Monday, March 10, 2008

What Do You Think About Near Death Experiences?

Those of us who have worked with people who experienced an NDE (Near Death Experience) or read the classic reports and discussions of Raymond Moody, who brought them to the public view in his book and Kubler-Ross, who so greatly influenced both the medical professionals and public with her books about death and dying, generally became believers.
I previously described a man awakening from a coma who was well aware of what was happening around him.Literature abounds on the subject of surgical patient's experiences and those of trauma victims.
Research continues and National Organizations of believers have been formed.
The majority of the hundreds of thousands who have had such an experience claim it has profoundly changed their life usually with increasing their spiritual beliefs and decreasing the fear of death.
Recently there was a TV program on Biography channel relating some experiences and featuring some skeptics and believers from scientific researchers.Several researchers are able to simulate such experiences wholly or in part in their labs.The skeptics believe it is an electro magnetic occurrence from a brain deprived of oxygen.The believers find that interesting but remain convinced that is but a part of the whole story.
What do you believe?Have you or someone you are close to had a NDE?Do you need more information about what a NDE is like to decide?
there is a short poll here if you would like to fill it out.You may leave comments if you would like more information also


woolies said...

truly fascinating.
And if you ever want to talk to somebody who has died, I have a cousin who is a psychic - really!

Anonymous said...

See Here

Rosebud Collection said...

My uncle was a doctor and he told us to remember when someone is in a coma, if they come out of it, they will remember everything, so always be careful about what you say.
There is so much we don't know and I do keep the mind open..

Little Lovables said...

Read the book "Return from Tomorrow".

I love that book and it touched on so many things I already believed.