Friday, March 21, 2008

Etsy Artists Describe Precognitive Dreams

In a forum discussion of percognitive dreams,several people had such an experience.One was MagnoliaStreet.If you would like to see her work some is in the video but you may wish to visit her store Her profile says:My name is James, and I love this sweet life.

I also have another Etsy shop -- -- where I sell vintage goods.

Thanks for supporting independent artists!

This is her story,in her own words
I dreamed for months that I was going to get hit by an olive green station wagon while riding my bicycle on my childhood street. But it was like I was inside me, watching it happen, and it happened in slow motion; I was looking out through my eyes as though I were wearing a mask, and then I saw my mouth opening slowly to scream when I saw the car coming at me, about to hit me, and right when it hit / was about to hit, I snapped awake.

The freakier thing by far is that my mother had the exact same dream for the same time period, and the morning of my accident, she told me she didn’t want me to be riding my bicycle that day. When the paramedics called her to tell her what had happened, she knew it.

That is a touching experience.And the mother did not doubt her as she had the same dream...

Another that the researchers would love since it too is validated by being known by others before the event comes from CraftyChris.Unfortunately the picture of her finger pen did not make it into the video inspite of three tries,so they are worth a trip to see.The shop is

Female, Born on May 18I live with my husband and two cats in sunny, hot, southern California. I work nights, sleep days, and wish I could craft full time. My favorite color is purple, have a quirky, eccentric sense of humor, and like to read.
I get my inspiration from everything I see, watch, read, smell, taste, hear, and touch. I love color, the more the better.
I am always learning, and love to try new ideas, techniques and crafts.
Her story in her own words
craftychris says:
"It was a year to the day BEFORE my grandfather died that I drempt he died, and exactly how and what he did all day before and what happened right after. I know it was exactly to the day because on March 4, 1989 I woke up, kind of stunned, stumbled to the bathroom, looked into the mirror and completely lost it. I was in major tears bordering on hysterics. My little brother (Jasen, he's now 32) was up at the same time and got my mother. I told her the dream and she said it was ok, it's just a dream. I didn't know that my brother Jasen was doing a family journal for a school project and was to wirte down interesting things that happen, or funny, or whatever.

A year later my grandfather died EXACTLY down to what he was wearing, what he did, and the fact my grandmother was so frazzled, she couldn't figure out to dial 911, she called my cousin.

To this day, it still freaks me out."

Hope you will visit the shop of each of these talented artists.Thanks to them for their accounts of this topic.The video is below the post.


Rosebud Collection said...

Did you ever think of writing a book with all these stories? I know you have to have permission, but I am sure people would gladly give it to you.. I find this very interesting.

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Thank you Rosebud.I have been doing articles related to jewelry making..very natural not supernatural..two are linked on the right side to the AC posting.
You are always supportive and appreciated.

UniqueNurseGranny said...

I made a mistake in the original listing.Magnolia Street does not belong to the glass and sculpted flowers information.I am removing it with an apology to the talented artists involved.