,were in a helping profession and would be in Baltimore a short time and move elsewhere.She knew our ages and some interests specific to the person.We were amazed.
On my third visit.(Although good.It was not for the soup.)I was finally able to get some information about her.This was equally fascinating.
She based her accounts on nonverbal behaviors.The way a person walked,sat,handled their silverware,used their hands.She even was teaching a class at Johns Hopkins Medical School to Third year Medical Students.While that dispelled some of the magic,it was an excellent learning experience.Wish I could be that skilled with nonverbal.