Thursday, March 20, 2008

Personal Precognitive Dreams From Nurses

I have told you before about Roberta and her many talents in the paranormal area.She also had precognitive dreams.We had a patient in her early thirties who was really disturbed but whose medical condition required she have surgery.In these incidences,staff from the Psych units had to provide 24 hour one- to- one coverage for the patient on the Surgical unit as they were frightened by our patients in general and we and they wanted quality care.While scheduling this,Roberta called and said.."If Jean is assigned to surgery,she is going to be attacked by another patient."
This was before the closet door situation which increased my trust in her abilities.It also was about 4AM and I was asleep.I said something hopefully appropriate and to the point that was impossible, it was Surgical not Psych where Jean would be the next morning with our patient."I know,"Roberta argued"I just had this dream and it was so real.A big bushy haired guy in the room across the hall came in and grabbed her from behind.She fought and yelled but by the time the staff heard and came with the Security guard,her nose was bleeding and her glasses were broken." To make a shorter story,I did tell Jean about Roberta's dream and she laughed.After lunch though she was not laughing,You can guess what happened.Score me 0 and Roberta 1 with poor Jean the victim.The guy did not like her long blonde hair, and he was not a psych patient.(I was able to use that when the frightened medical and nursing students began their rotation with us.An illustration that you are safer on a psych unit than elsewhere in the hospital and on the street.)
This is a good example of a specific precognitive dream where the future might have been changed should either Jean or I acted differently.It is similar to those where a traveler having "bad feelings" about his or her trip and cancels it.This happened to three people for the Titanic, and am sure you have heard of these occurrences when a plane crashes.
More another time.

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