Monday, March 3, 2008

Random Events Or Signs?

Several Psychic Researchers and authors agree with John Edwards, the medium featured in the TV show *Crossroads", that often deceased loved ones leave us messages or give us messages which we may or may not notice.
This is to show their presence and love for the person it is said.The :stronger" messages from the spirit world are more likely to be noticed such as a favorite scent or a picture moved from the wall or dresser.
Less obvious may be the times when something has been missing for days or weeks and appears out of nowhere in plain sight causing the" but it was not there before reaction" Another is the frequent movement as if to call attention to itself of a particular keepsake,clock or object which has special meaning to you or the deceased loved one.
Recently over three or four days the flyer from the funeral of a dear friend of mine kept because his picture was on the front, moved from the desk in the bedroom to the floor in front of the computer, then to the floor in front of the refrigerator.I finally got the hint told him hello and attached it to the frige door with a magnet he liked.It has been there ever since..
Several months ago an amber necklace given to me by a good friend just could not be found anywhere.Then there it was on the bedside table where it never had been kept....

The next time some vexing little thing or questionable loss or movement of something happens ask yourself is it forgetfulness,chance or a message


Little Brown Sparrow said...

I find this happens to me alot! Just today I was looking for a charm bracelet I'm pulling apart for supplies and I couldn't find it anywhere.

later that afternoon I cam back to the work table and there it was, right in front of where I'd left my pliers. I don't know who had borrowed it, but it was nice of them to gibe it back. :)

My house was said to be haunted (the last owners claimed) but I've not had too much trouble. Maybe they just like me better than the last people!

This is a great blog, one of my favourite hobbies is the paranormal. I've added you to my reader.

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Little Brown Sparrow thank you for those nice thoughts and the interesting story.
Will be happy for you to return.