Monday, March 31, 2008

Aliens And Ufo's

Do you believe in UFO's? Aliens? How about Alien Abductions?Leave a comment if you would like to have any of those topics discussed here.
The still debated issue of a crashed UFO in Roswell New Mexico in 1947 is a mystery.Did it happen and were there alien bodies?Was it the beginning of a long lasting Government conspiracy?This is still a "hot"issue today with Ufologists and skeptics exchanging views.The most current that I am aware of is that it was an experimental Secret Air Force balloon developed to spy on Russia.
The world wide sightings continue.Are the Cattle Mutilations and The Crop Circles related to this?
What about the original Betty and Barney Hill story, the first reported alien abduction trvealed under hypnosis mant tears after the reported experience.Now of course there are thousands of reported abductions as well as some very reputable people wotking with them and believing in their experiences in many incidences.
What do you think?Some say the old adage"Seeing is believing," applies.Do you have an experience that confirms your belief for you,if you do believe?


Jessica Torrant said...

(saw your post on Etsy).

Did you happen to hear about the pictures of a "drone" in Capitola CA? It was a news story on AOL yesterday and really freaked me out! Wait till you see this picture, it's insane. Do a google search for "drone Capitola" and you should get some more info about it. My husband thinks it's really cool. He isn't scared at all because he thinks if they meant us harm, they would have done something about it already. I see his point, but it still freaks me out!

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Thanks.I followed the link in the forum and said there I agree with yur husband.If they were going to harm us, it probably would hsve happened.