Saturday, March 8, 2008

Squirrelgirl68 Shares Her Experiences

Last month on an Etsy forum we were discussing "Do you believe in ghosts?"One of the artists there told us of her belief and of experiences she had,Before giving the account in her own words,let mre mention her beautiful creations and interesting work.You can see some of her jewelry at From the many appealing pieces my favorite is the pictured Groupie Earrings.Her shop is introduced in this intreiguing manner

" Were you a mermaid in a previous life? Perhaps you are a modern day Gypsy? Maybe you are a little eccentric? If so, I have the perfect jewelry for you. Beautiful pieces made with shell, glass, semi-precious stones, or bone are sure to be unlike anything else you have in your collection.
. ...Everything is completely one of a kind and will never be duplicated. I will also take custom orders upon request."

Her profile says
I was a resident of the NE Mpls community for over 14 years. Recently made the move to a cute little house in the Midway area of St. Paul.

My work reflects my eclectic style, featuring a funky combination of glass, shell, semi-precious stones, bone and metal beads in one beautiful, completely original piece. Perfect for the gypsy, rock star, bohemian, hippy, and new age types.
You will not want to miss seeing her work.Here is what she told us in her own words...

I absolutely believe. My Grandmother has appeared to me several times in dreams after she passed. My mother brother called her on the phone after he had passed, telling her he was alright and not to be sad any longer. And I've lived in several older homes that had ghosts that played little tricks. One was an old convent that was also a nursing home in the late 1800's. The ghosts there liked to turn on the radio and open the shower curtain.
Posted at 10:38 am, February 9 2008 EST
Squirrelgirl68 says:
I lived at this apartment for almost 7 years. There was never a scary feeling there, but an obvious presence. It was never scary.

I always liked to keep the shower curtain closed. The ghost would open it. I used to think perhaps my son was opening it, until it happened when I was completely alone.

We lived at another house that was 150 years old. One time I heard footsteps walking above me in the attic. It was not uncommon for the landlord to be up in the attic. I went to check the attic door and it was locked. I went back to the living room and heard footsteps again. They were heavy footsteps, not anything small like squirrels. It was a little freaky.
Posted at 11:32 am, February 9 2008 EST

Yes,she has good reasons to be a believer wouldn't you say?

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Rosebud Collection said...

Very interesting and I alway keep an open mind about this stuff..I have said this before.