Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Do You Talk To Your Plants?

Research has indicated that talking to plants increases their growth,Mine must receive death threats because they generally are dead within a week.
A friend though has a house full of African Violets which I had always heard were difficult to grow.She says "Nothing to it." When asked, she said she did talk to them every day.
Somewhere I read that plants as well as people have auras or are surrounded by colored energy which some can read and know of the health or general state by the colors given off.My friend Sarah ,who did the Astral Travel I told you about some time ago, spent several sessions trying to teach me to read auras but I never accomplished that.Think that may have something to do with killing innocent plants?
Native Americans always believed that all things of nature rocks,trees,plants have spirits.Interestingly on a program about Psychic Children recently on the Biography channel there was one girl who conversed with trees,It is sad to think the tales a tree may have about pollution.(That was not in the program,just my thoughts.)
If you talk to your plants, you are in good company as many say the majority of persons with"a green thumb" do so.If you don't or are misinterpreted like me,there are some lovely silk flowers.


Anonymous said...

Is THAT my problem? Oh my gosh, off to gather my three remaining wilted specimens into a circle for story time! MUST HELP THEM LIVE!!!

Tanya Pshenychny said...

I talk to my dog but I've never tried talking to my plants. But I think the first step for me to try to keep them alive is to remember to water them!