Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Child Birth Experiences

As a student nurse for a variety of reasons OB was my worst clinical experience.It happened to be my first which had something to do with it.A spontaneous delivery in the Labor Room with no one else around to help contributed greatly,( While the rest of the staff were on break and the doctor was coming later,the mother was a first pregnancy and just beginning to dilate so I was reassured by all that the 10 minutes would not be long enough for anything to happen.It did.)_Another time a baby I was taking to the nursery stopped breathing enroute.I handled all these things well enough but it was devastating for me.You know the fall apart later thing.
This was before Natural Childbirth had come back to the fore.The medications given was a combination which often produced hallucinations and contained scopolamine which allowed forgetfulness so often the women were ranting and yelling only later to say what a wonderful experience it had been.My sheltered 18 year existence had a hard time putting all this in perspective.I was certain I would never have children..Oh yes,and one of the OB Attendings who called me "Ace" made me,in spite of protests, do a delivery while he stood back.An experience that made my my classmates green with envy but only clinched the decision for me.
Considering the mental state and the fact of medications the mothers were receiving my observations may be feed for skeptics.

Any way, I talked with 6 mothers who described seeing a white light and the face or figure of Jesus appearing within it during delivery.My mother had said the same of her two deliveries although she heard Him say "Be not afraid.You and your little daughter will be fine."The ones I spoke with heard no messages.
I talked with 2 mothers who saw the same light but were attended by 2 to4 Angels.
Three others were helped with the vision of their own dead mother or grandmother.
Years later a friend who was a Nurse Midwife in California said that in three of her home deliveries without medication the mothers saw the white light and the figure of Jesus or an Angel.
Yesterday in a forum at Etsy there were some accounts of similar occurrences.When I get permission ,will share their accounts with you.

What do you think,was it medication,stress,or a form of NDE?

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