Saturday, July 5, 2008

"Sooo" From The Lizzie Borden Room

some say the Lizzie Borden house is the most haunted house in the USA.It is now both a museum and a Bed and Breakfast.According to reports, it does a good business.
In looking for scientific proof of ghosts.The Monster Quest staff investigated the Lizzie Borden home.It has been featured in several programs with little evidence obtained rather than personal experiences.In this incidence,several thermal images reflected unexplainable occurrences of hot and cold.One cold, often presumed to be related to supernatural occurrences,was completely around and behind the rocking chair in the maid's room that had been seen to move but not on camera.
Significantly,however the audio in the Lizzie bedroom did pick up "Sooo" as the investigators were finishing up.A voice expert acknowledged the imprint as an audible voice.It was said you would have to be close to the microphone to record this whisper.The camera showed that no one was near the bed where the recorder was places.Interestingly enough, the same thing was recorded on the camera microphone which was across the room from the other...

.It was said that 33% of Americans believe in Ghosts.Would you consider this to be a haunting at this infamous home?

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