Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rudy's Story Of The Haunting Doll

When Dr Warren was home the summer between his second and third years at UVA Medical School a very peculiar thing happened to his Sister.
She collected dolls and had since they both were small children.She brought home with her a "new" addition to her collection.It was an antique doll with a china head and kid leather body dressed in a long white Christening gown with a matching bonnet.The dress and cap were trimmed with handmade lace,a bit of white ribbon was tucked around the edges.She had little black leather boots. All the stitching had been done by hand.
His Sister was quite delighted with her.She had bought the doll at an Estate sale in the Georgetown area near the University where she was a junior.

Rudy who later turned out to be a sensitive, had a gut reaction of intense dislike for the doll."It was a terrible feeling.",he said.."I didn't know what to say.I just could not stand to look at the thing."His mother and sister ignored his comments about the bad feelings and continued to talk about what the doll's life must have been like, the beauty of the stitching and where in the room for the collection she would look best.

Two nights later, the family was awakened by a series of loud thumping sounds coming from the room where the collection was on display.All of the family rushed to the room and saw nothing.This happened twice more that night and for the next three nights.Then the lights started flickering on and off as well.By the end of the week the door was slamming.They were all edgy by this time even the older Dr.Warren.
Rudy's claim that it must be the doll did not seem so amusing.By the middle of the next week as the hall lights were now flicking and the thumping was even louder,hid father said"Damm it I have a case in the morning.Get rid of that doll."
His sister gave it to a cousin.
Within a week, the cousin's husband had burned the beautiful little doll because of all the thumps and flickering lights in their house.Their rocking chair was also rocking wildly.
We will never know what was involved but it sounds as if the doll was haunting both houses.

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trublue said...

Creepy! Old dolls have always creeped my out. Probably becuase I've seen too many movies though :)