Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ghosts At The College

Miss Pin Productions told us about her very interesting experience while in School.I will let her tell it in her own words.First a little bit about her.In the shop profile she tells us

Miss Pin Productions is a husband and wife home based collaborative from Rhode Island.

Wife has a BA in printmaking and likes to work with sculpey because it reminds her of when she worked with plasticine as a kid. She has been selling and making chess sets and comic books for friends as gifts, on and off, for over 15 years and has been sculpting Ramones dolls for over 25 years. She has recently completed her first children's book. She loves serial progressions and series which comes from her obsessive compulsion to put like objects into groups and look at them. She also seems to lean toward creating creatures with club feet and, of course, is a big Ramones and loppy ear bunny fan. Husband is in awe of wife's mad skills.

Husband has a BFA in ceramics, is a woodworker and an antique furniture restoration master. He recently stepped back into the ceramics world to produce smoked tiles and other pottery. He has an affinity for birds, fish and other animals which is evident in his work. He is also is a wood carver, making a variety of items from wood plaques to miniature turkey vultures. His work is meticulous and free, all at once. He doesn't like computers much and is a great cook, specializing in curry dishes and homemade pizza. Wife is in awe of husband's mad skills.
While the two artists' work are quite different from one another, their mentality of the final outcome is the same. Both feel like the more they strive for perfection, the less their work looks the way they want it to look. This guerrilla mentality of creation produces an unusual kind of beauty. They do not try to create the pristine item, rather, each possesses a work style which creates the perfect expression of how they see the world. They find that the more they stray in the direction of perfection, the less life the work has.

This husband and wife duo live with their super duper cool two and a half year old daughter who is a wonderful illustrator and drummer.
You may see their work at
The work is featured in the video below.

Here is the story

"I lived in Aquinas Hall at Providence College. In the 70's there was a fire in the dorm and several young women lost their lives. Very often, the sinks would turn on and off by themselves. We would feel someone tap on our shoulders and when we turn around, no one would be there but we'd hear giggling. Items would be missing and turn up in other people's rooms.

One night I was sleeping on my stomach on the top bunk. I woke to my roommate sitting up in bed, pointing at me and shouting for me to be careful. She talked in her sleep, so I told her that everything was ok. I flipped over onto my back and above me was a face looking down at me. It was glowing so white that it was blue. I assumed that I was dreaming and didn't think much of it.

The next day, we were sitting in the hallway talking to our neighbors. My roommate began telling me about a weird dream that she had. She said that I was sleeping in my bunk and there was a squiggly thing moving around above me and in her dream she was very scared. She said that it was so white...it was blue. I actually finished her sentence. Pretty freaky."
Posted at 4:24 pm, March 1 2008 EST


Miss Pin Productions said...

Thank for featuring MissPinProductions on your blog. There are so many great stories here! Nicely done.

Dharma Designs said...

Creepy - I just got chills!

Rosebud Collection said...

I love these stories..So much we don't know in this life..I am always looking.

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Thank you all for your visits and the kind comments.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting story and a great blog. My interests in the paranormal started very young, I will be a regular reader:)
Beautiful jewelry and quite a show with the animoto, I think I'll have to look into that!